the war 1994 full movie online free

the war 1994 full movie online free

Russian historian and general Dmitri Volkogonov said the Russian military's bombardment of Grozny killed around 35, civilians, including 5, children, and that the vast majority of those killed were ethnic Russians.

While military casualties are not known, the Russian side admitted to having 2, soldiers killed or missing. International monitors from the OSCE described the scenes as nothing short of an "unimaginable catastrophe", while former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev called the war a "disgraceful, bloody adventure" and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl called it "sheer madness".

Following the fall of Grozny, the Russian government slowly but systematically expanded its control over the lowland areas and then into the mountains. In what was dubbed the worst massacre in the war, the OMON and other federal forces killed at least civilians while seizing the border village of Samashki on 7 April several hundred more were detained and beaten or otherwise tortured.

Chechnya's second-largest city of Gudermes was surrendered without a fight, but the village of Shatoy was fought for and defended by the men of Ruslan Gelayev. Eventually, the Chechen command withdrew from the area of Vedeno to the Chechen opposition-aligned village of Dargo, and from there to Benoy.

As the war continued, separatists resorted to mass- hostage takings, attempting to influence the Russian public and leadership. In June , a group led by the maverick field commander Shamil Basayev took more than 1, people hostage in southern Russia in the Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis ; about Russian civilians died before a ceasefire was signed after negotiations between Basayev and the Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

The raid enforced a temporary stop in Russian military operations, giving the Chechens time to regroup during their greatest crisis and to prepare for the national militant campaign. The full-scale Russian attack led many of Dudayev's opponents to side with his forces and thousands of volunteers to swell the ranks of mobile militant units. Many others formed local self-defence militia units to defend their settlements in the case of federal offensive action, officially numbering 5,—6, armed men in late Altogether, the ChRI forces fielded some 10,—12, full-time and reserve fighters at a time, according to the Chechen command.

According to a UN report, the Chechen separatist forces included a large number of child soldiers , some as young as 11 and including females. The successful use of improvised explosive devices was particularly noteworthy; they also effectively exploited a combination of mines and ambushes. In the fall of , Gen. Anatoliy Romanov , the federal commander in Chechnya at the time, was critically injured and paralyzed in a bomb blast in Grozny. Suspicion of responsibility for the attack fell on rogue elements of the Russian military, as the attack destroyed hopes for a permanent ceasefire based on the developing trust between Gen.

Human rights organizations accused Russian forces of engaging in indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force whenever encountering resistance, resulting in numerous civilian deaths for example, according to Human Rights Watch , Russian artillery and rocket attacks killed at least civilians during the December separatist raid on Gudermes [36].

The dominant Russian strategy was to use heavy artillery and air strikes throughout the campaign, leading some Western and Chechen sources to call the air strikes deliberate terror bombing on parts of Russia.

The villages, however, were also heavily targeted from the first weeks of the conflict Russian cluster bombs , for example, killed at least 55 civilians during the 3 January Shali cluster bomb attack. Russian soldiers often prevented civilians from evacuating from areas of imminent danger and prevented humanitarian organizations from assisting civilians in need.

It was widely alleged that Russian troops, especially those belonging to the MVD , committed numerous and in part systematic acts of torture and summary executions on separatist sympathizers; they were often linked to zachistka "cleansing" raids, affecting entire town districts and villages suspected of harboring boyeviki — the separatist fighters. Humanitarian and aid groups chronicled persistent patterns of Russian soldiers killing, raping and looting civilians at random, often in disregard of their nationality.

Separatist fighters took hostages on a massive scale, kidnapped or killed Chechens considered to be collaborators, and mistreated civilian captives and federal prisoners of war especially pilots.

Both the separatists and the federal forces kidnapped hostages for ransom and used human shields for cover during the fighting and movement of troops for example, a group of surrounded Russian troops took approximately civilian hostages at Grozny's 9th Municipal Hospital. The violations committed by members of the Russian forces were usually tolerated by their superiors and were not punished even when investigated the story of Vladimir Glebov serving as an example of such policy.

However, television and newspaper accounts widely reported largely uncensored images of the carnage to the Russian public. Lidia wants to get involved, too, along with her two best friends, black girls who like to sing the hits with her in a vocal trio. Stu and his two buddies don't want girls involved, but the girls win a bet, and the six of them build a tree house so impressive that only a studio prop department could possibly equal it.

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