the way of the pilgrim free download

the way of the pilgrim free download

Behr, proto-priest of hands of a monk on Mount Athos, in whose posses- the Russian Church in London, for so kindly reading sion it was found by the abbot of St. The abbot copied the manuscript, and xiii from his copy the book was printed at Kazan in A very few notes have been added and placed at the In recent years copies of this until April , the end of the book.

They are chiefly to explain one or only edition have become exceedingly difficult to two words which it seemed best not to attempt to get. There appear to be only three or four copies in turn into English. French pp. I derer of the humblest birth who roams from place to read my Bible always, and everywhere I asked wheth- place.

My worldly goods are a knapsack with some er there was not in the neighborhood a spiritual dried bread in it on my back, and in my breast-pocket teacher, a devout and experienced guide, to be found. And that is all. One day I was told that in a certain village a gentle- On the twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost I went man had long been living and seeking the salvation of to church to say my prayers there during the liturgy.

He had a chapel in his house. He never left The first Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians was his estate, and he spent his time in prayer and reading being read, and among other words I heard these— devotional books. I got there and found any other, which forced itself upon my mind, and I him. I ing. I thought and thought, but knew not what to make of want to know so much, but I cannot understand it at it. I will go to the He was silent for a while and looked at me closely.

To succeed light on it for me. I heard a number of very in this consoling exercise we must pray more often to fine sermons on prayer— what prayer is, how much God to teach us to pray without ceasing. Pray more, we need it, and what its fruits are— but no one said and pray more fervently. It is prayer itself which will how one could succeed in prayer. I heard a sermon on reveal to you how it can be achieved unceasingly; but spiritual prayer, and unceasing prayer, but how it was it will take some time.

So saying, he had food brought to me, gave me mon- 4 ey for my journey, and let me go. Thus listening to sermons failed to give me what I He did not explain the matter. I thought and thought, I read and read, depended upon my finding a resting place, but upon I dwelt over and over again upon what this man had finding spiritual teaching. Yet Neither was I running after food, for I had plenty of so greatly did I wish to understand that I could not dried bread in my knapsack.

Come town, a provincial capital, where I saw a monastery. Do come to our house, dear brother. We have At the inn where I stopped I heard it said that the ab- startsi of ripe experience well able to give guidance to bot was a man of great kindness, devout and hospita- your soul and to set it upon the true path, in the light ble. I went to see him. He met me in a very friendly of the Word of God and the writings of the holy Fa- manner, asked me to sit down, and offered me re- thers.

How can I Epistles which bade men to pray without ceasing. Fail- save my soul? Save your soul? Well, live according to the also in many places I found the divine command that commandments, say your prayers, and you will be we ought to pray at all times, in all places;- not only saved.

I stand how it could be carried out and in what way it cannot even understand what unceasing prayer was to be done. I beg you, Father, explain this to me.

But, stop a moment, I have a little book, and it is ex- A burning desire and thirst for knowledge awoke in plained there.

Day and night the matter was never out of my on The Spiritual Education of the Inner Man, saying, mind. The teaching one how to pray without ceasing, or what understanding can always be reaching out toward such prayer means. I have often read the Bible and God and praying to Him unceasingly. Rest assured that what has hitherto been accomplished in He did not give me the explanation.

It has been granted to you to thanking him for his kindly hospitality, I went on my understand that the heavenly light of unceasing inte- way-where to, I did not know myself. My failure to rior prayer is attained neither by the wisdom of this understand made me sad, and by way of comforting world, nor by the mere outward desire for knowledge, myself I read my Bible. In this way I followed the main but that on the contrary it is found in poverty of spirit road for five days.

That is At last toward evening I was overtaken by an old man why it is not surprising that you have been unable to who looked like a cleric of some sort. In answer to my hear anything about the essential work of prayer, and question he told me that he was a monk belonging to to acquire the knowledge by which ceaseless activity a monastery some six miles off the main road. He in it is attained. Doubtless a great deal has been asked me to go there with him.

One argues beautifully about the necessity of During this talk, we had almost reached the monas- prayer, tery. I see you know all about these things. But what is prayer? Upon these questions, learn about prayer clearly and in detail. For these questions are more difficult to under- stant uninterrupted calling upon the divine name of stand than all their arguments that I have just spoken Jesus with the lips, in the spirit, in the heart, while of, and they require mystical knowledge, not simply forming a mental picture of His constant presence, the learning of the schools.

