the wishing chair enid blyton free download

the wishing chair enid blyton free download

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. A tiny door at the back opened and out came the strangest little man, no higher than the counter top. He had pointed ears like a pixie. The children stared at him in surprise. He looked very cross, and spoke sharply. Muttering and grumbling to himself, the little chap picked up the vase and pushed it across the counter.

Peter put down half a crown. To their enormous surprise a large black cat with golden eyes jumped out of the box and began to spit and snarl at the little man. He smacked it and put it back again. He opened another box.

Out of that came a great wreath of green smoke that wound about the shop and smelt strange. The little man caught hold of it as if it were a ribbon and tried to stuff it back into the box again. But it broke off and went wandering away. How he stamped and raged!

The children felt quite frightened. Out of the next box came a crowd of blue butterflies. They flew into the air, and the little man shouted with rage again. He darted to the door and shut it, afraid that the butterflies would escape. It gave a short bark and then began to run about the shop, its nose to the ground.

The children were half afraid of being bitten, and they both sat in an old chair together, their legs drawn up off the ground, out of the way of the fox. It was the most curious shop they had ever been in. Fancy keeping all those queer things in boxes! Really, there must be magic about somewhere. The children noticed a little stairway leading off the shop about the middle, and suddenly, at the top of this, there appeared somebody else! It was somebody tall and thin, with such a long beard that it swept the ground.

On his head was a pointed hat that made him seem taller still. He stamped down the stairs, and then saw the children. Unlock the door and let us go out. Shelving menu. Shelve Adventures of the Wishing Chair. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Tricky stole it and sold it to Mr. Polish, who had five other chairs like it.

Spells, who had been listening in surprise. It's true that I came in from the garden to find the They kept sitting down first on one chair and then on another trying to find out which was the Wishing-Chair, I supposeand shouting at one another all the time. Well, I suppose you came in just at the moment when I was angry with them both, and put them into a magic sleep.

The chair suddenly grew its wings, you see. Spells, can we have back our chair, please, now that you've heard our story? Polish for it 'but couldn't you get it back from Tricky the goblin? After all, he's the rogue in all this, isn't henot us or Chinky? I'm sorry I put him into a magic sleep nowbut I'll wake him up again.

And now I'll take the rope off and set you free! He drew a white ring of chalk round him and then a ring of blue inside the white circle. Then he called loudly. Where are you? Dear me, that cat is never about where he's wanted!

In jumped a big black cat with green eyes that shone like traffic signals! He ran to Mr. Spells began to walk round and round, just outside the ring, chanting a curious song. It sounded like : " Birriloola-kummi-pool, Rimminy, romminy, rye, Tibbynooka-falli-lool, Open your sleepy eye! If it hadn't all sounded so very magic, Peter would have begun to laugh.

Anyway, the spell was a very good one, because at the end of the chant, Chinky opened first one eye and then the other. He sat up, looking extremely surprised. Where am I? Oh, hallo, Peter and Mollie! I've been looking for you everywhere! Get up and come home with us. The Wishing-Chair has grown its wings again. Spells standing nearby, tall and commanding, and he went rather pale.

Spells think about all this? Spells, and he suddenly touched the sleeping goblin with the toe of his foot. Spells picked up the tiny goblin, took a matchbox off the mantelpiece, popped him into it, shut the box and put it back on the mantelpiece. Well, good-bye. I'm glad this has all ended wellbut I do wish that chair was mine.

We deserve a nice peaceful day after such a thrilling adventure. FOR a whole week the children, watched and waited for the Wishing-Chair to grow its wings again. It didn't sprout them at all! The wings had vanished as soon as it had arrived safely back in the playroom, after a lovely picnic out on the hillsand not a single one had grown again.

It was their very favourite game, and they always laughed at Chinky because he made such a fuss when he didn't get " home " before they did. As they sat playing together they felt a welcome draught. A breeze at last! They were perfectly still! She looked round at the Wishing-Chair, which was standing just behind them. It isn't the windit's the Wishing-Chair that has grown its wings again. They are flapping like anything! So they were. The children and Chinky sprang up hi delight.

We could just do with a lovely cool ride up in the air to-day," said Peter. Then Chinky noticed something. What's happened? It's never done that before. One of its front legs hadn't grown a wing. It looked rather queer without it.

