the last star read online free pdf

the last star read online free pdf

Not only did this book a. Ben and Ringer. I always thought they were just friends who trusted and respected each other, but I never once saw a romance there Both of them were my favorite characters and then suddenly, they weren't. What even was the plot? What actually happened throughout this whole book? There were so many times I just got lost or read without really 'reading', and then had to go back to the beginning of the chapter. And then when I did, I realized: nothing important or interesting happened anyway.

The god awful 'sex scene' with Cassie and Evan. I shipped them, but I was kind of hoping for Ben and Cassie at the end. I thought it'd be cute since she'd always had a crush on him, you know?

I'm okay that they didn't end up together, but Evan and Cassie didn't have to be so weird with each other. Cassie dead, Evan depressed, Sam literally not giving a shit for Cassie, Ben just being there, and Ringer with a baby I wanted a crazy, mind-blowing finale, and instead I closed my book feeling dead inside.

Overall, yeah I hated it.. And I definitely do not discourage others from reading the last book or series, because who knows? You may like it.

View all 87 comments. Sep 26, Roshni Ajmal marked it as gimme-already. This book better ties up That crazy plot twist neatly. Otherwise i am going to be very angry. View all 3 comments. Sep 01, Cynthia Troncquo added it. View all 5 comments. Nov 09, Katerina Kondrenko rated it did not like it Shelves: apocalyptic-and-post-apocalyptic , book-boyfriends , decent-villains , expected-smth-better , pages , multi-pov , read-in , witty-banters-or-way-of-thoughts , no-love-geometry , rather-dark-thing.

Just close your eyes and run away if you don't want to be spoiled. For the rest of you, let's get the party started. I'm sure, many of you haven't read my reviews for the first books in this series, 'cause they were written in Russian only and I was too lazy to translate them.

I was aware of its flaws, but had a hope for logical explanations Yancey could give us later. As long as The Last Star was out of my reach, there was a chance for an epic conclusion. Now I've read it and View all 69 comments. Jul 10, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: 21th-century , fiction , romance , united-states , young-adult , science. It was published on May 24, , by G. Putnam's Sons. The Last Star concludes the story of year-old Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan battling against the aliens that have invaded Earth.

It continues the story from where it left off in The Infinite Sea. View 1 comment. Oct 25, Amal marked it as to-read Shelves: novels. This 3rd book is taking too long to come out nearly over than a year now!

So I'm waiting In the line with the others who are also waiting It is too much waiting, already! Oct 04, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it it was ok Shelves: physically-owned-books , sci-fi , young-adult , apocalyptic-post-apocalytic.

Uncle Ricky, you owe me big time. View all 26 comments. Call me Zombie. Everything hurts. Even blinking hurts. We rise. I was going to recreate it, I was in the process of doing so, but it seems stupid.

So, seeing as I loved this story, this Call me Zombie. So, seeing as I loved this story, this series, these characters with all my heart, I made a connection so strong, so unyielding that I have a lot to say. Too much to say. So there you go. You can love the good in us and hate the bad, but the bad is in us, too. Write a wholly different review with another set of raw emotions…because that just proves to you how much this book and series meant to me.

My feels know no bounds. Sorry I rambled. Sorry I have re read my quotes over and over and over and over again…and I still break down every time. He falls against the side of the barricade, gulping air, his face lifted up to the sky. Zombie closes his eyes and waits for his breath to slow, his heart to steady. A small break before it begins again: the next loss, the next death. They do what they want anyway, right? She was the mayfly, here for a day, then gone. So…we sit again.

We wait. This is the end we waited for? I supposed I could turn to Bear. It was always easy to talk to him. We had hours of conversation, good conversation, during those weeks when it was just me and him hiding in the woods. He never yawns or interrupts or walks away. Never disagrees, never plays games, never lies.

What did I even have to look forward to, ya know??? And then this little morsel appeared on my iPad. I have loved this series since it was first released years ago. I have followed Cassie on her journey from the very beginning as she chased after Sammy, held that damnable teddy bear, found a deep bond with an otherworldly sniper, and her teenage crush. She has been through the ringer HA!

That bitch…. Birds and rivers and schools and friendship and love. Not devastation, war, battling to wake up each day alive, fighting for each breath earned. Not needing to hold up a gun at every stranger lest they rip you to shreds or shoot your head off before you get a chance to. A world with trust. A world with unity. A world with peace and kindness…. A world like before. And I run on. Through a primordial landscape unscarred by any human thing, the world as it was before trust and cooperation unleashed the beast of progress.

The world is circling back now to what it was before we knew it. Paradise lost. Paradise returned. It was rain clouds and sunshine and laughter and friendship and sacrifice and loyalty.

It was every moment. It was every thought. It was your waking breath and your final memory before sleep. It was your dreams and your consciousness and it was…. I was prepared for x. I was prepared for xx. I was even prepared for xxx…. How does an author…do this?