And the most deplorable and imploring His grace, during every occupation, at thing of all is that the vain wisdom of the world com- all times, in all places, even during sleep. The appeal is pels them to apply the human standard to the divine. Those 10 who reason so take, incorrectly, the fruits and the the prayer always that he can no longer live without results of prayer for the means of attaining it, and this it, and it will continue to voice itself within him of its is to depreciate the power of prayer.

And it is quite own accord. The book is marked by a lofty wisdom and is work whatever can be accomplished. Without prayer so profitable to use that it is considered the foremost he can not find the way to the Lord, he cannot under- and best manual of the contemplative spiritual life. None of asked. But it contains clear explanations those things can be effected unless they are preceded of what the Bible holds in secret and which cannot be by constant prayer.

I of prayer does not lie within our power; as the Apos- will give you an illustration. Consequently it is just heavenly luminaries, but you cannot contemplate and to pray often, to pray always, which falls within our examine it simply with unprotected eyes. You have to power as the means of attaining purity of prayer, use a piece of artificial glass that is many millions of which is the mother of all spiritual blessings. Isaac the Syrian. Learn first to acquire the power of cent monarch of stars, delight in it, and endure its prayer and you will easily practice all the other vir- fiery rays.

Holy Scripture also is a dazzling sun, and tues. Listen now: I am going to read you the sort other thoughts closed round me. I went in distress to of instruction it gives on unceasing interior prayer.

He opened the book, found the instruction by St. Lower your head, shut your eyes, you. To that world, nothing is worse than heartfelt breathe, prayer on our part. And it is trying by every means to 11 hinder you and to turn you aside from learning the prayer. But all the same the enemy does only what out gently, and imagine yourself looking into your God sees fit to allow, and no more than is necessary own heart.

Carry your mind, that is, your thoughts, for us. It would appear that you need a further testing from your head to your heart. Try to trance to the heart. You might fall into spiritual cov- put all other thoughts aside. Be calm, be patient, and etousness. I will read you a little instruction from the repeat the process very frequently. We went on reading from the Philokalia after a few attempts you do not succeed in reaching passages of St. Gregory of Sinai, St. Callistus, and St.

I listened closely and with you will find what you seek. The faculty of pronounc- great delight, fixed it in my memory, and tried as far ing words lies in the throat. Reject all other thoughts as possible to remember every detail.

Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. If you me that while learning the prayer I must always come 13 back to him and tell him everything, making a very frank confession and report; for the inward process succeed for a time, then without a doubt your heart could not go on properly and successfully without the also will open to prayer.

We know it from experience. Then I began to confidence, and repeat the prayer of Jesus as often as wonder how I should manage to see my starets again possible. Here is a rosary. Take it, and to start with say for counsel or confession, since leave was not given to the prayer three thousand times a day.

Whether you remain for more than three days in the monastery are standing or sitting, walking or lying down, contin- guesthouse, and there were no houses near. I went there creasing or diminishing the number. God will help you to look for a place to live, and to my great happiness and by this means you will reach also the unceasing God showed me the thing I needed. A peasant hired activity of the heart.

For two days I found it rather dif- what is more gave me the use of a little thatched hut ficult, but after that it became so easy and likeable, in it where I could live alone. God be praised! I had that as soon as I stopped, I felt a sort of need to go on found a quiet place. And in this manner I took up my saying the prayer of Jesus, and I did it freely and will- abode and began to learn interior prayer in the way I ingly, not forcing myself to it as before.

God will vouchsafe you His grace. At first things seemed to go very well. In my lonely hut I said the prayer of Jesus six thou- But then it tired me very much. I felt lazy and bored sand times a day for a whole week.

I felt no anxiety. And what happened? It is a natural conse- The very moment I started the quence which follows constant effort and spiritual 14 achievement. So a machine to the principal wheel of prayer again, it went on easily and joyously. If I met which one gives a drive works for a long while after- anyone I had no wish to talk to him.

All I wanted was ward by itself, but if it is to go on working still longer, to be alone and to say my prayer, so used to it had I one must oil it and give it another drive. Now you see become in a week. You see My starets had not seen me for ten days.

On the elev- what feelings can be produced even outside a state of enth day he came to see me himself, and I told him grace in a soul which is sinful and with passions un- how things were going.

But how you have got used to the prayer. See that you pre- wonderful, how delightful, and how consoling a thing serve the habit and strengthen it.

It is a condition which is impossi- times a day. Remain in your solitude, get up early, go ble to describe, and the discovery of this mystery of to bed late, and come and ask advice of me every prayer is a foretaste on earth of the bliss of heaven. The first day I scarcely succeeded God in the simplicity of a loving heart.

