toefl junior practice test free download pdf

toefl junior practice test free download pdf

Download a handbook for information on what to do before the test, what to expect on test day, getting ready for the test, score reporting, and policies and guidelines. These sample questions are meant to help you and your students understand the kinds of questions that will be on the tests.

C How people search fbr diamonds Lfter school iC More research needs to be done on D what makes the region rich in them. According to the woman, what two forces i0.

What is the main topic of the talk? According to the teacher, what kind of J , Why does the woman talk about rnment desert is the Gobi Desert? A A hot dcseft A Ic Jc.. Why does the matr suggest that he can Wilkes Booth? A The woman reccnily dug up a dianond. D To focus on the major everts in his Jlre A She was thc m;rn s teacher in rhe past. B She f-ound lhe largest diamond in rhe 41, What does the teacher imply about area.

President Lincoln? Cl Sh. Lee and Ulysses S. Granr 42, What will the teacher probably do next? Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sen- tence.

Choose the word or u'ords in each box that correctlv comDlete each sentence. While some forest fires C are caused h1 humrns. In fact, some places :. Dear Stacy, Thanks for telling me about the computer club. I had nor been planning ro join any clubs this year as I was going to locus solely on my studies.

Howevet, once I heard A were planned by the computer club, B planning the computer club, 1. I have you to thank for that. It looks like we're going to do A entertain. B enterraining. D entertainment. A more fun than J, T jusr hope rhar ir's C the most flm the math club was last year. That club D as fun as possible A cancellation.

B thrill. D challenge. It is impoitant to remember that the organisms that live in an ecosystem vary depcnorng rn any eard A obstacle. B appearance. For instance, organisms thar B mrgnre c detest in hor and dry climates are I D submit A as likely B one of the most likely c more likely to dwell in deserts than rhey are in rainforests.

The local D the most likely cluD A the local wildlife will affect. B affects the local wildlife. D has been alfected by the locai wildlife. Foi example, rhere afe animals that have adapted to life in mountains and high aititudes, so it is clear that they will not be found in grasslands, swamps, or other similar ecosysrems- rtr;,riet. A hold B will hotd 9, Please remember that elections for student government are going to C be held D holding A interest B interested Only students who have a GPA of 3.

Likewise, any students who have been suspended in A requested B delayed ll. Each student Fohibited D encouraged A what decides rc run B who decides ro run t2. Dear parcnts, hold :ld ng The school is going to hold its Jnnual bake. Ocrober L end B ends lsrdentr -J. The bake. D collect udenr You can feel fiee rc purchase items such as cookies and cakes from bakedes, or you can bake sales and donations.

B of the donations at the bake sale. We appreciate all c the bake sale's donations. D donations to the bake sa1e. As always, the C ofthe bake sale is to raise objective D reminder more than the money B the most of the money This yeal the school's athletic much money as possible as D more money than A desperate B divisive If you have any questionsj what we desired raising D it is our desire to raise contact Faith Rawlings at We hope ro see all of you at the bake sale.

A which can be fantasy. B one of which is fantasy. D some of which are fantasies. B ingredients. C constituents.

H The characters may cast magic spells, or their world may be magical. Fantasy literature also I contains a variety ol fantastic creatures such as dragons, unicorns and centaurs, A what possesses magic powers. B which magic powers are possessed. C what they posses in magic powers. Middle Eanh, the world ofJ. B one such made-up place. These worlds may be D making up a place. Invtet,com ,vww. Elves dwarves, orcs, and goblins are among the existence of other mces. B the other races that may exist.

D the races that have existed. A hero. C competition D warfare A defeat B defeating l Richards has just C the school that he will only be teaching with us insisted D alarmed A Moving back, he is B After moving back, he will i0, for rhe -err rwo week. C He has moved back ro Texas to D He is moving back take care of his parents, both of whom are elderly.

Please give your best wishes to Mt Richards before he leaves. Richards has been with us for five years, and it is safe to say A morc popular than him. B as popular as that. As you all know, Mr. Richards D more than he is popular. Since we are in the middle of the semester, we do not A swift B thorough We will do rhal reduced D ve fied during the winter break.

