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26,  · Superior Once Fired.380 ACP brass sourced from indoor shooting facilities. All quantities contain a mix of different manufacturers. Machine sorted and hand inspected. Guaranteed over 99 usable plus an extra 3 added to each count. Bo yellow brass and nickel quantities available. Select below! Available in Polished and Processed conditions.5/5(6). 380 AUTO Range Brass - 500 count. Mixed Headstamps and contain bo brass and nickel finish. Casings are cleaned from any range debris or lead/nitrate residue but are not polished. Brass typically ships ei er same or next day wi an estimated arrival time of 2-3 days. Once-fired.380 Auto /.380 ACP pistol brass cases for sale. Sorted, cleaned and dry-polished. Ships via USPS Priority Mail. Satisfaction guaranteed. 380 Auto. 380 Auto. Refine by No filters applied Browse by Price, Caliber & more Hide Filters Show Filters Price Update Caliber 380 (1) 380 ACP (1) SKU: PPH380AF-250-CAN Rounds Per Case: 250 Casing: Brass. Quick view. 09,  · 380 Auto Brass: e 380 Auto.K.A. e 9mm Kurz/9x17mm/.380 ACP, is cartridge was designed for use in small framed automatic pistols. 9mm Kurz Brass / 9x17mm Brass /.380 ACP Brass. Status: Available Now. 500 for $83.50. $0.17/each. 00 for $147.00. $0.15/each * Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. 09,  · I'm going to buy a basic reloading press is summer. I have an 8x57 Mauser, ~20 empty casings, a box of new Speer bullets and a set of new Lee dies. As I intend to reload my 8MM stuff I've been looking into reloading some of e brass from my 380 ACP pistol. While reading up some I've run across conflicting comments about resizing/trimming. Once-Fired.380 Auto Brass. e.380 is a fairly popular caliber among ose using a pistol for personal protection. When a pistol becomes popular wi shooters, it's popular wi reloaders too. at means at in today's ket, it's not always easy to find once-fired.380 auto brass for e next reloading project. Headstamp Codes. Codes are listed by number codes, en in alphabetical order from A to Z, followed by a list of suspect codes at e end. *Note 1- Headstamps often contain multiple pieces of information. 02,  · A cartridge headstamp is a k, or series of ks impressed, or sometimes embossed, on e head of e cartridge case during its manufacture. e k can consist of numbers, letters, trade ks, figures or any combination of ese. Systems of headstamp kings are used worldwide. ey can be in any language, numbering system or can relate to any calendar. From 40 S&W. 380 Auto, we have e once fired pistol brass for e next project on each reloader’s list. When it comes to fully processed 9mm or 45 ACP cartridges or raw lots of 38 specials, Capital Cartridge has some ing for everyone when it comes to reloading brass. no digging, sorting or begging e range master required. 03,  · e.380 Auto is a popular self-defense caliber, making it e ideal choice for conceal and carry applications, as well as a backup caliber for law enforcement. Wi today's modern bullet technology and performance, e Jagemann.380 Auto casing is a popular choice and is used wi numerous new firearms on e ket. Drawn from premium American-made brass cups, ese casing are rigorously. Developed by John Browning and introduced in 1908, e.380 ACP round remains a popular round for self-defense and range use. To ensure you’re always stocked up and range ready, we carry a large selection of.380 ACP ammunition from trusted brands like Browning, Federal, Remington, Hornady & . 12,  · I 're-loaded' 0 rounds 380 is week for wife's Bersa Firestorm 380 auto. 99 functioned perfectly, 1 fail to fire due to bad primer. Working up my loads wi accurate 2, CCI primers, mixed head stamp brass (all measured wi in 0.003 of each o er) Berrys 0gn rnhb copper plate (50 rounds) and Frontier CMJ 0gn rn copper plate (50rounds. 380 Auto Once Fired Pistol Brass 500 Count. 189-380OFB500. Once Fired Brass. $33.78. $0.07 Per Piece. Out of Stock. Sort By: Items Per Page: Item Total: (6) 0 - 6. To Our Customers. Proudly serving our customers for over 40 years, Midsou Shooters can supply you wi your pistol and rifle ammunition, as well as all of your shooting. 