Now I give you in finishing my task of saying twelve thousand prayers my permission to say your prayer as often as you wish by late evening.

The second day I did it easily and con- and as often as you can. Try to devote every moment tentedly. To begin with, this ceaseless saying of the you are awake to the prayer, call on the name of Jesus prayer brought a certain amount of weariness, my Christ without tongue felt numbed, I had a stiff sort of feeling in my 16 jaws, I had a feeling at first pleasant but afterward slightly painful in the roof of my mouth.

The thumb counting the number of times, and submit yourself of my left hand, with which I counted my beads, hurt humbly to the will of God, looking to Him for help.

I a little. I felt a slight inflammation in the whole of am sure He will not forsake you and that He will lead that wrist, and even up to the elbow, which was not you into the right path.

Moreover, all this aroused me, as it were, Under this guidance I spent the whole summer in and urged me on to frequent saying of the prayer. For ceaseless oral prayer to Jesus Christ, and I felt absolute five days I did my set number of twelve thousand peace in my soul. During sleep I often dreamed that I prayers, and as I formed the habit I found at the same was saying the prayer.

And during the day if I hap- time pleasure and satisfaction in it. I were as dear to me as if they had been my nearest started to say my usual morning prayers, but my relations. But I did not concern myself with them tongue refused to say them easily or exactly. My much. All my ideas were quite calmed of their own whole desire was fixed upon one thing only to say the accord.

I thought of nothing whatever but my prayer. It was as though my lips and itself to feel at times a certain warmth and pleasure. If my tongue pronounced I happened to go to church, the lengthy service of the monastery seemed short to me and no longer wearied 15 me as it had in time past. My lonely hut seemed like a the words entirely of themselves without any urging splendid palace, and I knew not how to thank God for from me.

I spent the whole day in a state of the having sent to me, a lost sinner, so wholesome a guide greatest contentment.

I felt as though I was cut off and master. I lived as though in another But I was not long to enjoy the teaching of my dear world, and I easily finished my twelve thousand pray- starets, who was so full of divine wisdom.

He died at ers by the early evening. I felt very much like still go- the end of the summer. Weeping freely I bade him ing on with them, but I did not dare to go beyond the farewell and thanked him for the fatherly teaching he number my starets had set me.

Every day following I had given my wretched self, and as a blessing and a went on in the same way with my calling on the name keepsake I begged for the rosary with which he said of Jesus Christ, and that with great readiness and lik- his prayers. Summer came to an end and not venture yet to go on further and learn and make the kitchen garden was cleared.

I had no longer any- my own spiritual prayer within the depths of my where to live. My peasant sent me away, giving me by heart. And in the meanwhile I rest way of wages two rubles, and filling up my bag with my hope on the prayers of my departed starets. Thus, dried bread for my journey. Again I started off on my although I have not yet reached that ceaseless spiritu- wanderings. But now, I did not walk along as before, al prayer which is self-acting in the heart, yet I thank filled with care.

Everybody was kind to me; it was as though everyone loved me. What good was it to me? Yet stay! I no sus, which heartened and consoled me in all my jour- longer had a starets; there was no one to go on teach- neys, in all my meetings with other people, and in all ing me. Why not buy the Philokalia and continue to the happenings of travel. But I came to feel at last that it would be better for I crossed myself and set off with my prayer.

I came to me to stay in some one place, in order to be alone a large town, where I asked for the book in all the more often, so as to be able to keep by myself and shops.

In the end I found it, but they asked me three study the Philokalia, Although I read it whenever I rubles for it, and I had only two. I bargained for a long found shelter for the night or rested during the day, time, but the shopkeeper would not budge an inch. Perhaps he will let you have it for two However, in spite of all my wishes, I could nowhere rubles. Seeing that kalia. I was delighted with it. I mended my book as because of this I should not be able to get myself a much as I could, I made a cover for it with a piece of fixed abode, I made up my mind to go into Siberia to cloth, and put it into my breast pocket with my Bible.

Innocent of Irkutsk. My idea was that And that is how I go about now, and ceaselessly re- in the forests and steppes of Siberia I should travel in peat the prayer of Jesus, which is more precious and greater silence and therefore in a way that was better sweet to me than anything in the world.

At times I do for prayer and reading. And this journey I undertook, as much as forty-three or four miles a day and do not all the while saying my oral prayer without stopping. I am aware only of the After no great lapse of time I had the feeling that the fact that I am saying my prayer.

