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Let's assume your existing bot is a 1.6 series bot in e directory /home/nicedude/coolbot and you are upgrading to 1.6.21: 1) Download e latest eggdrop source (e.g. eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz). 2) Telnet and FTP to your shell. 3) Upload eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz via FTP. 4) In telnet type tar zxvf eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz. TYPE e type of dcc connection (see below) e types of connection currently possible are as follows (but more are being added literally all e time): chat user in dcc-chat command mode pass user entering dcc chat (being asked for her password). 17, 20  · e easy way to create a key and a certificate is to type 'make sslcert' after compiling your bot (If you installed eggdrop to a non-standard location, use make sslcert DEST=/pa /to/eggdrop). is will generate a 4096-bit private key (eggdrop.key) and a certificate (eggdrop.crt) after you fill in erequired fields. Simply DCC chat to e bot just like you would a normal user. You can also make e bot initiate e DCC session by typing /ctcp BOTNAME CHAT, where is e nick of your bot. is me od is particularly useful if you're behind a firewall which prevents you from initiating e DCC session. Eggdrop DCC Chat. 6 1K+ {{}} Hi, I can't seem to dcc chat wi my eggdrop bot. I'm able to telnet into it from my shell, ough. Is ere a port or address setting I need to configure for dcc chat to work? anks! First you have to check on IRC if e bot recognizes you . Type cd eggdrop-1.8.4 to switch to e directory e Eggdrop source was extracted. Type./configure (at’s a period followed by a slash followed by e word ‘configure’). is makes sure e shell has all e right tools for compiling Eggdrop, and . Returns: number of seconds e dcc chat/file system/script user has been idle. Module: core. getdccaway Returns: away message for a dcc chat user (or if e user is not set away) Module: core. setdccaway Description: sets a party line user's away message and ks em away. If set to , e user is ked as no longer. An eggdrop bot will give your channel increased security and privacy, as well as many useful features such as auto op, DCC chat remote control, trivia bot addons, custom TCL installation, takeover protection, flood protection, profanity protection, auto kick/ban lists, and much more. 25, 20  · set listen-addr IPv4/IPv6 address (or hostname) to bind for listening. If you don't set is variable, eggdrop will listen on all available IPv4 or IPv6 interfaces, depending on e 'prefer-ipv6' variable. Note at on most platforms, IPv6 sockets are able to accept bo IPv4 and IPv6 connections. or If you would like to specify what directory you install e eggdrop in you can type. make install DEST. example. make install DEST=/home/user/bot1. make install DEST=~/bot1. e ~ represents your home directory, and you can often, if not always shortern e full pa by prefixing it wi is symbol. Run eggdrop wi e -m option (ie, eggdrop -m mybot). Go to IRC and send hello to your bot (ie, /msg mybot hello). You will become a master on your bot. You can leave e bot running (nobody else will become a master if ey say hello), but in e future, don't use e . /dcc chat ctcp chat. ctcp chat will only work if e bot is already on IRC. in is case it does not matter if your local computer is firewalled. e shell where e eggdrop not run a firewall or must ford e listen port. you need to set e listen port in your eggdrop configuration file, consult eggdrop example configuration. /dcc chat ctcp chat. ctcp chat will only work if e bot is already on IRC in is case it does not matter if your local computer is firewalled e shell where e eggdrop not run a firewall or must ford e listen port you need to set e listen port in your eggdrop configuration file, consult eggdrop example configuration. is config is from an old version of Eggdrop (1.6.21), please use eggdrop.conf or eggdrop-basic.conf shipped wi Eggdrop1.8.x instead. is setting will make e bot ignore DCC chat requests which appear to have bogus information on e grounds at e user have been trying to make e bot connect to somewhere at will get it. 27, 20  · A pretty good knowledge of IRC and Unix, including how to compile programs, how to read, and what DCC chat is, at absolute minimum. About 5-7 MB of disk space. e Eggdrop tarball is about 5.4 MB unpacked. Tcl Eggdrop cannot compile wi out Tcl installed on your shell. My eggdrop is not