the occult technology of power free download

the occult technology of power free download

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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! The Occult Technology of Power, subtitled the "Arcane Secrets of Political Power," is an anonymous booklet describing the nature of power, the nature of rule, and the nature of oligarchy. Tvii Son by Tvii Son. The UK production duo's club-ready debut grounds commanding vocal performances in dark, complex arrangements.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 10, Indeed, it, along with the pituitary, is the third eye chakra or energy center, but are more dormant than atrophied.

According to Max Heindels, in the distant past, man was in touch with the inner worlds through an activated pineal and pituitary gland. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the third eye has always been important in initiating psychic powers e. Manly traces the historical significance of the gland and its spiritual value. Dion Fortune's classic, The Mystical Qabalah , explores all aspects of the Qabalah, including the esoteric sciences of astrology and tarot, which form the basis of the Western Mystery Traditions.

It provides a key to the practical working of this mystical system for both novice and initiate alike. He was the father of the occult, the founder of astrology, the discoverer of alchemy. He was Hermes Trismegistus, and as the scribe of the gods of ancient Egypt, he possessed all divine knowledge In this extraordinary book, three secret initiates to his teachings - who remain anonymous to this day - share their insight with all who seek to understand the mysterious underpinnings of the universe and our relationship with it.

This is a collection of 14 essays on a variety of occult-themed topics, covering the full spectrum of classic occultism and related subjects, but with a focus on the western mystery tradition within esotericism. The fictional setting is given as the 30th birthday of "the son," heir-apparent to the reins of power.

His father has gathered together seven close advisors at a weekend retreat to explain the family business, and to initiate "the son" into the brotherhood. The book is presented as the transcripts of that initiation. The writer "transcriber" comments: "Any resemblance of these characters to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Any resemblance of their methodology to that of real ruling elites is purely intentional.

In the first chapter he says: "My son,…I have chosen you to be heir to my empire. Matter and Memory by Henri Bergson. History of Zionism, by Nahum Sokolow Vol. Puzzles Old and New by Hoffmann. History of the Jews in America by Deborah Pessin. Zionism and the Jewish Problem by Leon Simon. History of Zionism by Nahum Sokolow Vol. Through systematic infiltration of all major intellectual, political, and ideological organizations, using the lure of financial support and instant publicity, we have been able to set the limits of public debate within the ideological requirements of our money power.

The so-called Left-Right political spectrum is our creation. In fact, it accurately reflects our careful, artificial polarization of the population on phony issues that prevents the issue of our power from arising in their minds. The Left supports civil liberties and opposes economic or entrepreneurial liberty. The Right supports economic liberty and opposes civil liberty.

Of course neither can exist fully which is our goal without the other. We control the Right-Left conflict such that both forms of liberty are suppressed to the degree we require Our own liberty rests not on legal or moral "rights," but on our control of the government bureaucracy and courts which apply the complex, subjective regulations we dupe the public into supporting for our benefit.

Right and Left are irreconcilable on racial policy, treatment of criminals, law enforcement, pornography, foreign policy, women's lib, and censorship to name just a few issues.

Although censorship in the name of "fairness" has been useful in broadcasting and may yet be required in journalism, we generally do not take sides in. Instead we attempt to prolong the conflicts by supporting both sides as required. War, of course, is the ultimate diversionary conflict and the health of our system.

War provides the perfect cover of emergency and crisis behind which we consolidate our power. Since nuclear war presents dangers even to us, more and more we have resorted to economic crisis, energy shortages, ecological hysteria, and managed political drama to fill the gap.

Meaningless, brushfire wars, though, remain useful. We promote phony free enterprise on the Right and phony democratic socialism on the Left. Thus, we obtain a "free enterprise" whose "competition" is carefully regulated by the bureaucracy we control and whose nationalized enterprises are controlled directly through our government.

In this way we maintain a society in which the basis of our power, legal titles to property and money, remain secure, but in which the peril of free, unregulated competition is avoided and popular sovereignty is nullified.

The democratic process is a sitting duck for our money power. Invariably we determine the candidates of the major parties and then proceed to pick the winners. Any attempts at campaign reforms simply put the rules of the game more firmly under our government's control.

