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What to cover at your safety meeting: Fire extinguisher use procedure. Review your procedures for responding to a fire. is includes: When to call 911. How to notify employees of a fire. Where e fire extinguishers are located. A demonstration of e PASS me od. When fire extinguisher use is appropriate and when it’s not. Practicing your evacuation plan. Fire Extinguisher Use and Safety - Free Safety Meeting Topic Fire extinguishers are critical to safety in e workplace. ey can prevent small fires from becoming massive blazes, and can even save lives. Use of fire extinguishers can come wi many risks, however, so workers must be trained on how to safely use em to put out a fire. Weekly Safety Meeting – Fire Extinguisher Safety. Weekly Safety Meeting. February 3, . Do you know how to extinguish a fire? According to OSHA regulations, no one at a workplace is supposed to use a fire extinguisher unless ey have been trained to do so. ough is seem awfully restrictive, ere are several good reasons for is rule. Anytime you need to use a fire extinguisher, remember to sweep e extinguisher’s nozzle back-and-for at what is actually burning–not at e flames or smoke. e goal is to put a barrier between e fuel and e surrounding oxygen. You should NEVER empty e extinguisher onto e burned item after e flames have stopped. Use e fire extinguisher whose class corresponds to e class of fire. Never use a Class A extinguisher which contains water or foam on a Class B or C fire. Know where fire extinguishers are located and how to use em. Keep e area around e fire extinguisher clear for easy access and keep em visible. Always have a fire extinguisher wi. Extinguisher selection, mounting and distribution must be in accordance wi federal, state and local requirements. Fire extinguishers must be:. Approved by a recognized testing laboratory. 2. Proper type for e class of fire expected. 3. Easily accessible for immediate use. 4. Proper quantity & size to deal wi e expected fire. 5. Workplace Safety Nor. TF: 1-888-730-7821 (Ontario) Nor Bay: 705-474-7233 Sudbury: 705-670-5707 Fax: 705-472-5800 [email protected] Fire Safety. e basic fire eory says at a fire needs four main elements in order to start: heat, fuel, oxygen, and a chain reaction. is eory is known as e fire tetrahedron. Keep e fire extinguisher pointed at e base of e fire until e fire appears to be out. Neverturn your back on a fire even if it appears to be out. Fire Safety Employers should train workers about fire hazards in e workplace and about what to do in a fire emergency. If you want your workers to evacuate, you should train em on evacuation procedures. If you expect your workers to use fire fighting equipment, you should provide e appropriate equipment and train workers to use it safely. Use a fire extinguisher when all of ese questions are answered yes. If you’re unsure about whe er or not it’s safe to use a fire extinguisher, and for all o er situations, alert o ers, leave e building, and call 911 from a mobile or neighbor’s phone. It is not recommended at children use fire extinguishers. Teach people how. Apr 18,  · e National Safety Council recommends families have a home escape plan in case of a fire. Make sure escape routes from each room are mapped and every family member knows where e fire safety meeting spot is outside e home. And practice your escape plan once a mon. 2 / 12. Toolbox Talk: Fire Extinguisher Safety by Karen. If a fire extinguisher is to be easily found during a fire emergency, it must be properly selected, located, mounted, and identified wi signing before being put in place. It also requires proper maintenance and regular inspection to ensure at it is always charged and operational. Weekly Safety Meeting Fire Protection - Fire Extinguishers Date: _____ Jobsite: _____ 14300 NE 20 Ave Suite D- 2 280 Vancouver, WA 98686 office (360)574-6071 fax (360)574-3906 Sum y. Depending upon what type of extinguisher it is, a fire extinguisher be classified as a controlled product (under WHMIS 1988) or hazardous product (under WHMIS ). Many extinguishers will meet e compressed gas criteria and will erefore require a WHMIS label. Using a Fire Extinguisher e following steps should be followed when responding to incipient stage fire: Sound e fire alarm and call e fire department, if appropriate. Identify a safe evacuation pa before approaching e fire. Do not allow e fire, heat, or . At your safety meeting: e Fire Extinguisher P.A.S.S. Word at can’t be a secret. When training your employees on how to use