Forunately, Mrs. Richardt classes. The students were given one hour to compose their works. Thirty-two students entered the competitionj and their works A rated B guaranteed J7. B that consisted with three judges. Two were teachers from Central High School c who consists with three judges. D consisted of three judges. The Judges D repealed unanimouslv declared Alicia Walker! C entitlement i t Fdther: i8 Herq rhe winner. Walker's essay will be A returned B entered 41, C submilred.

FL ,lLrnicr i'.. Before ou start, read the sample text and the sample questions below Sample Text r second Sample Question 1 What is this text mostly about? C Ii can. Llcscfis o'rL'ffight. Thp corrpct dn"ucr:s fA. So that nteans. Fortunatel], you don,t have to r. You cari pur- chase all sorts of electronic equipment, including calculators, desktop computersfand notebook computers.

And here's the bcst part: From now until the beginning of the school year, re are having a back to-school sale. And be sure to visit our boys' and g. Yoo simply can,t bcat Carter,s Dcpartment Storc tor quality and price. Which of the following statements is true adveItisement? L t0 saart n t nave L In Iine z, the phrase stocking up on is 5.

What is the discount on a Dotebook a trip to. Al utilizing 1A 25q. To all students enrolled in any science laboratory class: There have been a couple of alterations in all of our science laboratory classes since the beginning of the semester.

The lab fees must be paid in full no later than Friday, September In addition, all students must purchase the requislte safety gear for their classes. In the past two weeks, four pairs of safety glasses and h,vo lab coats have gone miss- ing. The school simply cannot afford to continue replacing this equipment, so now all students must have their own items, which they will be expected to hold on to. While it may not seem fair to punish everyone for the actions of a few this is the only option we seem to nave.

What is the note mainly about? In line 10, the word r-equisite is closest iD 10, 'lhe peifonnance of some students in meaning to iheir classes iA safest Sorne changes corlcerning tl,c achool'9 Bt minimu. In line , the word which refen to rc1led in ay , A the school 00 since Which class requires the payment of a B this equipmcnt Tease in fee? While Which of the following statements does B lt needs to be updated. A Lab supplies cost morc. I n a nlrivte t.

Dear Parents, Il's that time of the year Lo slart thinking about our annual spdng festival. As you know, the school holds the festival for a couple of reasons- The ffrst is to engender a sense of comDlrnity between the school and the resldents of the neighborhood. The second is to help raise money lor the school to use in a variety of manners. They will primarily be held in the school gym and auditodum as well as on the foolball field. Thil year, we have a large number of special activities planned.

Please consult the attached sheet to see the events ihat have been scheduled. Since we have so many activilies planned, rve are counting on you, our students' parents, to assist us. Ifyou can spare even one or two hours of your time, rve would appreciate it. Please contact Mrs. What is the purpose of the letter? In Line 9, the word consult is closest in A To let the parents knorv hon, their meaning to children arc pcdbrning A edri B To dcscribc an e','ent to be helcl in the B chech fall C rcgard C To praise the pafcnts fof rheir devoiion D print to the school p!

I 'ing the ri. Coral reefs are rocklike protrusions thar el tcnd fiom a coastline jnto the ocean. Tbey arc made from coral. Coral polyps appear to be small planls lo manv peoplc.

Thev grou, rn clustels and sccrete a substance nlade of calcillm carbonatc that protects thetr. TlT rs sub-stilnce. Thev ate r. There are a cou- ple ol reasons that manv sea clcaruies, particularl-v fish. The tlrsr :s that the reefs a1e rich in nutrients, so there is an abundance ol lbod for them t eat The nent is rhat coral reefs provide prorection from large predators.

The hard, rockv lcefs can rvound large fish, sLrch as sharks. Due to the ab- sence of manv voracious predators, smallef llsh often 1av rheir eggs in coral reefs. When the flsh hatch, the reefs act as sa. Coral requires jdeal condirions to 1ive. Yet the ocean is not static but is in a constarrr state of change. Sometimes the watef temperature in a place r. This can 1esuft iD the destiuction of an entire reef. As for manmade problcms, there are tr. First, pollution caused b," hunans such as the dumping of chemicals in the sJater can ki11 coral.

