cara pro v1 4 homeopathy software free download

cara pro v1 4 homeopathy software free download

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Clicking the File menu and choosing option Property and Settings will allow the amendment of any of Cara's default settings. There are 2 distinct areas addressed by the settings on this tab. The top half relate to how Cara starts up and displays various items. The bottom half relates to the use of the Coolbar. Start up. Disabling these will speed up access to Cara.

Switching off the Welcome screen does not disable the introductory music that plays when Cara starts. This can be disabled using the Windows sound schemes i.

Cara can be instructed to switch between a display of small or large Toolbar buttons. Large is preferable on all but the lowest screen resolutions. By default Cara is configured to always display itself maximised and to occupy the full screen.

If desired this can be amended such that Cara can be automatically minimised on start up or to take a normal size that does not occupy the full screen. Various options can be set for the Coolbar. These cover Order Here you can change the order in which Cara displays the list of repertories that have entries that match your search criteria.

You may change this order to suit. Display options If Show button text is enabled then a short description of the meaning of each button displayed on the Coolbar will be provided the actual text to be displayed underneath the rubriclist buttons can be set elsewhere.

If Letters on rubriclist buttons is enabled then letters A through E will be displayed within the pictures of the rubriclists on the Coolbar. If Show only List A is enabled then only the first rubriclist button is displayed on the Coolbar.

Should more advanced repertorisation become desirable then this item should be disabled thereby allowing all 5 rubriclists to become available. Font used If text is to be displayed underneath each rubriclist button then this feature allows an appropriate text size and style to be set. File Locations. This dialog allows the manual specification of all of Cara's file locations. Changing an entry here automatically updates the Windows registry settings for Cara.

Experienced users can use this facility to set up default folders for their cases, temporary work files, and so on. Should the location of Cara's folders or files also be changed manually using MS Explorer then this screen provides a handy area to update the registry with this information.

If you do not understand the meaning of the Windows registry please do not use this screen at all. Dialogs and Menus. This screen allows several options to be set regarding Cara's appearance.

Whenever the mouse is held over a button for a few seconds a little box of information will appear to explain the meaning of the button.

Disabling this option will suppress such fly -bys. Using stippled chapter buttons refers to the display of buttons in the Repertory search dialog to represent the chapters of a repertory. A stippled appearance can be selected if desired. Cara's menus contain small bitmap pictures as a memory-aid besides many menu options. These can be disabled if desired. Where Cara uses information boxes much like the example shown on the preferences dialog the appearance will be exactly as displayed.

The appearance, font and colour used for the box can all be customised. Each can be varied. The text appears underneath each rubriclist button if displayed in the Coolbar.

Whenever rubrics are assigned to rubriclists Cara always adds to rubriclist A. However Cara can be instructed to automatically add to any or all of the other 4 lists. Cara can be instructed to prompt for confirmation each time a rubric is added to a rubriclist or to simply perform the assignment using the specified defaults. The appearance of the list of rubrics displayed following a repertory search or a remedy comparison can be amended to suit requirements. To adjust settings the right mouse menu, option Rubric display preferences should be used.

Each rubric can have from 1 to 3 lines of information displayed. The 3 types of lines that can be displayed are In regular use more than 1 line will prove impractical. However there are specific circumstances when it may be desirable to use more than 1. Information Line. The Information line is only useful if you have purchased the Pro Pack for use with Cara. First rubric line. This is where the main detail of a rubric is displayed. Usually it will be desirable to display the book and chapter a rubric is taken from.

However this may be suppressed in the interests of minimising screen space taken to allow longer rubric descriptions to be displayed across the screen. Also should only 1 repertory be used or Chapter searches prove to be the regular search method then either or both of these may safely be suppressed. In similar vein the number of remedies contained in each rubric may also be suppressed. Should chapter names be required then this can be set to either Bold, Normal, Italic or Small size as desired.

There are also options to Embolden parent rubrics and to Indent sub-rubrics. These options will only be of use in a very specific circumstance. This is following a Chapter search with no keywords when Browse mode is not required. These options allow control of display appearance. Second rubric line.

As each rubric in Cara can be up to characters in length sometimes this will not fit into the available screen width. This option forces Cara to always display all of a rubrics description by using the second.

It has the disadvantage that by using doubling the number of lines a rubric takes to display fewer rubrics can be viewed on the screen at one time. The font of text appearing on the list of rubrics can be adjusted to suit.

The option Font on the right mouse menu allows the user to choose any Font, Style and Size available. This allows for precise tuning. Those who have difficulty reading small text can increase the font size. Those with higher screen resolutions can choose a font that is readable and ensure that the maximum rubric length can still fit onto 1 line for the vast majority of rubrics.

Various options can be set to alter the display by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Browse view options. Header This block of information is always displayed at the top of each screen while in Browse mode. Its purpose is to show at all times exactly whereabouts in the repertory the rubrics are positioned. This is of use because individual rubric descriptions are usually truncated making it difficult at times to determine location. This header block can be switched off entirely or various of its components i.

The number of remedies, thematic association and presence of annotations for rubrics can all be switched off or on. The display of sub-rubrics can be disabled by choosing the Truncate child rubrics option. If this is disabled then the text of rubrics is always fully displayed. The colour and source i. All the remedies can be suppressed from the browse display if required. The colour to be used for the remedy highlight function can also be set here.

The font of text appearing can be adjusted to suit. This allows for precise tuning to suit display requirements and user preference. The appearance of the results screen can be adjusted to suit all requirements. To make any changes click the right mouse button, option Change chart viewing options.

On the General dialog the appearance of the blocks used to display remedy grades can be set. The sample block on the right side of the screen can also be used to adjust the actual size of the blocks displayed. The adjustment is made by using the mouse to drag the horizontal and vertical bars until the desired size is reached. The size will need to be adjusted whenever the font or text size is changed. The block size should always be set to display 3 numeric characters at all times.

The content of the blocks can also be adjusted. Which scores Weighted, Rubrics covered or Rubric grades are displayed can also be set. The Colour dialog allows compete control over the display of score totals, individual grade scores and colours used for the Bar chart presentation method.

The various pull-down lists should be used to set both the foreground and background colours to be used as required. The 2 Group chart presentation methods can also be customised. All that can customised when viewing remedy relationship information is the appearance of the text. Cara plays various sounds whenever the following occurs Sound files are supplied with the Cara system and are set up automatically for you.

These can be changed by running the Sounds application from the Windows Control Panel. Scroll down the list named Events until the heading Cara is found. Then make any required sound substitutions required.

Chapter 4 Quick Repertorisation. You purchased Cara Professional because it was supposed to be easy to use. So in this chapter we are going to show you just how quick and easy it really is to get started.

Find Cara Professional through the start menu :. So to start up your Cara Professional system click the Start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Then move your mouse over the Programs option no need to click and when the menu of programs appears find the entry for Cara Professional and move the mouse over that.

Move the mouse onto the Cara Professional entry and click the mouse. Cara Professional will now startup. Then you will see the Cara Professional welcome screen which contains a photograph of one of our contributors a different contributor appears each time you start Cara Professional. Once Cara Professional has finished loading you should be looking at an empty screen ready for you to use. Kunena with uddeIM private mail but You may use other discussion platform and PM Small budget as it is a volunteers [login to vie A system that sends sms create invoice and have filing cabinet.

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