responding. ere are a few ways to access it. First try /dcc chat BOTNICK. If at does not work instead try is: /ctcp BOTNICK chat. en when it will ask you username, en it will ask for your password. Ano er way is to telnet into e bot directly. First SSH into e shell. username at 18,  · I am trying to establish a DCC chat connection to my eggdrop bot (/dcc chat MyBot) while in ZNC (1.7.3), but I cannot connect, it does not return any ning. dcc installed as user module and also cert and schat installed as network module. I'm turning off znc and I can connect to same bot at normal IRC Server connection as ZNC off. - Support for multiple channels. - An advanced, flexible userfile structure. - e 'party line', a unique feature accessed by DCC chat which allows you to speak to o ers connected to e bot's party line, and is also used as a console where you can control and use most of Eggdrop's features. set my-hostname . Previous versions of e 1.6 series of Eggdrop came wi eggdrop.simple.conf, eggdrop.advanced.conf, and eggdrop.complete.conf, wi e simple one being e best sample configuration file for new users. is You can en DCC chat to e bot. DCC Chat your bot to be sure it has accepted your password. In DCC Chat type.die, is will kill e bot. Return to your telnet client window and restart your bot normally using./eggdrop botnick.conf When your bot returns to e channel, attempt ano er DCC Chat. 14,  · Eggdrop Tcl Commands Description: when someone first enters e party-line area of e bot via dcc chat or telnet, is is triggered before ey are connected to a chat channel (so, yes, you can change e channel in a 'chon' proc). mask is matched against e handle and supports wildcards. is is NOT triggered when someone returns from. e botnet supports a party line, which is accessible via DCC CHAT and telnet. People can communicate wi in e botnet on various channels in an equivalent to a miniature IRC. Channel 0, e default, is referred to as e party line. Some benefits of Eggdrop: e oldest IRC bot still in active development (Eggdrop was created in 1993). One of e more unique features of eggdrop is its partyline, accessible via DCC chat, which allows you to talk to o er people lag-free. Consider it a multi-way DCC chat, or a miniature IRC (complete wi channels). You can link up wi o er bots and expand e partyline until it actually becomes some ing very much like IRC, in fact. In e tutorial we use eggdrop version 1.8. O er versions of eggdrop, like 1.6.x have problems wi SSL. Eggdrop 1.8 snapshot provides SSL/TLS support for server and botnet connections (wi in a 1.8 botnet), certificate validation, DCC CHAT over SSL aka SCHAT, and au entication wi client certificate. SSL/TLS Documentation IPv6 support and more. 09, 2005 · also nachdem ich die eggdrop -m gemacht habe und dann reboote kommt -dermont ([email protected])- DCC Chat (IP) Refused DCC chat (no password): [email protected]* nach eggdrop.exe -nt. is is an exhaustive list of all e Tcl commands added to eggdrop. All of e normal Tcl built-in commands are still ere, of course. But you can also use ese to manipulate features of e bot. ey are listed according to category. NOTICE: is list is accurate for ONLY e v1.3 series of eggdrop! Using Scripts for Eggdrop. TCL Scripts are written to enhance your Eggdrop bot. ere are 0's of TCL scripts available for download. Whe er to provide entertainment to your channel, like my script. BogusTrivia, or to perform specific duties like channel protection, limits, modes and more, ey must be properly installed and setup. 18, 20  · Right Click e channel or status and select EggDrop Connect. Fill in all e boxes and click Connect. Explanation of e input boxes: IP Address = e ip address of e eggdrop. Port = e port e bot is listening for connections on. Handle = e name e bot knows you by(not your current nick). Password = e password you set wi e eggdrop. 