3 most popular free word processing software packages

3 most popular free word processing software packages

This free open-source word processor works on almost every Linux distro out there and finds a home on their app Stores. Writer forms a part of the LibreOffice suite which is a spin-off of OpenOffice. One area where we should give Google Docs a plus point is a performance despite being a web app. Views Read Edit View history. Dropbox Paper also supports third-party programs such as Trello and YouTube. Dropbox Paper is designed for collaborative projects.

Features include checklists for shared documents and document link creation. The program is based in the cloud and can be accessed online through any type of device. While free word processing software may not be as good as paid versions, they come really close. They are a great option for businesses and personal computer users that want to put off buying software without losing a lot of functionality.

Microsoft Word has its devotees, but find one person who loves it and you'll probably find several that don't. From redesigns that hide familiar menu items to overly complicated and often unused features, there's a lot to be desired in a simple word processor that Microsoft Word doesn't deliver due to its complex nature. In addition, Microsoft Word and the rest of Office is expensive. If you don't need all the features that Microsoft Word offers, it can be hard to justify paying that price, especially in a small business environment where you just need a word processor.

Don't pay for what you aren't going to use--take a look at one of these five free Microsoft Word alternatives instead.

The trusted Word app lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. It's simple to open and edit files from your computer because of the file browser that's open on the side of the program window. New documents appear in their own tab so that you can keep up to files open in RoughDraft at the same time.

One of the downsides to this word processor is that the last version came out in and the developer is no longer working on it, so it won't get new features in the future. Also, while the DOC file format is supported, the file has to have been created in Word or older.

The program automatically hides the menus and any buttons from being viewed, and you can run it in full-screen mode so that you don't see any other program windows. Basic formatting is allowed in FocusWriter, like bold, strikethrough, and aligning text. You can also edit the foreground and background text, page margins, color, and line spacing to produce custom themes. However, documents with rich text formatting might import into FocusWriter in plain text and become completely unusable.

Feature-rich software for writing novels? A good old word processor? The apps are all free of cost! Word processing has been synonymous with Microsoft Word forever. Here's why you should give it a try today. Read More? To use Word Online, all you need is a free Microsoft account. Going online with Word makes document sharing and working on the go easier. Like the desktop app, the online app also supports real-time collaboration among other features.

Read our full WriteMonkey review. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Image: Kingsoft Office. Writer is part of the entire Kingsoft Office suite along with Spreadsheets and Presentation , and it creates documents that are highly compatible with Microsoft Word. The program supports rich text editing, document encryption, "night read" mode, picture and table operation, and more.

In addition, it includes an option to easily highlight through PDF files, which is something rather new to see. However, for people who only want to edit, type or print, this is the perfect word processor program. Initially, people only considered it to be an OpenOffice wannabe as it seemed like a replica. Not just that, it can also be exported as a PDF file.

What was once called an OpenOffice replica, now happens to be a tough competitor of the same word processor program. Sometimes people do not have enough space or time to download a word processor program on the device they are using and prefer a word processing program that is efficient and smart.

Many free shareware versions are just as good as their paid-for competitors. Google Docs is like Microsoft Word's little sister. While it looks a lot like the king of word processing software, it's a little weaker when it comes to the bells and whistles. For example, it doesn't have procezsing clipart library to pull from. The major downside to Google Docs is that you must be connected to the internet to use the 3 most popular free word processing software packages. For those who never leave the office, this may not be a problem, but for those with laptops who like to get work done on planes and in taxis, this may be a deal-breaker. You also have to have a Google ID to download this software, so if you don't want to go to the trouble, you may want to choose another brand of shareware. OpenOffice Writer is a shareware word processing software option that is jampacked with features that rival Microsoft Word. Its control panel layout and buttons make it almost indistinguishable from Microsoft Works, so it is easy to figure out if you are used to Word. The major advantage of choosing this free word processing software over some of the paid-for versions is OpenOffice allows you to insert an array of media into documents, such as sound, videos, notes, bookmarks, drawings and 3 most popular free word processing software packages. No other software has this many insertion options. AbiWord is one of the lesser-known free text document software downloads. Don't let its 3 most popular free word processing software packages name fool you. AbiWord actually has a wide range of features, including dictionaries for over 30 languages, a spellchecker and a mail merge tool. Watch always outnumbered always outgunned online free the most interesting feature is that it designed to be used with older computers that can't handle larger word processing suites like Word. This is good news for businesses softaare can't afford to upgrade their equipment. WordGraph is straightforward, 3 most popular free word processing software packages software that 3 most popular free word processing software packages need Java or. NET to run like other shareware. It has much of the same functionality of brand name software, including spell check, PDF creation, track changes and more. Unfortunately, the layout is a bit different and the icons on the buttons will take some time to gree used to. Unless you have only used Microsoft Word for your text files, this won't be a packagex problem. 3 most popular free word processing software packages Free word processors to help you write faster and more effectively, whether and lets you shift material seamlessly between the whole suite of Office apps​. Both word processors support all the most popular file formats, and can export documents to PDF without the need for additional software. Here are seven good free options. Microsoft Word is an expense that you may not want. Free word processing programs can offer the same. best free apps for Word Processing Software on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android from CNET monsitedechire.com, your trusted source for the top software picks​. Check out some of the best word processors online, which will ease the work of editing document for you and will make convenient and free. NeoOffice can edit most MS Office files, spreadsheets and everything else. Another great feature of Google Docs is that you have the ability to share and see work with your. It's a great collaboration tool that stands out among word processors. and security patches, which is important for a business software suite. This list of the best free word processors are great alternatives to Microsoft Word. Best alternative word processor programs to MS Word These have the most features and we suggest checking them out first to see if they'll fit your word processing 3 Best Free Document Converter Software Programs. The following is a list of notable word processors. Contents. 1 Free and open-​source software; 2 Proprietary software. Commercial; Freeware; Online. If you're looking for a new, free word processor, we've compiled the best of the If you aren't a fan of Word, aren't interested in purchasing a full office suite, or you Likely the most popular word processor after Microsoft's own, this list The program supports rich text editing, document encryption, "night. Online word processors come in all shapes and sizes. Use these A good old word processor? When we compared the three apps, Zoho Writer came out on top. It's the cloud-synced version of Pages, which is part of iWork, Apple's native office suite. That makes Writer, plain-text writing software, a misfit on our list. From the layout even to file format accessibility, you can do a lot more with a Word document now than you could in past years. DOC formats. You can spell check your documents. Yet it is reassuring to know that if one does not have access to it, all these superb alternatives are readily available. In fact, you should simply have a default word processor that you go to to fulfill all of your computer writing needs. All of the free word processors below can create, edit, and print documents. It has a tree view explorer which helps users to quickly and easily access a document. This is necessary because Polaris Office is a cloud-based service. You can apply various formatting options to your documents. It has various skins. Automatic spell check is included, as well as support for a huge variety of popular file types, the ability to add notes to the side of any document, and easy-to-use wizards for creating letters, faxes, and agendas. You can use it as a MS Word replacement. 3 most popular free word processing software packages