a fire extinguisher, have em follow e four steps contained in e P.A.S.S. me od: Pull e pin. Aim e nozzle at e base of e fire. Here are a fire safety tips to keep in mind: Observe all ‘NO SMOKING’ signs, especially near flammables. Make sure e area is free from all combustibles when burning or welding. Place all construction debris in e proper area for disposal. SAFETY TALK NOR DAKOTA LOCAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM-UPPER GREAT PLAINS TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE-NDSU By STEVE CHASE-CIRCUIT RIDER PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire and extinguisher operation Fire triangle To understand how fire extinguishers work, you need to understand a little about fire. Fire is a very rapid chemical. Meeting Focus Sheet – Fire Safety & Fire Extinguisher Use VANTREO Insurance Brokerage License 0F69776 800.967.6543 Safety Meeting Safety, Teamwork & Our Customer’s 1st Choice Meeting Leader Instructions ese meetings are more an safety meetings. While ey address safety as a top priority, ese. Making Safety a Priority is Toolbox Talk helps employers and o ers to inform eir employees how to make safety a priority in eir everyday experience by obeying safety rules. Portable Fire Extinguisher Types and Use is Toolbox Talk helps employers meet eir responsibility to educate employees on e types, labeling, and use of portable fire extinguishers. Portable Fire Extinguishers. Addresses risk assessment, fire extinguisher basics, use, placement and spacing, hydrostatic testing and OSHA requirements. Shipyard Employment. OSHA eTool. Shipyard work has traditionally been hazardous, wi an injury-accident rate more an twice at of construction and general industry. Fire Protection. Can identify e source of a fire and match it wi e appropriate fire extinguisher. Emergency exits and fire safety training. It’s of e utmost importance (and a legal requirement in e UK) at you have clear emergency exits and a fire safety evacuation plan laid out. Your plan must have: a clear passageway to all escape routes. Safety Meeting a nswer Keys: Fire Safety Instructors: e following key shows e answers for e Fire Safety safety meeting quiz. eC Safety In Key-SM-FIre SaFety . C 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. A . D. in e event of a safety-related issue. INGS TO KNOW ABOUT FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: NFPA 58 requires at least one fi re extinguisher be available at a bulk propane plant. Multiple extinguishers are a good idea in a large or spread-out facility. OSHA requires at employees be trained to use fi re extinguishers when ey are fi rst. Answer e following true or false questions to test your knowledge about portable fire extinguishers. Just as ere is a right tool for every job, ere is a right extinguisher for every fire. e class of an extinguisher, identified on its nameplate, corresponds to e class or classes of fire e extinguisher controls. On most construction jobs, we are concerned wi Class A, B and C fires. Fire Extinguisher . Fire Safety. In , 86 Hoosiers died during a household fire. e number of fire-related dea s in e state can be reduced by following a few safety tips and preparing before a fire occurs. Alternative-Heating Safety. After a fire, e residue left by a fire extinguisher needs to be cleaned up. Many areas do not permit phosphates or sulfates to be added to e water table. Since e vast majority of fire extinguishers contain ammonium phosphate and/or ammonium sulfate, you need to be careful about cleaning up. 65 Portable Fire Extinguishers. Just as ere is a right tool for every job, ere is a right extinguisher for every fire. e class of an extinguisher, identified on its nameplate, corresponds to e class or classes of fire extinguisher controls. On most construction jobs, we . Safety meetings related to fire prevention, detection and response. Fire Prevention Details Category: Fire Just as ere is a right tool for every job, ere is a right extinguisher for every fire. e class of an extinguisher, identified on its nameplate, corresponds to e class or classes of fire e extinguisher . Safety tips. Use a portable fire extinguisher when e fire is confined to a small area, such as a wastebasket, and is not growing. everyone has exited e building. e fire department has been called or is being called. and e room is not filled wi smoke. To operate a fire extinguisher, remember e word PASS: Pull e pin. Hold e. For more information about fire extinguisher training, please visit our Fire Extinguisher Training web page. If you have any questions about fire extinguishers, please email our Life Safety . Fire Extinguisher PPT. is presentation contains slides on fire extinguisher signage starting on slide 4 and ending on slide 8. It was made by Pa ways to Work to inform and educate users on fire safety. Different types of Fire Extinguishers vary in composition and application. 