Chinky looked at the chair rather doubtfully. I wonder if we ought to fly off in the chair if it's only got three wings instead of four.

I'm sure it will be all right. But I wish I knew what to do to get the fourth wing to grow. Something has gone wrong, it's plain. The chair flew to the door. We know it's a good way away, so it should be a nice long flight, very cool and windy high up in the air.

We saw it on the mapit's due east from here, straight towards where the sun risesyou go over the Tiptop Mountains, past the Crazy Valley and then downby the Zigzag Coast. It's so very hot to-day. Little clouds, like puffs of cotton wool, floated below them. Mollie leaned out to get hold of one as they passed. Chinky, is there a land of ice-creams? If so, I'd like to go there sometime!

I've never heard of one," said Chinky. It once came to the top of the Faraway Tree, and I went there. It was lovely biscuits growing on trees, and chocolates sprouting on bushes. But Moon-Face was cross because somebody had taken all his slippery-slip cushionsyou know, the cushions he keeps in his room at the top of the tree for people to sit on when they slide down from the top to the bottom.

I almost wish we'd told the chair to go there instead of the Land of Goodness Knows Where. Look, there are the Tip-Top Mountains. They were very extraordinary mountains, running up into high, jagged peaks as if somebody had drawn them higgledy-piggledy with a pencil, up and down, up and down.

On they went, through a batch of tiny little clouds ; but Mollie didn't try to catch any of these because, just in time, she saw that baby elves were fast asleep on them, one to each cloud.

After a while, Mollie noticed that Chinky was leaning rather hard on her shoulder, and that Peter seemed to be leaning against her, too. She pushed them back. I do try not to. Then he gave a cry. No wonder Peter and I keep going over on to you, Mollie. Lookit's tipped sideways! She tried to shake the chair upright by swinging herself about in it, but it always over-balanced to the left side as soon as she had stopped swinging it to and fro.

They all looked in alarm at one another as the chair began to tip more and more to one side. It was very difficult to sit in it when it tipped like that. The one wing on this side is tired out, and so the chair is flying with only two wings really, and it's tipping over. It will soon be on its side in the air! Then for goodness sake let's' go down to the ground at once," said Mollie, in alarm. He looked over the side.

The one wing there had already stopped flapping. The chair was using only two wings they would soon be tired out, too! The chair flew heavily down to the ground and. Its wings stopped flapping and hung limp. It creaked dolefully. It was quite exhausted, that was plain! After all, Peter and Mollie, you have grown bigger since last holidays, and must be heavier. The chair can't possibly take us all unless it has four wings to fly with. Then we'd better take it straight home for a rest. But I've heard of it," said Chinky.

I don't think we'll go that way. She'll be sure to know a spell for growing wings. She keeps a pack of flying dogs, you know, because of the Slipperiesthey simply fly after them when they come to steal her chickens and ducks. I dare say she'd ask us to tea if we are as polite as possible. She loves good manners. We can easily bring it along to your aunt's cottage, if she's in. We won't carry it all the way there in case she's not.

I'll go," said Chinky. You just sit in the chair till I come backand don't you let anyone steal it. Mollie and Peter sat down in the chair to wait. The chair creaked. It sounded very tired indeed. Mollie patted its arms. Five little people were coming along the road from the Village of Slipperies. They looked most peculiar. Aren't they queer-looking? Each Slippery had one blue eye and one green, and not one of them looked straight at the children!

Their hair was slick and smooth, their mouths smiled without stopping, and they rubbed their bony hands together all the time. We're waiting here with it till our friend Chinky comes back from seeing his Great-Aunt Quick-Fingers.

Now we shan't be able to get a fourth wing for our Wishing-Chair. Do let us sit in it. But they didn't. They rubbed their slippery hands together again and went on smiling. If you stand up on your chair, and look over the field yonder, you may see some of them flying around," said one Slippery.

The Slipperies clustered round them. Only a rook or two. I don't like any of you. They laid hands on the Wishing-Chair. The Slipperies shot off at once as if a hundred of the flying dogs were after them! Mollie laughed. That's not really a whistle for flying dogs, is it?

But I had to get rid of them somehow," said Peter. Wellthey've gone. Good riddance to them. And it's all a waste of time, his going to find his Great-Aunt, if she's at the market. We shall have to go there, I expect, and carry the chair all the way. He's got the spell to make another wing grow. Have you got the spell? Was your Great-Aunt Quick-Fingers in? My word, I'm glad they didn't trick you in any way. They usually trick everyone, no matter how clever they may be" "Well, they didn't trick us, said Peter.