Some ofthem cslhe! Onra smaller sdale, somc people cut olT coral from reeli to make jewelfy from or to use lor home aquariums.

All ol these faclors combine to endanger manv ofthe world's coral reefs. What does the author imply about coral 2J. In line tJ, tbe word sanctuaries i5 closesr pob? D containcrs rcy grow :cts their efitself. Which of the following statements does According to the passage, which is neces- paragraph t support? D orJl.. CO rn. There have been many famous detectives in literature. But one of the first - and certainly the most famous is Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes made hjs fifst appearance in the work,4 Study in Scdrlet, which was published in lBBZ Holmes instantly became a popular literary figure with the general populace, who demanded that Doyle write more sto es involving hjm. Doyle complied and eventually wound up writing fifty-six short stories and four novels that featured Holmes. Together with his partner, Dr. Watson, Holmes uses his powers of observation to detect clues that can help him solve the cases 1i he accepts.

Holmes has an incredibly sharp mind that enables him to determine who the guilty party is or whdt the problem is. Holmes also is a master ofdisguise, which he proves many times, and he is skilled at boxing as well as sword fightjng.

While Holmes often solves cases lhat are unrelated to one another, he has a nemesis with! That person is Professor Moriarty, the leader of a crime ring in London. In one of the stories, The Final Problem,Holmes and Moriarty fight one another and fall to their deaths by plunging down a steep cliffnear a waterfall. When he wrote that story, Doyle had tired of Holmes and wanted to kill offthe character. I l In line 24, the phrase rcfiained from ir?

A stopped LA He considefed bccoming a detecrjve in B resumed and four his vourh. C posttoned creating iB He uas a bcstselling aurhor dllring his D continuecl '. Among lile. Why does the autior mention Tle lisguise, stories he is involved in.

Hound of the Baskemilles? In C lt is the titlc of one of his well knorvn rer and A It was too dilllcuh for him to come u]l 0r mofe u'irh net, storylines. D I-le eDcouraged Dr. Watson ro become mofc obsen'ant. Solar eclipses are easil,v lhe more specracular. For a solar. This is a solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse may be either total of partial. The sky darkens, and it appears to be nighftime. A solar eclipse onl,r. During one, the moon appears vefy orange and is practically red in color. There are tll''o different t-vpes of lunar ecllpses. Taken together, ihe result is that lunar ecllpses happqn more fre4lentl], lhan so iar eclipses.

In addition, lunar eclipses may iast for hours and can be seen from a wider area on the pianet. F: Junior p. J llook I '". T ftei. Il Two! In line 6, the word spectacular is dosest in meaning to A distinct Which of the following is true regarding rlipse Io lunar eclipses? Lll impressir,e e sun is A Thel occur more olien than solar C lost lasting nakes lt eclipses. D common s. In line 8, the word it refers to on. The A the moon's orbit C They reslrlt in the moon disappearing ftom sighr.

I rses ale mo0n B rhe sun C the moon D Thet last for a shorter tirne thar solar ccllpscs. I D Eanh. Lno tne C Superstitious peopie believe they bring D blocked 'm00n, bad Iuck. Why is the moon able to cover the sun extrenel-v bdght. F :r' ffi i' ,. O,tslOO ':O! O ,4OOGlO. Oat tO 3. L nrr't. L lnrr l ll r,iie. B: Ik. I hir's nro Lrtrd. I iLr. Do G: Howdin you do on rlre poprest we had in IIr. G: Surc.

Ii's 9i3-L What do yo! I answered nine out olrhe tcn quc-i tions correcrly. Howd you do on it? B: He'- onc ofmy panners on rhar group projecl Gl I made a coupl. I r,,t,. B: Arc gramnarand spellingthar lmtoranr? Yox nccd ro do is arriving soon.

The boy starts the conversatiiD by stating. B: I rrjed o finish all ofrhc marh problenrs, brtr I early lE00s- His armie! Hc was llnallY ainjngall defened ar rhe B:rttle ofwarerloo in Oh ml, Soodness.