When the bitter cold prayer had, so to speak, by its own action passed from pierces me, I begin to say my prayer more earnestly, my lips to my heart. That is to say, it seemed as and I quickly get warm all over. When hunger begins though my heart in its ordinary beating began to say to overcome me, I call more often on the name of the words Jesus, and I forget my wish for food. When I fall ill and get rheumatism in my back and legs, I fix my 20 thoughts on the prayer and do not notice the pain.

If of the prayer within at each beat. I 18 gave up saying the prayer with my lips. I simply lis- tened carefully to what my heart was saying.

I have when he was telling me about this joy. Then I felt no cares and no interests. The fussy business of the something like a slight pain in my heart, and in my world I would not give a glance to. The one thing I thoughts so great a love for Jesus Christ that I pic- wish for is to be alone, and all by myself to pray, to tured myself, if only I could see Him, throwing myself pray without ceasing; and doing this, I am filled with at His feet and not letting them go from my embrace, joy.

God knows what is happening to me! Of course, kissing them tenderly, and thanking Him with tears all this is sensuous, or as my departed starets said, an for having of His love and grace allowed me to find so artificial state that follows naturally upon routine.

This moved me to a still closer reading of the youth onward? Where was my Philokalia, from which Philokalia in order to test my feelings, and to make a I had thorough study of the business of secret prayer in the 22 heart. For without such testing I was afraid of falling a victim to the mere charm of it, or of taking natural gained so much teaching and consolation?

Oh unhap- effects for the effects of grace, and of giving way to py me, to have lost the first and last treasures of my pride at my quick learning of the prayer. It was of this life before having had my fill of them! It would have danger that I had heard my departed starets speak.

For I should never be able to re- chose to spend my days reading the Philokalia sitting place the books now. What wisdom, For two days I just dragged myself along, I was so such as I had never known before, was shown me by crushed by the weight of my misfortune. On the third this reading! Giving myself up to it I felt a delight I quite reached the end of my strength, and dropping which till then I had never been able to imagine. It is down in the shelter of a bush I fell asleep.

And then I true that many places were still beyond the grasp of had a dream. I was back at the monastery in the cell my dull mind. But my Prayer in the heart brought of my starets, deploring my loss. The old man was with it the clearing up of things I did not understand. This has been allowed to things, and, most of all, guided my ignorant soul more happen to you to save you from falling into the mere and more toward humility. God would have the 21 Christian absolutely renounce all his desires and de- lights and attachments, and to submit himself entirely In this blissful state I passed more than two months of to His divine will.

On the other hand, Metropolitan Hilarion notes the success of the book and its role in the acquaintance of the West with the Eastern Christian practices of the Jesus prayer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Autocephalous jurisdictions. Noncanonical jurisdictions. Evangelical Orthodox Western Orthodoxy. Celts France Gaul. Ecumenical councils. Eighth Ninth. Quinisext Council Jassy Moscow Jerusalem. Liturgy and worship. Liturgical calendar. Major figures. Other topics.

How can I save my soul? Save your soul? Well, live according to the commandments, say your prayers, and you will be saved. I cannot even understand what unceasing prayer means. I beg you, Father, explain this to me. But, stop a moment, I have a little book, and it is explained there. The understanding can always be reaching out towards God, and pray to Him unceasingly. I spent the night at his house, and in the morning, thanking him for his kindly hospitality, I went on my way; where to, I did not know myself.

My failure to understand made me sad, and by way of comforting myself I read my Bible. In this way I followed the main road for five days. At last towards evening I was overtaken by an old man who looked like a cleric of some sort. In answer to my question he told me that he was a monk belonging to a monastery some six miles off the main road. He asked me to go there with him. So in reply I said that my peace of mind in no way depended upon my finding a resting-place, but upon finding spiritual teaching.

Neither was I running after food, for I had plenty of dried bread in my knapsack. Come now! Do come to our house, dear brother. Failing to understand, I began to read my Bible, and there also in many places I found the divine command that we ought to pray at all times, in all places; not only while about our business, not only while.

Upload Sign In Join. Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 4 hours. Description With an introduction by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, The Way of a Pilgrim presents one of Russia's greatest spiritual classics of Christian truth in an unpretentious literary prose of genuine beauty.

An unknown pilgrim of the mid-nineteenth century tells his story of wandering through Russia and Siberia, from one holy place to another, in search of the way of prayer. French's superb translation conveys the charm of the original as well as brilliantly conveying the spiritual truths of the gospel, which are never bound to or owned by a particular culture.

He describes his journeyings among the holy places of Russia and his challenging encounters with holy people, the desire still burning within him to discover deeper experiences of prayer and draw closer to the heart of God. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip.

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