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Paige's Charmed Family. Follow. Focus: TV Shows Charmed, Since: 08-02-06. eir First Meeting by CharmedWriter11 reviews. Paige&Henry Centric- Henry is out of town and Paige goes to stay wi Piper. After a run in wi a orn demon Paige falls mysteriously ill. She is visited by a spirit while in limbo and wi eir help most find. Henry Mitchell. Main Article: Paige Mat ews and Henry Mitchell. When Paige was trying to protect a future whitelighter, she met Henry Mitchell, e parole officer of her charge. Initially, ey had a rough start, but learned to overcome eir problems overtime. is is e video I made where Phoebe and Piper ide at Paige is ready to finally meet her dead sister Prue. Please subscribe and I shall post more fun v. Main article: Paige Mat ews and Henry Mitchell Do you believe in magic? —Paige telling Henry she's a witch. When Paige was trying to protect a future whitelighter, she met Henry Mitchell, e parole officer of her charge. Initially, ey had a rough start, but learned to overcome eir problems overtime. So, I was just watching a YouTube clip where Paige explains demons to Henry. at is when I realized at Henry and I were wondering e same ing. Why don’t ey use eir magic for ear ly causes? I refuse to accept personal gain as an answer. Paige made a slave, turned into a ghost to scare a journalist, and rew out a dirty diaper. Paige Mat ews is a fictional character from e American television series Charmed, played by Rose McGowan from ober 4, 2001 until 21, 2006. e character was created by executive producer Brad Kern as a replacement for lead character Prue Halliwell, following e departure of actress Shannen Doherty.Paige is introduced into season four as e fiercely independent younger half-sister. In fact Paige and Henry would go on to adopt ano er child, a boy ey named Henry Mitchell Jr. Charges And Meeting Prue Edit By now Paige was very comfortable in her ability to guide young witches, despite having some losses in is area. Basically it's a head cannon of mine at Henry worked wi Andy when he was still alive and at he had met Prue rough Andy. So using at head cannon, I came up wi is story about Henry talking about e time he met Prue to a pregnant Paige, who has never met her. Takes place sometime after 'Forever Charmed.' Don't own any ing. Members of Paige Mat ews and Henry Mitchell's family. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms wi you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Paige healing a dying Henry, triggering e power rough love, is reminiscent of how Piper healed Leo when he was dying of a Darklighter's arrow. In Charmed Again, Part 2, Paige is shown to own a pet bird named Oscar. However, after e bird was killed by e Source, he is never mentioned again. Some ing at Henry says prompts Paige to finally meet Prue. Contains some Paige/Henry fluffiness, wi a special appearance by Piper. One shot. Better sum y inside. Meeting Paige and riageEdit Edit. Henry meets Paige in 2006, as he was looking after a teenage parolee identified as Speed, who also happened to be Paige's future-whitelighter charge. Initially ey butted heads on what to do wi Speed, but had found emselves attracted to each o er and as time went on, ey began dating. 20, 2008 · ice Mitchell is Paige and Henry's middle child, younger by a few minutes to her twin, Alanna. Like her power, ice is e more cool, or level headed twin. Upon meeting her, cousin Vicki says at it also reflects in i's hair and face. Main article: Paige Mat ews and Henry Mitchell Do you believe in magic? —Paige telling Henry she's a witch. [src] Paige and Henry. When Paige was trying to protect a future whitelighter, she met Henry Mitchell, e parole officer of her charge. Initially, ey had a rough start, but learned to overcome eir problems overtime. After trying to teach young Melinda Piper Halliwell to orb by her big bro er, Wyatt Halliwell, and by her Aunt Paige Mat ews. Every ing goes wrong and Melinda orbs not just herself, or just her Bro er and Aunt, or her whole family, but e whole house. (OUAT/Charmed Cross Over) Chapter 3 Meeting Henry Mills. σcєαn, Indigo. Henry Mitchell was in e foster care system for e first 18 years of his life. He is a mortal policemen and ried to Paige Mat ews-Halliwell. He is fa er to Charlotte, Penny, and Henry Jr.. Little is known about Henry prior to his first encounter wi Paige Mat ews, o er an at he grew up in foster homes. Because e social agency kept moving him around whenever he got close. Henry began to hyperventilate, and pulled Paige onto his lap. He shook her, trying to rouse her, but she wouldn't awaken. Growling wi a mixture of fury, grief and depression, Henry buried his face in Paige's hair and sobbed for his lost love. Paige stood up, hearing her husband's desperate crying in her mind. He and Paige first met in Battle of e Hexes, where Henry was parole officer to Paige's new charge. While at first ey didn't really like each o er, eir relationship grew over time. While at first ey didn't really like each o er, eir relationship grew over time. Paige Saman a Halliwell is e ird dhter of Patricia Johnson, born from e affair wi her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder, and e adoptive ird dhter of Victor Halliwell. e youngest, Paige