They wanted to sit in the chair when they knew it was a Wishing-Chair," said Mollie. He showed the children a little blue box. Then the chair will be quite all right. Chinky knelt down by the chairand then he gave a cry of horror. There's only a stump left of each. Sure enough the other three wings had been cut right off.

But how? And when? Who could have done it? The children had been with the chair the whole time. Didn't 62 The Wishing-Chair Again I warn you about the ways of the Slipperies? Didn't I say you couldn't trust them? Didn't I. Whatever did you stand on it, for? But we couldn't. I saw them! Whilst we were standing up there trying to see the dogs, one of the Slipperies must have quietly snipped off the three wings and put them in his pocket.

Poor old chairone wing not grown and the other three snipped away. It's a shame. If I leave you here alone with it. We didn't know quite how clever the Slipperies were. Oooh horrid creatures, with their odd eyes and deceitful smiles.

Soon he came to his Great-Aunt's cottage. It was very snug and small. To Mollie's enormous delight, five or six little brown dogs, rather like spaniels, were flying about the garden on small white wings.

They barked loudly and flew to the three of them. One flew up to Mollie and rested its front paws on her shoulder. She laughed, and the dog licked her face. Then off it flew again, and chased after a sparrow, barking madly. Great-Aunt Quick-Fingers came to the door, lookingsurprised. I've got some treacle tarts in the oven, they'll be just ready. I'll go and make some more Growing Ointment for you. It won't take long. She handed it to Chinky.

Use that and see what happens. But remember, you. The spell doesn't. It's no good trying to use the ointment another time on the chair, to make it grow wings, because it won't be any use.

It was curious stuff, bright yellow with green streaks in it. He rubbed some on to a chair leg and immediately a most wonderful wing sprouted out, big and strong! I say, chair, you will look grand. Make another wing come, Chinky. It waved them about proudly. So in they all got, Chinky on the back, as usualand off they went! I do hope they'll always grow like this in future big and strong, and all green and yellow!

I only hope the chair will grow its wings much oftener now. The chair stood still in its place, looking quite ordinary. The children patted it. Grow your wings again soon. You haven't taken us to the Land of Goodness Knows Where yet, you know!

Friday came, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. The children grew tired of asking Chinky if the chair was growing its wings yet.

On Tuesday a spell of rainy weather began. It really was too wet to play any games out of doors at all. The children went down to their playroom day after day to play with Chinky, and that was fun. But on Friday Chinky said he really must go and see how his dear old mother was. We shall have to do without you," said Mollie.

She will be very pleased to see you, and then we can all three of us go adventuring somewhere. Will you be back tonight? I'm not taking my wand with me, by the way, so keep an eye on it, will you? He was very proud of it, and kept it in the cupboard with the toys and games. The children felt decidedly dull when he had gone. I'm bored with ludo to-day," said Mollie. You can tell me when you've finished being bored with everything and we'll think up an exciting game.

What a pity it had rained and rained so long. Even if the Wishing-Chair grew its wings, it wouldn't be much fun going out in the rain. They would have to take an umbrella with them. Mollie opened her eyes and looked out of the window. Why, the sun was shiningand yet it was still raining. There ought to be a rainbow, then! She looked out of the playroom door to see and, sure enough, there was a rainbow arching over the sky, a very brilliant one indeed.

Ohwouldn't it be lovely to fly off to a rainbow in the Wishing-Chair! If it looks as beautiful as this far away, whatever would it look like very near to us? Oh, I do wish the Wishing-Chair would grow its wings this very afternoonthen we could really go to the rainbow. He was deep in his book. Mollie felt cross. Peter really might answer her when she spoke! She wandered round the room and opened a little cupboard where Chinky kept some of his things.

Mollie took down the jar and opened the lid. There was plenty of ointment leftyellow with streaks of green in it. She wondered if perhaps it would make the chair's wings grow again, although Chinky's Great-Aunt had said it only acted once on anything. If the wings grow, I'll fly off in the Wishing-. Chair without him, and go to Chinky's alone. That will serve him right for not answering when I speak to him! Nothing happened at all.

