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the revenge of seven online book free

I often stay up too late reading the books in the series. Wish I could read more than four pages without you asking for money.. Library Search. Log in. He called me his heir. What does that even mean? I know this. Now what am I going to do about it?

I figure the Mogs must have moved me to one of their bases. Because, one day, he wants me ruling next to him. My hands start to shake and tears sting my eyes. Start your free trial. Page 1 of 1. I used to wait for the books to be released and very eagerly begin reading them. This was the first book I did not rush to, and I'm not sure if it's because I was too busy or too disinterested.

At the time, busy seemed to be the answer I started graduate school the same week the book was released , now I'm not so sure. I can say for certain that I am not a fan of the audiobooks and I will be returning to my trusty friend the hardcover version. I couldn't get a good picture of the action from this book and I am not sure if it's because of how it was told- I definitely have a different "voice" in my head than the audiobook- or if it was because of the writing.

Smog clouds lingered over the city, a reminder of the battle fought there. Or the battle that will be fought there, if my vision actually comes true. The visions. Are they part of a new Legacy?

None of the others have Legacies that leave them traumatized in the morning. Are they prophecies? Are they warnings?

He was trapped in the vision, too, just like I was. I have to warn the others. I sit bolt upright and my head swims — too fast, too soon — rust-colored blobs floating through my vision.

I blink them away, my eyes feeling gummy, my mouth dry and throat sore. They come on gradually, the room eventually bathed in a pale red glow.

I look around for the source of the light and discover it pulsing from veins interwoven through the chrome-paneled walls. Ella has been kidnapped. The others are now scattered. In Chicago, John makes the unlikeliest of allies: a Mogadorian named Adam, who has switched sides. Adam knows the Mogs secrets, and he knows where to hit them: their command base near Washington, DC. But during the assault, John learns he and the Garde might be too late. The Mogadorians have commenced their ultimate invasion plans.

For some reason she's more valuable to them alive, and they'll stop at nothing to turn her. Meanwhile, Six, Nine, and Marina make their way through the Florida Everglades, hot on the trail of the traitorous Five. Should none of those things matter because they're younger than I am? Just because it was meant for a target audience half my age does not mean that it should be able to skate by with terrible writing, plot holes by the dozens, eye-rolling dialog, horrible one-dimensional characters, and mindless action.

A bad book is still a bad book whoever it was meant for. This book IS something of an improvement over the previous two books in the series, I'll give you that.

But does that make it a good book? One step up from rock bottom is still pretty damn low. John, AKA Number Four, and company flee the stronghold in Chicago with their new Mogadorian ally Adam, and set out to do as much damage to the Mogadorian cause as possible.

Meanwhile Six, Nine and Seven make their way out of the Florida Swamps and discover a Mogadorian base where they think view spoiler [ Eight's body might have been taken after his death in the previous book. The Mogadorian invasion fleet arrives, and the battle for Earth begins, while several of the numbers set off to a Loric Sanctuary in hopes of reviving the heart of Lorien within Earth itself.

The Good? Things actually happen in this book. When you look at the nothing that happened in book three, and the more nothing that happened in book four, I guess that's something.

Some of the biggest problems in those two books arose from there being far too many characters with not enough for them all to be doing, so several of them just sort of fade into the background, and you get long stretches of the books where characters are just standing around, doing nothing at all, or running busy work errands that don't really have much point, but give the appearance of the characters having something to do.

This book does not succumb to these problems. All of the characters have something to be doing, and no one really fades much into the background most of the time. There is actually enough going on in this book to justify how many characters, and groupings of characters that there are.

The bad? It's really kind of hard to talk about the problems in this book without repeating what I've said in previous reviews of this series. The authors keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and over again, and there's only so may ways you can say the same things without sounding like a repetitive loser.

So I'll just link you to my previous reviews of the series and go over the worst of the worst in this book. I Am Number Four. The Power of Six. The Rise of Nine. The Fall of Five. These authors never really seem to learn, never growing or progressing as writers and improving upon skills, or working on the areas of storytelling and writing in which they're not all that strong. When an author never improves, and keeps making the same mistakes over, and over, and over again, it gives the impression that he doesn't care.