380 Auto HANDGUN AMMO 380 AUTO Ammunition For Sale- Fast Shipping Facility. e.380 Automatic Ammo is a famous Pistol cartridge. It was introduced around 1908 by Colt Manufacturing and developed by John Browning. Outdoor Limited is very much interested in offering quality ammunition for customers in affordable price. All e displayed. Wolf Ammunition 380 Auto - 92 Grain - Full Metal Jacket - 350 Rounds W/ Ammo Can - Steel Case. Due to demand is item is limited to 3 per order. Our specially formulated PolyFormance coating ensures smoo er feeding and extraction. Now available in even more Calibers for all of your recreational, competitive, and tactical shooting enjoyment. 380 ACP Once Fired Brass casings for sale at US Reloading Supply. Shop now for free shipping, no taxes, and unconditional 0 satisfaction guarantee. Bulk 380 Auto Brass Casings Ammo In Stock by Armscor - New Unprimed Brass Casings by Armscor For Sale Online at LuckyGunner.com - 500. $35.00 380 Auto Casings and Bullets for sale in Layton, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Reloading Supplies and o er great items on KSL Classifieds. Set of fun push pins. Made from re-purposed Brass.380 Auto bullet shells. Shells have slight imperfections as ey have previously been shot at e range during target practice. Any kings or wear as a result of firing only add to e character of ese fun push pins. Great for e home. 26,  · e.380 case has a different head and case leng, so it probably won't chamber correctly. Because e.380 case is smaller in diameter (by a smidge) e internal volume is smaller, even wi e same bullet and OAL. is *could* cause a problem wi overpressure, or it might not if it swells to e chamber dimension fast enough. For practice, target shooting, training exercises or any o er high-volume shooting situation UMC centerfire pistol and revolver ammunition offers value wi out any compromise in quality or performance.Made wi Remington components right here in e USA, UMC handgun ammunition is available in today’s most popular pistol and revolver calibers wi metal case or jacketed hollow point . Jagemann Brass casings are a high quality option for your custom 380 Auto bench loads. ese new production brass cases have never been fired and come unprimed. Each case in is 0 piece bag bears e Jag headstamp. e.380 ACP (9×17mm) (Automatic Colt Pistol) is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Moses Browning. e cartridge headspaces on e mou of e case. It was introduced in 1908 by Colt, for use in its new Colt Model 1908 pocket hammerless semi-automatic, and has been a popular self-defense cartridge ever since, seeing wide use in numerous handguns. 25,  · Steel case.380 ACP ammo. User Name: Remember Me? Password: Forum: Register: Ammo All Ammo Discussions Go Here read Tools: Display Modes 1 -24-, 01:41 PM J Niebauer. Member Join Date: . Posts: 2 Likes:. Liked 0 Times in 0 Posts Steel case.380 . 380 Auto Brass Casings. 380 Auto Brass Casings. Reloading your own 380 ACP wi ese brass casings can yield big savings for ose dedicated to training wi eir CCW handguns. In addition to e brass available here, you'll also want to check out our selection of small pistol primers and FMJ bullets to load your own ammo. 25 Bullet Push Pins 380 ACP, Brass Bullet Cases, 380 ACP umb Tacks - Sale. Condition: New. $12.14 Free Shipping. Was $13.49 Save . What does is price mean? is is e price (excluding shipping and handling fees) is seller has provided at which e seller has sold e same item, or one at is virtually identical to it, in e recent. Precision Once Fired Brass has 0 and 500 count lots of used brass.380ACP casings for sale. 44 Auto Mag Brass 14: 44 Colt Brass 1400: 44 Mag Brass 4400: 44 Russian Brass 1700: 44 Special Brass 3700: 44-40 Brass 2400: 445 Super Mag Brass 1520: 45 Auto +P Brass 1500: 45 Auto Brass 1540: 45 Auto Rim Brass 16: 45 BLANK 45 colt BLANK Brass 1600: 45 Colt Brass 1640: 45 Cowboy Special Brass 20: 45 G.A.P. Brass 3400: 45 S. Pistol.380 ACP e.380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pistol cartridge is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning. e cartridge headspaces on e mou of e case. It was introduced in 1908 by Colt, and has been a popular self-defense cartridge ever since. Caliber.380 ACP (also known as e.380 Auto, 9X17mm, 9mm Short, 9mm Kurz and 9mm Corto) Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile Bullet Weight: 91 Grain Rounds: 50 Rounds per Box Muzzle Velocity: fps Bullet Diameter.355 Jacket Material: Bi-Metal (Will attract a magnet) Core Material: Lead Casing: Steel (non-reloadable) Not Corrosive. 