She couldn't feel even a tiny bud of a wing beginning to grow. She tried the ointment on another chair leg. That was no good either. Oh, wellthe growing ointment certainly didn't act twice. Great-Aunt Quick-Fingers was right. Then a wonderful thought came to Mollie. Why shouldn't she try a little of the magic ointment on something else?

She looked round. Her dolls, for instance! Oh, if only she could make wings grow on Rosebud, her prettiest doll. That would be really wonderful. Feeling very excited, Mollie took her doll Rosebud from her cot. She rubbed a little of the green and yellow ointment on to her backand, hey presto, wing-buds began to formand little green and yellow wings sprouted out on the doll's back.

And she suddenly left Mollie's knee and flewyes, flew round the playroom. She flew near Peter and he felt the wind of her little wings. He looked upand his eyes almost dropped out of his head as he saw Rosebud flying gaily round the room!

And Rosebud grew wings! He had a wonderful clockwork engine, a perfect model that he was very proud of. So they got the engine and Peter smeared a little of the ointment on to it. It sprouted out small wings at once! It flew from Peter's hand and joined the doll. The children laughed till their sides ached to see the two toys behaving like this. They really did look extraordinary. And then Mollie and Peter went quite mad with the ointment. They smeared it on to a top and that flew round the room, spinning as it went!

They smeared the skittles and they all shot round and round, some of them bumping into one another in the air.

Their schools had broken up the same day, which was very lucky, and Mother had met them at the watch amish mafia season 3 online free. They hugged her hard. It's grand to see the wishing chair enid blyton free download again. The wishing chair enid blyton free download everyone? They had a Secret. A very big one. One they couldn't possibly mention even in their letters to one another at school. How they were longing to talk about it now! You will have plenty of time to spend in your playroom these holidays. Now they would have to wait. They went upstairs, washed their hands and did their hair, and then went down to the wishing chair enid blyton free download. We do want to see it again. Mother laughed. I expect you want to see if I've given away any of your things. Well, I haven't. I never do that without asking you. Peter spoke to Mollie in a low voice. Do you think Chinky will be down in our playroom waiting for uswith the Wishing-Chair? And we were frightened and huddled together in an old chair And it wouldn't go back to the shop even when we commanded it to," said Mollie. Telling each other all that happened during the term, I suppose. Are you going down to the playroombecause if you are, here's the key. Yes, we're just going," said The wishing chair enid blyton free download, and he took the key. It was the end of July and the weather was very hot indeed. The garden was the wishing chair enid blyton free download of flowers ; it was lovely, lovely to be home! the wishing chair enid blyton free download Adventures of the Wishing Chair book download Enid Blyton Download *FREE​* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. ; Adventures of the. Once Mollie and Peter have discovered the Wishing- More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Dismiss. Shelve Adventures of the Wishing Chair. Want to Read. and they long to see their pixie friend Chinky and their magic Wishing-Chair. Enid Blyton is arguably the most famous children's author of all Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see BONUS: Your FREE​. The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair: Book 1 - Kindle edition by Blyton, Enid. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Read "The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair Book 1" by Enid Blyton available from Rakuten Kobo. Set off a magical adventure with the first book. details and download book: Ebook Epub Free Download Italiano The Wishing Chair Collection Three Exciting Stories In One Epub By Enid Blyton. 6ZKl7JoK - Read and download Enid Blyton's book The Wishing-Chair Again: Book 2 in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The Wishing-Chair. The Wishing-Chair Again Audiobook free download | The Wishing-Chair Again Audiobook online for pc Written By: Enid Blyton. Narrated By. Blyton Enid Wishing Chair 2 the Wishing Chair Again - Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read. Out of that came a great wreath of green smoke that wound about the shop and smelt strange. Enid blyton , Pamela Cox. Every night they begged for wishing chair, and at the end they begged for just one more! Quick—what are three times seven? It nearly got stuck in the doorway at the top, which was rather narrow, but just managed to squeeze itself through. We also have every one of the examine, and if all the details are true, we are going to release on the site. It flew to the door, but that was shut. So on they went and came to a small, narrow street whose houses were so close that there was hardly any light in the road! Dear ZLibrary User, now we have a dedicated domain 1lib. It must just have grown them when we were sitting in it in the shop. It was really very disappointing. Book Idaho Gold Fever. the wishing chair enid blyton free download