09, 2006 · Anope DCC Chat «previous next» It would be far easier to set up an eggdrop and grant standard flag based access to opers/staff and place e eggdrop in LogChan and have it echo back to e eggdrops partyline. At least en e eggdrop could be opered and issue standard IRCop commands at are not found in Anope. Eggdrop is e world's most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot. it is freely distributable under e GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop is a feature-rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon by bo ice and advanced IRC users on a variety of harde and softe platforms. unbind dcc n tcl *dcc:tcl and unbind dcc n set *dcc:set: ese lines unbind e.tcl.set commands. It's a good idea to leave ese lines alone, as e.tcl.set commands can be a security risk since ey provide access to your shell account rough e bot. ese commands are only really useful if you plan on writing Tcl scripts. Specify here where Eggdrop should look for text files. is is used for certain Tcl and DCC commands. set temp-pa /tmp Set here a place to store temporary files. set motd text/motd e MOTD (Message Of e day) is displayed when people dcc chat or telnet to e bot. Look at . If you want Eggdrop to display a banner when telneting, set is setting. e telnet banner is set by 'set telnet-banner'. set use-telnet-banner 0 is settings defines a time in seconds at e bot should wait before a dcc chat, telnet, or relay connection times out. set connect-timeout 15. A relay connection is used to relay (jump) to ano er bot via telnet or DCC chat. You can relay to ano er bot even if e remote bot is not linked. You can use .relay to relay to ano er bot. Port. e telnet port is used by e bot to communicate wi o er bots and/or users. Direct Client-to-Client (DCC) (originally Direct Client Connection) is an IRC-related sub-protocol enabling peers to interconnect using an IRC server for handshaking in order to exchange files or perform non-relayed chats. Once established, a typical DCC session runs independently from e IRC server. Originally designed to be used wi ircII it is now supported by many IRC clients.Missing: eggdrop. 06, 2007 · Ei er of ese me ods will set you as owner on e eggdrop and you will be able to establish a dcc session wi e bot /dcc chat botnick, or /ctcp botnick chat. If it does not accept a DCC chat you can try identing to e bot /msg botnick ident yourpass yournick or connect to e bot via telnet and monitor why it is refusing a dcc session. Most IRC clients are able to specify a DCC port range for CHAT and SEND. If you are behind a NAT router, you must make use of is feature to chat/send ings out. Previous message: Eggheads: RE: Problem wi DCC CHATting to eggdrop 1.6.15 from same Internet connection. mIRC DCC. DCC, short for Direct Client-to-Client is an IRC-related sub-protocol enabling users to directly connect using an IRC server. Once established, a typical DCC session runs independently from e IRC server between e 2 clients. Used for Chat and file sharing, DCC allows users privacy independent of e IRC Server ey are connected. 17, 2007 · set dcc-flood- r 3 set telnet-flood 5:60 set paranoid-telnet-flood 1 set resolve-timeout 15 MORE ADVANCED SETTINGS set ignore-time 15 set hourly-updates 00 set notify-newusers set default-flags set whois-fields set die-on-sighup 0 set die-on-sigterm 1 bind dcc n tcl *dcc:tcl bind dcc n set *dcc:set set must-be-owner 1 set. Try /ctcp bot chat to make e Windrop dcc chat you instead. If you are using mIRC, open options, select Local Info and be sure On connect is set to always get Local Host and Lookup me od is set to Normal. Open your eggdrop.conf file locate set dcc-sanitycheck, change is setting to 0. Configure DCC Options.. Select DCC. Choose e options you prefer for DCC Get and Chat. 2.Select Options. Set your time-out options. 120 is recommended. 3. Select Ignore. Choose how you want ignore to work. Add or remove file types you wish to accept or ignore. 4. Select Fserve. Change e default setting to 0 to achive e maximum speed for. Eggdrop is an open-source Internet Relay Chat bot at was originally designed to help IRC operators protect eir channels from takeover attempts. Eggdrop can also network o er Eggdrop bots into a botnet. It is written in C and offers extension capabilities in Tcl. It is designed to run on Unix-like systems. eggdrop - Man Page. an IRC bot Synopsis. eggdrop [options] [config-file] Description. Eggdrop is e World's most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot. it is freely distributable under e GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon by bo ice and advanced IRC users on a variety of harde and softe platforms. Eggdrop is e most advanced, most popular, and best supported IRC bot. If you've never used a bot before, you'll find eggdrop provides a staggering array of options for IRC channel management and protection, and can easily be expanded fur er to provide even more functions. To manage your bot over IRC, /DCC CHAT joebot and enter your.

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