watch out at the wedding online free cut off Bobby, Bobby was partially angry, claiming that he was covering for Ronnie by doing an extra song.">

the new edition story part 2 free

the new edition story part 2 free

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The album is a huge hit; Director: Chris Robinson. Writer: Abdul Williams. Luke James. Johnny Gill. Woody McClain. Bobby Brown. Elijah Kelley. Ricky Bell. This left a slant in Bobby's hair that Bobby irately compares to " Gumby.

Bobby and New Edition are generally able to work well together on the tour, which also features singer Al B. Josh David. Despite this, Bobby bristles a bit when "his" supposed lead vocals on Jealous Girl and Mr.

Telephone Man will be both sung by Johnny even after Bobby originally offered to sing them himself. After a Washington, D. Impressed, Mike gives them a business card and encourages the group that will become Boyz II Men to call him. In , a party to celebrate the success of the tour, revealing how the group split up again. Jheryl is leaving his job at MCA Records to take a major role at Motown and convinces Johnny to come with him and record his self-titled third album - the one Jheryl promised he would support if Johnny recorded Heart Break with New Edition - at Motown.

Ralph's similarly promised solo album will be released by MCA but must be re-recorded because Ralph and the executives felt that it would sound too much like Bobby's Don't Be Cruel album. Ralph is annoyed, because his album was originally ready to be released before Heart Break. However, it was delayed in favor of the New Edition album. Finally, the arrogant and disrespectful Bobby, who made a scene by sticking his hands into both of the party's cakes, is angry despite his individual success and being surrounded by attractive women.

He almost showed constant jealousy looking out at his former group members. There is clearly awkwardness and tension during the interview, with barbed comments flying all around, particularly between Ralph and Mike still not yet over inviting Johnny to the group without consulting Ralph , as well as Bobby and everyone else. The reunion album is made six years later, in , after the various independent acts somewhat fizzled.

This left several in debt, or at least precarious, financial position, especially Ricky Elijah Kelley. Several of the group members, now approaching their 30s, are also dealing with personal issues: Ralph is struggling with the passing of his mother, while Bobby is no longer the only member with drug and alcohol issues.

Also, Ricky is secretly using cocaine, popping pills, and drinking heavily, hiding his problems from his wife as well as the rest of New Edition. As the group prepares for a tour of Home Again, Brooke is amazed at their expenses - separate tour buses, large entourages, lots of luggage - despite their limited success as independent acts, as well as being less professional than when they were kids.

While the group will perform New Edition songs, they will also perform the songs of their various respective acts. Unfortunately, this tour does not go well, with Bobby's penchant for missing various interviews and even performances annoying the rest of the group and interfering with scheduled performance times.

At one stop, Bobby arrived after the rest of the group had finished performing but decided to close the show solo instead. Bobby claimed that he felt like singing, because the crowd was chanting for him. The tour arrives in New Mexico , where the miniseries began, though with some additional details on what would lead to the massive brawl. Bobby - on time for a change - decided to sing an extra song, at least partially because Bell Biv DeVoe couldn't go on as Ronnie Keith Powers was late.

Bobby assumes that he was the real star of the tour. Thus, when Ronnie charged onto the stage to cut off Bobby, Bobby was partially angry, claiming that he was covering for Ronnie by doing an extra song.

Storming backstage angry, Bobby tries to blast Bell Biv DeVoe with water from a fire hose but can't get the emergency device to work. Instead, he and his bodyguard march onstage, which brings in the various entourages for a chaotic scene, finally culminating with a gun shot that scatters everyone. In the chaos, Brooke stumbles away and has a heart attack before being found by one of the members of the Bell Biv DeVoe entourage.

An ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital , but won't allow Ronnie who is Brooke's nephew in with him. Instead, both Ricky and Mike try to keep Ronnie calm while waiting for a car.

Ralph and Johnny get filled in, but Ronnie nearly loses it when Bobby appears to ask what's going on. He angrily blames Bobby for starting the fracas that led to his uncle having a heart attack. Bobby, on the hand, counter-argued that he would never hurt Brooke and that it was Ronnie who provoked the situation.

Ronnie angrily storms off for good this time, saying he's done with the tour. Also, he's fed up with Ralph and Johnny always coddling Bobby.