In no way can it be described. So you kind of just…chill. Take it all in, decide to go for the ride and see what you feel like in a minute. And then all of a sudden someone hands you something or you see a meal come out in front of you and it just… clicks. Reduce the human population to a sustainable number, then crush the humanity out of it, since trust and cooperation are the real threats to the delicate balance of nature, the unacceptable sins that drove the world to the edge of a cliff.

This trilogy had integrity from the start. I mean, everyone can agree on that, right? They have lost the thing that makes them so special and what made them stand out among all the other series, in my mind. But this series…from book one on, I have been nothing but awed. Nothing but impressed. The second book got dark , therefore making me even more of a fan, even as some people dwindled off and lost their love for it. Lying is like murder-after the first one, each one that follows is easier.

But then this was released…. I just…YES. Thank you!!! These dystopian authors think that their crumbling world has to be put back together in the end, that the world could so easily be re-made, rebooted, whatever.

But no. Fuck that. Life is messy. The world is messy. We are messy. Humanity has been ripped from all these people and we expect it all to be fixed by a few action scenes? Each scene was a building block and a new layer on an intricately pieced together puzzle, and until that final sentence, that final paragraph, that final moment …nothing fit. Loads and loads of integrity…and I am utterly speechless about it.

Well… Why must I always be the isle of crazy alone in an ocean of sensibility? The I-will to their better-nots? My heart was beating faster and faster with each progressing page. Is what it is-but the best part??? This story was larger than a girl and a boy and another boy and a slightly mean sniper girl-This series and this end made me proud of the dystopian genre , again.

This is how you end a series. Squad 53 is gone, broken apart, dead or missing or dying or running. RIP, squad It burns so good. The others concluded that the only way to save the world was to annihilate civilization.

Not from without, but from within. The only way to annihilate human civilization was to change human nature. I find it important to note, also, that I literally snarled at my husband because of this book. At precisely AM on the 25th or was it technically the 26th? You know, that tangled hair and tears streaming down my face while battling my choking sobs. I might have even been giving a very valiant effort at pulling my hair out.

They wanted a mindless, stone-cold killer to let loose on the world. They wanted a zombie. All the feels. All the stars. Protect me! How could I forget? Humanity comes first, in the end. I lie. I love you so much. Come…come join your friends on the bookshelf… More quotes I didn't get to put in if you wana read them :P : I stood up. Then I sat back down. There was nowhere to go. Well, I could go to the kitchen and make a sandwich, except there was no bread or deli meat or cheese.

Also Godiva stores. Not that I counted them. Stopping just short of the doorway, I pull out one of the stun grenades. I slip my finger into the pin. My hands are shaking. A dribble of sweat courses down the middle of my back. This is how they get you, this is how they crush the spirit right out of you. My heart I don't know what to say. I don't know how to process [all the epic]. Finally an author who ends a trilogy the way it should be No free 5 star hand out here.

I am without words. Can't complete full sentences. I am without emotion. Just call me Zombie. View all 45 comments. Sep 18, Mario rated it it was amazing Shelves: completed-series , own , own-read. But I am even more than this. I am all those they remember, the ones they loved, everyone they knew, and everyone they only heard about. How many are contained in me? Count the stars. Go on, number the grains of sand. Also in The 5th Wave. Also by Rick Yancey. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download Hi Res. Evan Walker - a farm boy from rural Ohio. All of his family and girlfriend was killed in the third wave by the Red Death. Earlier in his life at a carnival, he meets Grace, who is the only person he finds to be like him, an Other.

He saves Cassie after she is shot by an Other sniper, the "Silencer". Cassie soon finds out that Evan is actually the Silencer who shot her and is not truly human. He is described as being a tall boy, at least eighteen or nineteen years old, being very muscular with chocolate-brown hair. Cassie also notes his soft hands. He develops strong feelings for Cassie, and so does she.

Though, these feelings are strained when Cassie learns that Evan is an Other. Evan is rescued by Grace, who tries to seduce him, though, after they are attacked and Grace is wounded, he makes his way to Cassie. Grace, however follows him there. Poundcake blows up the hotel while Evan is still inside, and it is not clear if he survives. However, at the end of The Infinite Sea , he emerges from the woods to find Cassie.

Benjamin "Ben" Thomas Parish or "Zombie" - the varsity quarterback of the football team at Cassie's school. Cassie secretly had a crush on him.

His family was killed during the first four waves by a group of psychotic looters. He is crushed by the fact that he ran while his baby sister was killed. He keeps a locket with a photo of her. He becomes a member of Camp Haven's makeshift army, not knowing that they are The Others though he eventually finds out , taking the nickname "Zombie".

After one of his squadmates goes crazy, or "Dorothy", Private Ringer replaces him. He obsesses with getting her to smile. Cassie describes him as overall gorgeous. Marika "Ringer" - a member of squad Her father was an Atheist and a chess player.