That he knows you're going to buy his book regardless of how well it is written, or what happens in it, so he doesn't have to put any real effort into it. And then he just brushes off any criticisms as "eh, it's just for kids. This book isn't. It's an insult the the intelligence of anyone who picks it up, because it assumes that young means stupid, and incapable of distinguishing good writing and storytelling from bad. It's just god-awful.

The authors have a really huge problem with being overly cheesy and melodramatic. All of the dialog is just horrendous. There is no one on earth that talks like these people. When dialog isn't natural, a reader can spot it pretty easily. And when it's this bad, I've talked to people who love this series that say they were rolling their eyes over how bad it is in this one.

It's not really all that hard to write natural sounding dialog. Go to a public place and listen to how people talk to each other for a few hours.

Read it aloud to yourself once you're done. I mean, the soap operas my sister watches nonstop have better written dialog than this book. There are plot holes like you wouldn't believe, and as I mentioned in my last few reviews of books in this series, the backstory is very fluid. It changes to fit the needs of any particular scene, whether or not it has supported what is going on at the moment before.

This book is called "The Revenge of Seven". The inside flap has Seven talking about how she will have her revenge. There is not a single chapter in this book that is from her point of view. She is probably the character that contributes the least to the plot of the book. She barely even speaks. And she does not do anything that can even remotely be considered revenge.

False advertising much? The book just sort of ends. It's the middle of an action scene. Things are blowing up all over the place Nothing was accomplished.

Nothing was progressed to the next level. It just ended in the middle of an action scene so people would buy the next book to see how the scene ends. I always hate it when an author resorts to a cheap cliffhanger instead of a decent climax that visibly moves the story along to the next stage for the next book.

It always gives the impression that the author doesn't have faith in himself, and has to resort to gimmicks to sell his next book. When things either don't build to a satisfying climax, or that climax is cut off in the middle for the sake of a lame cliffhanger ending, it cheapens the entire story. Nothing that the villain does makes any sense at all. There's no logic behind any of his actions or plans.

He doesn't do anything for any real reason except that he's the bad guy, and bad guys do bad things. There's no motive for literally ANY of his actions. He has no reason to be doing any of this. When a villain is evil just for the sake of being evil, it's another sign of bad writing.

No one is evil just because. Real people have motives. They have reasons for doing the things that they do. They don't just do things because the plot of the story they happen to be part of requires it of them. They don't just say "I'm going to kill all of you because reasons Is it so much to ask that the villain of the story actually be a well rounded character?

Well, none of the other characters in this series are, so why should the authors start now? The Ugly? Okay, I've ranted about the characters in this series in pretty much every review I've written for it so far. So I'll give you the short version this time. I hate them. I hate them all. Pretty much every single character in this series has done something to make me hate them in one way or another.

I've long since begun rooting for the bad guys. I want THEM to win. I will admit that the sheer douchebaggery of many of the characters seemed to be turned down a few notches in this book, but it's too little too late. These characters have already been ruined for me. They've all proven themselves to be horrible people that I just don't even care if they succeed or not.

The tension and drama in a story come from caring about the characters, wanting to see them overcome all adversity, and triumph in the end. When you don't care about the characters, or worse, actively dislike them, any story built up around them is going to be terrible.

Uhg, the dialog. I know I already talked about how bad the dialog is in this book, but it was so bad that it deserves to be mentioned in both the "bad" and "ugly" sections of this review. Good GOD, have these writers never had a real conversation with anyone in their entire lives?

Have they ever met teenagers and listened to them speak to one another? It was really THAT bad. Pittacus Lore is an idiot. Well, yes, okay, that can be applied to the authors of the book in their assumed name, but I mean the actual character in the book.

Okay, so, the plan was to send nine kids with the legacies and crap to Earth to revive the Heart of Lorien within Earth?

If he was all wise and crap like people keep going on, and on, and on, and on about, you'd think he'd have planned just a LITTLE bit better

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