is rebellious and extremely independent: often clashing wi her eldest sister Piper. As bo e ird Charmed Ones and a Whitelighter Hybrid, Paige inherited Melinda ren's Gift of Telekinesis. Paige saved us, she brought is family back toge er Paige Mat ews is e dhter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. She was born ust 2, 1977. Paige is e most emotional of e four sisters and like Phoebe during e early seasons, she is spunky and sassy. Paige and Piper often did not get along when ey first discovered ey were sisters, but after Paige helped Piper deal wi Prue's. e eigh and final season of Charmed, an American supernatural drama television series created by Constance M. Burge, premiered in e United States on e WB from 25, 2005 rough 21, 2006. Airing on Sundays at 8:00 pm. Only four mon s before e WB shut down to merge wi UPN to form e CW.. Paramount Home Entertainment released e complete eigh and final season in a . Paige Mat ews (b.ust 2, 1977) was e half-whitelighter dhter of Sam Wilder and Patty Halliwell, and younger half-sister to Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.Fearing repercussions for eir tryst, Sam and Patty gave Paige up for adoption, and she was taken in by Mat ews and his wife.In 1994, her adoptive parents died in a motoring accident, Paige herself being saved by her o erwise. 16,  · Leo knew e Charmed Ones grandmo er, Penny, in e 60's. He flirted wi a future Paige when she was stuck in e 1960s. Leo met e Charmed Ones a couple of days before Grams' dea. Piper bumped into him while her and Prue were talking about her riage to Roger. e first known twins to be born into e ren line, Kat and Tamora (also called Tam), are e dhters of Paige Mat ews and Henry Mitchell. According to Henry in Oh, Henry, ey were a surprise, a good surprise, but a surprise all e same. Bio In Oh, Henry, ey gained a younger bro er when eir mom saved him from dying wi his biological mo er by orbing him out of her womb. It. Yep, Leo said. Henry, Paige's husband, looked in e direction his wife pointed, and didn't see any building called e Leaky Cauldron. I don't see it, he informed em. He wondered if e reason he couldn't see it was because he was a mortal. Not for e first time, Henry . Henry being healed by Paige. Henry used to be a parole officer and in 2006, Henry met Paige when she was protecting a future whitelighter. Paige first used her healing powers on Henry after he was shot in an attempted armed robbery. Because her love for him was so strong, it awakened e power. Meeting: e Halliwell family Piper and Leo and two son's Wyatt and Chris and one dhter Melinda Phoebe and Coop and ree dhter's Parker, P.J and Prue Prue and Andy Paige and Henry and twin dhters Tamora and Kat and one son Henry Jr. (H.J) and o ers. 11, 2009 · Personal Trivia: In Charmed Paige met Piper and Phoebe at Prue’s funeral, finding out at at time at she was eir sister and was Charmed. She later met and ried Henry Mitchell wi whom she had ree children, twins, Alanna and ice, and son Henry Hank Mitchell, Jr. Her witch powers were a whitelighter version of Prue’s. Charmed: Piper & Leo Episodes by fracmesome. created - 24 . updated - 24 . Public Leo was first introduced as e handyman, and soon became a major love interest for Piper. Piper and Leo's relationship has spanned e whole series, and has been e source of bo extreme happiness, and extreme heartbreak for bo of em. In e sisters' love lives, Paige begins dating Henry Mitchell, Phoebe is sent a Cupid to help her find love and Piper and Leo have ital problems as he adjusts to his new life as a human. Once Billie reunites wi Christy at e end of e season, it is apparent at Christy has been brainwashed into inking e sisters are evil. Apr 25,  · Paige en took Piper's place wi in e Power of ree, finally fulfilling her destiny as e four Charmed One. Over e next mon, Piper and Leo ided to move out of e Manor and get eir own home so at ey would have bo no magical interrupt as well as room for eir new baby, while Paige moved into e Manor, bo for expense. After Piper, Phoebe, and Paige came out victorious in e Ultimate Battle, ey lived a relatively peaceful existence as ey started eir families. Now, e day finally arrived where Piper and Leo's teenage sons, Wyatt, Chris, and Joey, are set to inherit e legacy of e Charmed Ones. 31,  · It would have been nice if ey introduced Henry in S7. Paige didn't really have anyone en. ere was a lot of possibilities wi him. be he could have convinced her to return to Social Work. Oh, and an episode wi Glen around, and e two of em meeting would have been amazing. (Al ough I love Paige/Glen, I still like P/H.). Paige and Henry's Wedding Music Score Does anyone know where I can get a copy of e music at plays in e background during Paige & Henry's Wedding in episode 8x16? I ink it's composed by J. Peter Robinson, but it is not on e official soundtrack released by La La Land Records. Apr 01,  · Major-Prue&Andy, en Paige&Henry Minor-Phoebe&Billy(bo Chick Flick ep & BillyZane).Paige&Glen.Phoebe&Cupid1 Fav Eps to rewatch 70,SWTW Comes,ChickFlick,PreWitched,CharmedAgain1,LLtQueen,Charmed&Dangerous,WitchIsBack,HHNFury,All HEve,M Bites,Reckless Abdn,AstralMonkey Personal Fav Seasons Ranked 42137586 Best Written .

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