He taught her how to play. Marika's father was usually drunk. Her father is infected with the Red Death and dies of the disease. Marika wandered through the wilderness before forcefully being recruited into Camp Haven's army, where she took the nickname "Ringer". She is a replacement after Private Tank of Squad 53 went crazy, "Dorothy", and pulled a gun on his squad. Zombie is obsessed with getting Ringer to smile. She is described as having glossy black hair and mild Asian features. In The Infinite Sea , she grows closer to Private Teacup, and, after being captured, grows feelings for a recruit named Razor.

Sammy "Nugget" Sullivan - Cassie's five-year-old brother. At his refugee camp, he boards a bus from Camp Haven and is recruited into its army, unbeknownst to his father's death. He joins squad 53 and friends Zombie deeply. Sammy is not allowed to go on his squad's patrol due to his age. Evan destroys the base, though it is not clear whether he survives or not, and Cassie, Zombie, and Evan escape. He is sadistic and cruel.

He survives the destruction of Camp Haven and "enhances" Ringer with the twelfth system, a piece of Other technology designed to enhance the human anatomy in ways such as strength, agility, and speed. Vosch also tries to kill Sammy via electrocution while having Zombie and Cassie watch, though Evan managed to cut the power at Camp Haven just in time. Vosch also personally killed Cassie's father at her refugee camp. Grace - a Silencer like Evan. This book was very surprised because of its 3.

The enemy is us. Not that I counted them. Plus I wanted a sandwich that I could never have. Chocolate ice cream cones.

Frozen pizza. Whipped cream in a can. Those cinnamon rolls Mom made every Saturday morning. No, bacon was still a possibility. I would just have to find a hog, slaughter it, butcher it, cure the meat, then fry it up. Thinking about the bacon—the potential of bacon—gives me hope.

I used to fantasize about Ben Parish sitting with me on the sofa at my house while we shared a blanket and watched old horror movies until one A. Now here he was, only there were no killer parties, no TV, no blanket, and no damn popcorn.

Now there were three. The first two and the one who was sitting two inches too close, wearing a tight black sweater and sporting stubble that made him look like an indie rocker taking a break in the green room between sets. If Evan can pull this off. The danger is the humans down here. I need to find Ringer and Cup before the 5th Wave does. That little voice belonged to the frizzy-haired middle-schooler who refused to die, the freckly-nosed, introverted know-it-all, self-conscious and awkward despite dance lessons and karate lessons and pep talks from her parents, toting around a bulging bag of secrets, the silly, mundane, melodramatic secrets of adolescence that would shock the popular, pretty kids, if only they knew.

What was up with her? Not only was I carrying around too many Bens, there were also too many Cassies. Nobody was integrated anymore. Our true selves shimmered like a desert mirage forever receding into the distance.

Ben touched my face, fingertips brushing my cheek, feather-light.

Amandalyn read bookz review. Search this site. Swain Review, Discussion. Danielewski Review, Discussion. This book was very surprised because of its 3. The enemy is us. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us. But beneath these the last star read online free pdf lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. And all 7. Betrayed first by the Others, the last star read online free pdf now by ourselves. So, after finishing reading this book, i recommend to readers to not underestimate this great book. Happy Reading! the last star read online free pdf The Last Star, p Part #3 of The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey. show page numbers ▽. Read The Last Star (The 5th Wave, #3) Online Book PDF. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Steel Scars (Red Queen Novella Series) by Victoria Aveyard at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35 or more! download or read book online in pdf or epub. Hello My name is Herman Reilly and i'm here to mention my feelings on this awesome book written The Last Star: The Final Book of The 5th Wave referred to​. The Last Star book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The enemy is Other. The enemy is're down here, they're u. The Last Star. The Final Book of The 5th Wave. Here you can directly get it ⇩ ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi​, ZIP. Download >> The Last Star: The Final Book of The 5th Wave Where can I read online or download the PDF file of The Light Over London book by Julia. The 5th Wave is a trilogy of young adult post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels written by American author Rick Yancey. The series started in May with the first book, The 5th Wave. A sequel titled The Infinite Sea was published in The trilogy concluded in with the final book, The Last Star. Download as PDF · Printable version. Quite simply, "freedom regarding speech" Most of us completely helped. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Last Ever After. For the next attack is more than possible - it's inevitable. Other files. I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or law. The final wave is coming. Toggle navigation Search. The first edition of the novel was published in May 24th , and was written by Rick Yancey. If you see a Google Drive link instead of source url, means that the file witch you will get after approval is just a summary of original book or the file has been already removed. Remember Me. I will definitely recommend this book to non fiction, biography lovers. I will definitely recommend this book to young adult, science fiction lovers. We have every one of the examine, if every detail usually are true, we'll submit on the web site. the last star read online free pdf