Bobby walks off, stating that he was doing everyone else a favor by agreeing to the reunion, but Johnny snaps at Bobby. He states that Bobby did nothing for him.

Bobby angrily lashes out at Johnny, declaring that the group is deceased and finished. Ralph leaves after getting into it with Mike, and Johnny was fed up wasting his time with the hostility. When a panicked Ricky asks Mike what they are going to do with so many shows left, Mike essentially says the tour and the group are both done.

In the years after the tour, the New Edition members largely stay out of contact and have their lives go in different directions.

Ricky eventually has an overdose , but his wife finds him in time for help to arrive and save him. At rehab, Ricky admits that what he was chasing was the feeling of fame, fortune, and popularity that he had years prior, as well as trying to fight the fear that the feeling wouldn't come back. In , Ronnie's wedding planning isn't going well, with his latest concern being wasting money for inedible flowers on the wedding cake.

Concerned that their egos and behavior will both prevent any of them from showing up, Ronnie is convinced to at least invite the other five members to his wedding so that he won't have regrets. The day of the wedding, Ronnie is in his prep room, on his own, accepting that he's going to be at the altar without any groomsmen. He hears a knock on the door and "Police! Although Bobby thanks Ronnie for the invitation to be a groomsman, he declines an offer for a drink, saying he has cooled on drugs and alcohol.

The rest of New Edition arrives, including a sober Ricky, with Ralph and Mike at least able to be civil to each other. The final arrival is Brooke, back to normal, after his heart attack at the disastrous tour and ready to see his nephew Ronnie get married.

At the reception, Ralph and Mike have a longer conversation, with Mike apologizing for starting the group's break up by bringing in Johnny to replace Ralph.

Ralph counters that the group faced bigger problems than that, citing that the problems, which the members were only ready to deal with now that they were older.

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Luke James. Johnny Gill. Woody McClain. Bobby Brown. Elijah Kelley. Ricky Bell. Bryshere Y. Michael Bivins. Algee Smith. Ralph Tresvant. Keith Powers. Ronnie DeVoe. Chris Robinson. Jesse Collins. All rights reserved. The new edition story part 2 free In. Drama 1 season. The boys are discovered soon after, sign a record tje, and produce their first No. the new edition story part 2 free It's , and New Edition is in L.A. recording their second album. Ralph, fully aware of the resentment from his band mates, requests more parts for them to sing. What Happened All Those Years New Edition Wasn't Performing? Highlights. The truth can now set all fans free. Bobby Brown's 'Every Little Step. This biographical series tells the dramatic real-life story of one of the biggest 2. The New Edition Story - Part 2. This video is currently unavailable. January Share Tweet Pin Mail SMS It's official! 'The New Edition Story' is a hit! [READ: Recap: The New Edition Story (Part 1) + Watch. The New Edition Story is an American biographical three-part miniseries about the R&B group The New Edition Story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Main cast; Others. 2 Plot. Part One; Part Two; Part Three. Part 2, which aired Wednesday night, chronicles the group's burgeoning problems, as Brown leaves the group to go solo and Johnny Gill joins. The series premiere of 'The New Edition Story' scored the top spot in the Train Music Awards Backstage And Audience Stock Pictures, Royalty-free Photos &. A three-part miniseries, "The New Edition Story" follows the R&B/pop group from EPISODE 2. Part Two. Though New Edition become R&B sensations, their. Personalized Streaming Guide Just For You. Save Money and Time. Watch Unlimited Full Movie Free Online. No Fee, No waiting. After the tour, the mothers meet with Gary, frustrated yet again at their sons receiving less money than expected. Add to List. Photo Gallery. Bobby angrily lashes out at Johnny, declaring that the group is deceased and finished. All Media Network. Time Inc. Company Credits. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The boys sneak into the back alley of a club to convince Brooke to manage them, finally winning him over with an a capella version of The Jackson 5 's " I Want You Back ". Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The miniseries brought in Obell compared the film to another iconic television miniseries -- "it is on its way to being the best black TV biopic since The Jacksons: An American Dream " which aired on ABC in New Edition was formed in the Roxbury section of Boston, MA, by Ricky Bell , Michael Bivins , and Bobby Brown , who began singing together in while still in elementary school, hoping to perform for pocket cash. In the years after the tour, the New Edition members largely stay out of contact and have their lives go in different directions. the new edition story part 2 free