the legend of ramayana movie free download

the legend of ramayana movie free download

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O Thou who makest dumb men to speak, By whose power than mountains the lame can climb higher, O Sharda, thy favour I seek Who consumest the ills of this dark age as fire.

O Thou with the form lotus-blue, And whose eyes like the new-budding lily are red, Lord Vishnu in my heart dwell thou, Who dost rest on the calm milky sea as thy bed.

Recalling the nails of his feet, jewel-bright. All my heart is illumined with heavenly light. Like sun-rays the darkness of error dispelling; How blessed is he in whose heart is its dwelling.

When heavenly glory I have lightens the heart All the night shades of evil and sorrow depart. DOHA 1 Whoever this salve shall apply to his eyes, Shall be thereby enlightened and cheered, And enabled to look on the pastimes of Rama In woods and hills where he appeared. Heavenly shrine, of pure glory untold, l thy power is shown as thy blessings unfold,.

Every creature that moves in air, water, or earth, All things senseless or sentient, whatever their birth, whoever attains wisdom, fame, honour, salvation, virtue, in whatever manner or station, which knows it is by means of good company alone, or by man, nor by scripture is other means known. Telling the beauty of sainthood engages in full power of deities, poets and sages, Then how can my feeble powers tell all its story? Chaupai 3 It is saintly I hail, those of equable mind, This is the same both to foe and to friend, It is in the palms of the hands both to right To left do their sweet fragrance lend.

DOHA 4 I know that their manner on healing of stoics, Who treat just the same foe and friend, Is to burn with quick rage, and yet folding my hands, As a suppliant to them I bend.

Although differing in life, of the same Mother Earth, As both lotus and leech have in water their birth, So from one world both good men and bad men are brought, As both nectar and poison in one sea were sought. By good deeds and bad deeds, they both attain fame, But the one in high honour, the other in shame. The good are like nectar, the moon, Ganges water; The bad like fire, poison, the river of slaughter Both virtue and vice are by all men discerned, But, as led by the mind, one is loved, one is spurned.

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Font Size Abc Small. Abc Medium. Abc Large. Image: Twitter. The spirit instructs Rama to find Sugriva. After many months of searching for Sugriva, they see a mountain with people on it. They prepare to visit but they are stopped by a flying monkey called Hanuman. He praises Rama and greets him. He then takes both of them to Sugriva - A vanara warrior. Rama meets Sugriva and he mentions about his wife. Sugriva then mentions he heard a cry for help calling Rama's name. He then mentions a scarf falling down and Rama begs to see it.

He then recognises the scarf to be Sita's and cries for Sita's name. He gets encouraged by his brother and Sugriva warns him to stay strong. Sugriva has been exiled from his own kingdom for several days and makes a deal with Rama. Rama then regains the kingdom and Sugriva collates an army to search for Sita. Rama distributes Sita's ornaments and says if they find Sita, they should present them and return with Sita.

Rama gives his ring to Hanuman and tells him to fly to Lanka. After months of searching the rescue parties returned empty handed. Hanuman reaches Lanka and tries to find Sita. He sees a crying woman getting berated by demons. The demons insult Rama and leave making Sita cry for her husband. Hanuman then meets Sita and gracefully meets her. He gains her trust by presenting the ring.

He mentions Rama cries onto this ring often. Sita then hugs the ring and thinks about Rama. Hanuman offers to take her back to Rama but she declines, the reason being Ravana will still be at large. Rama must defeat Ravana in battle in order to save her. Hanuman understands and has hope Rama will fight Ravana and defeat him. Hanuman then confronts Ravana and says he must return Sita to Rama or else he will die.

Insulted by the fact Rama has the capability to defeat him, he threatens to kill Hanuman. However Ravana's brother Vibhishan advises him not to so Ravana sets Hanuman's tail on fire.

Hanuman however feels no pain and sets the city on fire. He returns to Rama. Ravana is advised again by his brother to return Sita in order to save the kingdom, but Ravana gets disgusted by this and banishes Vibhishan. Hanuman returns to Rama and explains Rama must fight Ravana in order to save Sita. Rama understands this and journeys to Lanka. However he struggles to find a way across the sea. After weeks of struggle, Vibhishan meets Rama and joins him.

He advises Rama to pray to the Sea God. Rama obeys and for 7 days he continuously prays. On the 7th night, the Sea God blesses Rama by sending a wave. He instructs Rama to build a bridge of stones with his name engraved on the stones to walk across the sea for reaching Lanka. Rama then starts constructing the bridge and he along with his army place stones in the water. After weeks of building Rama prepares his army and they walk across the sea. Rama is now prepared to fight Ravana. Rama's army arrive at the coast of Lanka and set up there.

After a few days, Rama changes his strategy. Rama then explains that the past years have been hard for him and he is now prepared to fight Ravana in battle. But he has a plan to prevent a war with peace.

He says if Sita is returned he will not fight and many lives will preserve.

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