Totalitarianism of the fascist of communist varieties is no danger to us as long as bastions of private property remain to serve as our bases of operation. Totalitarian governments of both Right and Left, because of the vulnerability of their highly visible leaders to party rivals, can be manipulated easily from abroad. Primarily, totalitarian dictatorships efficiently prevent new money lords that could challenge our power from arising in whole continents, civilizations, and races.

Perhaps a few words on ideology proper are in order before I conclude. The only valid ideology, of course is rational egoism, that is, the maximization of the individual's gratification by whatever means prove practical. This requires power over nature, especially, when possible, power over other humans who are the most versatile and valuable tools of all.

Fortunately, we do not have a society of egoists. Money lords would be impossible in such a society as the mental spooks and rationalizations by which we characteristically manipulate and deceive would be a laughing stock Under such circumstances a policy of live and let live or true "laissez-faire" anarchy might be the only alternative. Certainly a hierarchical order would be difficult to maintain by force alone. However, in the current era, while minds are yet in the thrall of altruistic collectivistic, and divine moralistic spooks, the egoist's rational course is to utilize such spooks to control others.

The next speaker, Professor M. It can earn interest on these loans, and as long as only a small percentage of depositors ask to redeem their certificates at any one time, no one is the wiser. Or, alternatively, it can issue pseudo warehouse receipts for goods that are not there and lend these on the market. This is the more subtle practice.

The pseudo receipts will be exchanged on the same basis as the true receipts, since there is no indication on their face whether they are legitimate or not. It should be clear that this practice is outright fraud. Since the division of labor is the key to all human achievement and satisfaction, a system of exchange is crucial. Barter is hopelessly complicated. A command economy, in which each does and receives what be is told, is also hopelessly cumbersome and fails to take advantage of individual initiative, ability, and concrete knowledge.

A medium of exchange, money, is the obvious solution. Even our highly centralized economies on the socialist model now enthusiastically embrace money as an indispensable simplifying tool in their economic planning. When left to themselves people of a given geographical area settled upon a durable luxury commodity, usually gold or silver, to use as money. Because money is a store of value as well as a medium of exchange, people saved part of their gold income rather than spending it all.

This gold was often stored in the vaults of a local goldsmith, the precursor of the modern banker, for safekeeping. The depositor received a receipt that entitled him to an equal quantity and quality of gold on demand from the goldsmith. At some point the goldsmith realized that there was no reason he could not loan out some of the gold for interest as long as he kept gold on hand sufficient to meet the fairly predictable withdrawal rate. After all, be simply promised to pay on demand, not bold the gold as such.

Better yet, be could simply issue more receipts for gold than be bad gold and the receipts, renamed notes, could circulate freely among the populace as money. However, he soon found that there was a definite limit set on this process by reality. Not all the extra notes issued circulated forever among the public. The rate of note redemption began to increase rapidly as the receipts passed into the hands of people unfamiliar with his reputation and especially when competitive goldsmiths, always eager for more gold reserves, came into possession of his notes.

To prevent a disastrous run on his gold reserves, note issuance had to be kept within bounds. But the spending power of over-issuance was a grave temptation.

Especially relished was the power over governments, industry, and merchants that the miraculous loan power of the goldsmith could obtain. Many succumbed to temptation, overextended themselves and brought ruin to their depositors while others slowly became wealthy bankers by pursuing conservative loan policies.

At this point, according to economic "science," Central Banks are instituted to protect the public from periodic financial catastrophe at the hands of unscrupulous fractional reserve bankers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Central Banks are established to remove the limitation on overissuance that reality places on competitive banking systems. As early as ancient Babylon and India, Central Banking, the art of monopolizing the issuance of money, had been developed into a perfect method for looting the general public. Even today many bankers copy the traditions of the earlier exploitive priesthoods and design their banks to resemble temples!

Defenses of Central Banking are simply part of the deception that lies at the heart of all power elites. Let us look at the way a new Central Bank is created where none has existed previously. We bankers approach the Prince or ruling assembly both of whom always want more money to fight wars or to curry favor with the people and, typically, are ignorant of economics with a compelling proposal: "Grant our bank a national Charter to regulate private banking and to issue legal tender notes, that is, force our notes to be accepted as payment for all debts, pubic and private.

In exchange we will provide the government all the notes it prudently requires at interest rates easily payable with existing taxes. Use template. Search this site. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This reviewer is very pleased with the discovery of a text we had at first avoided because of its title.

The little book is very much worth its price. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

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