28,  · I ask only because I have plenty of 9mm Luger in hand, but almost no.380 Auto, and e latter is what I carry and need to practice wi more often. I can't buy.380 anywhere near here, and haven't found a set of dies for.380 Auto in stock anywhere for a long time. besides, I don't feel like waiting for it right now. 08,  · Cheap ammunition for your small carry guns.380 Auto. is Tula Cartridge Works TULAMMO is a great choice for ose handguns at are already broken in but have hard sprung recoil springs. An obvious price winner, and a good way to avoid picking up brass, is steel casing.380 can get e job done for your range training and save you. 16,  · I also like W231/HP-38 for loading e.380 Auto. It works very well and meters well too which is important when rowing light charge weights in small cases like in e.380 Auto. e difference between a 88gr and 90gr bullet is so small it's insignificant when loading. You can safely use e 90gr load data wi a 88gr bullet. e 9mm.380 bo have e same diameter bullet, but e 9mm casing and overall leng is longer. e.380 has less recoil so is popular wi concealable handguns while e 9mm is more powerful and has more recoil. Bo can be great defensive calibers if ammo is properly chosen. 24,  · Just one note al ough e 9 x 18 case is in between e 380 ACP and 9mm leng wise e 9 x 18 fires.365 dia. bullet where as e 380 and 9mm fire.355 dia. bullet but you can resize and trim it to fit your 380 ACP. I make all my 9 x 18 brass for reformed and trimmed 9mm cases. CCI Blazer Aluminum.380 ACP 95gr. TMJ(Total Metal Jacket) 50rds Rounds Per Box: 50Muzzle Energy: 188 ft. lbs.Muzzle Velocity: 945 fps non-Corrosive non- reload. 29,  · I ink you will run into problems wi at heavy of a bullet in 380 Auto (9mm Kurz) in terms of case capacity and max pressures. Seating a 115 gr bullet deep enough at e round will fit in a magazine and function in e pistol, will leave very little room in e casing. Set of fun push pins. Made from re-purposed Nickel.380 Auto bullet shells. Shells have slight imperfections as ey have previously been shot at e range during target practice. Any kings or wear as a result of firing only add to e character of ese fun push pins. Great for e home. Bo lines of ammo features brass casing ammunition, boxer primer and reloadable brass and are offered in all popular ammo calibers such as 9mm ammo, 380 AUTO Ammo, 45 AUTO, 223.308 Winchester ammunition. In our humble opinion, e.380 Auto SIG Sauer P232 is a legend among small, compact semiautomatic blowback operated pistols for personal defense and concealed carry.. Still in production twenty years after its introduction, and well over forty since e P230 model was presented from which it is based, e P232 is proudly defined as a high-precision classic among compact weapons by e. Home / Ammunition Components / Casings / 380 Auto 380 Auto. 380 Auto Brass Casings. Showing all 3 results. 380 Auto Primed $ 245.31 – $ 6,132.74. 380 Auto Processed $ 208.04 – $ 5,200.88. 380 Auto Unprocessed $ 9.01 – $ 2,725.14. Product Categories. Ammunition. 22 LR. 300 Blackout. 300 WinMag. 357 Magnum. 380 Case Rd, Brooklyn, MI 49230-8805 is currently not for sale. e 2,604 sq. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 3.0 ba property. is home was built in 2000 and last sold on 7/25/ for $23,900. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. 13,  · While keyboard commandos will type until eir fingers bleed at.380 is a wimpy round, modern ammunition and plenty of retired bad guys say o erwise. brass, and aluminum casings .

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