01,  · Bo full and empty fire extinguishers be taken to a Household Hazardous Waste Site. Fire Extinguisher Requirements for Businesses. Fire Code requirements Fire Code & Fire Safety Documents specify e size, number and location of fire extinguishers wi in your facility. ese requirements help establish a protection level appropriate for. If smoke, heat or flames block your exit routes, stay in e room wi doors closed. Place a wet towel under e door and call e fire department or 9-1-1. Open a window and wave a brightly colored clo or flashlight to signal for help. Once you are outside, go to your meeting place and en send one person to call e fire department. ,  · Each rating denotes e type of fire e extinguisher can be effectively used against. Use is guide to determine which class of fire extinguisher you should purchase to keep your home or workplace safe. Class A fire extinguishers. Class A fire extinguishers are used for ordinary combustibles, such as paper, wood, clo, and some types of plastic. Apr 19,  · Weekly Safety Meeting – Portable Fire Extinguishers. Weekly Safety Meeting. April 19, . Portable Fire Extinguishers. Do you know how to extinguish a fire? According to OSHA regulations, no one at a workplace is supposed to use a fire extinguisher unless ey have been trained to do so. ough is seem awfully restrictive, ere are. Apr 09,  · Number of fire extinguishers needed at any point. UK fire extinguisher regulations state at you should have a minimum of two ‘Class A’ extinguishers on every storey of e building, unless e premises are very small, in which case one be acceptable. Class A fire extinguishers meeting is regulation are: – 3 litre foam. Fire Extinguisher Use & Safety. Fire extinguishers are located roughout BU and BMC and are available for use by trained employees, if safe to do so. A fire extinguisher has a limited capability. A fire extinguisher is effective on small incipient stage fires. Before Attempting to Extinguish a Fire. Safety training resources including PowerPoints, audio presentations, tool box talks, meetings, handouts, and quizzes, all complete wi trainer’s resources for easy training. We encourage you to consider a fire extinguisher training and demonstration for your next company safety meeting or picnic! Contact Ricardo for a free estimate: 260-497-91 . [email protected] 09,  · After spending over 30 hours researching fire extinguishers and talking to eight experts in e fire-safety industry, we ink e best fire extinguisher for your home is e First Alert PRO5. 09,  · As a quick reminder, e National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends using e PASS me od when using a fire extinguisher. Pull e extinguisher’s pin Aim it low at e base of e fire Squeeze e lever slowly Sweep e extinguisher from left to right. Remember to never aim e fire extinguisher in your direction. I have owned, bought, built and sold 32 Life Safety Businesses in 17 Cities from Coast to Coast . Today I still own a Fire Extinguisher Business (Midway Fire Protection), I Bought a25 year old Fire Sprinkler Business 20 mon s ago, and its sales and net profits have improved by 182, (Kensington Fire . A fire extinguisher o 0lbs or heavier shall be placed no more an 3.5 feet off e ground. fire extinguishers of less an 40lbs shall be placed no more an 5 feet off e ground. While ere are no specific signage requirements, e regulations do require fire extinguishers to be identified and e best approach to meeting. / Fire Safety Fire Safety. Reviewed by: Kate M. Cronan, MD. Larger text When Should We Use a Fire Extinguisher? Fire extinguishers are best used when a fire is contained in a small area, like a wastebasket, and when e fire department has already been called. ide on a safe meeting place outside your house or apartment building. Keep Your Family Safe From Fire. Cooking and heating are e leading causes of home fires and fire injuries, and winter mon s are e peak time for fire-related dea s. Fire prevention week 4-, is e perfect time to review and practice fire safety.. Minimize Your Risks. e good news: Over e past several ades, dea s from home fires in e U.S. have steadily gone down.

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