I rorallr'-. Since Dr. Walt"Canpbell is "an expert on French B: class sra. YN havc llme to do hisiorr"'and he is soing to speak about Napoleo. Gl You re righr. The girl states that she had forgottento do it. Br Ms. So she is w: sL]re. Erery orhcr srudent jn rhe chss is going ro rurn his or he The teacher suggests to the bol, "Why don,t you so: rctoft in on rime.

Br wcll. G: Hey,John. Did yo! B: I sure did. Congrarularions on winnjng. G: Yeah, Angie did agfeatjob, didnl she? B: Whai do rou rncan? B: She's an ourstnnd ing goalk. Bur ro. Booo l. The soL- cer leam is oflesler importance. Gl Uh, t guess I played all righr. B: Bur. And you had sonrc grear tsur your dxsses are nrore inporranr.

So l,m go r8. B: Yes, ma am. Bur I doDt Lnow holv good it. Let's Change The World Together. Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Get books you want. Miller said as she opened the door. Miller stood behind her with a boy at his side. Miller said. He will watch you tonight while Mom and I are out.

The Millers asked Edward to entertain Lucas for an hour and then put him in bed. They played some 10 games and built a tower out of wooden blocks. Lucas looked disappointed, but he changed into his pajamas and got into bed.

Edward took a picture book from the shelf and read it to Lucas. When he finished reading 15 the book to Lucas, he turned out the light and said good night. But as soon as Edward left the room, Lucas called out to him. Finally, Edward went to the kitchen and found a flashlight.

Edward could see that the little boy was frightened. Edward sat in the chair, waiting for Lucas to fall asleep. The dim light in the room and 30 the soft chair made Edward feel tired, too.

He closed his eyes. The next thing he knew someone was shaking him gently. Edward opened his eyes and saw Mr. Miller whispered. We had a wonderful evening. Was the evening over already? How did Lucas probably feel about going to bed?

Why did Lucas keep calling out to Edward? A He saw something under the bed. B He did not want to be left alone. A look for C He could not reach the book on B cook for the shelf. C play with D He forgot where the wooden D argue with blocks were. What did Edward and Lucas do before Lucas went to bed? A They built a tower of blocks. B They looked for a flashlight. C They put books on a shelf. D They drew pictures. Among 30 wait long because it requested two species those that took advantage of the offer was of trees that grow quickly.

Marina Hills High School. We requested eucalyptus and willow But when the seedlings arrived, Webb trees. Instead of planting the young Webb said he is also looking forward to 15 trees in front of the school, he thought it finally seeing some wildlife in the school would be better to put them behind the yard at Marina Hills High School. What would be the most appropriate What decision was changed? What problem does Principal Webb talk about?

What can be inferred from the article about eucalyptus and willow trees? A They grow quickly. B They become extremely tall.

A It helped design the school yard. C They are less expensive than fruit trees. B It put flowers in the classrooms. D They do not grow flowers in the C It sold seeds to the school.

D It provided free trees. What does Principal Webb imply about In line 13, the word seedlings is closest in the local birds? A They make their nests on the ground. A bird nests B They are not often seen at the school. B young trees C There are fewer of them due to the C packages of seeds pollution problem. D members of a club D They fly into the classrooms when the windows are open.

Line Being able to land safely is a critically important skill for all flying animals. Whereas terrestrial animals face no particular challenge when they need to stop running or crawling, flying animals move at much higher speeds, and they must be careful about how they land. Hitting the ground, or even water, at full flight speed would be quite dangerous. Before 5 touching down, they must decrease their speed in order to land safely. Both bats and birds have mastered the skill of landing, but these two types of flyers go about it quite differently.

In the past it was believed that, in terms of flying mechanics, there was little difference between bats and birds. This belief was based only on assumption, however, because for years nobody had actually studied in graphic detail how bats move their wings. In recent 10 years, though, researchers have discovered a number of interesting facts about bat flight. Bats are built differently from birds, and their wings incorporate both their front and hind limbs.

This makes coordinating their limbs more difficult for bats and, as a result, they are not very good at flying over longer distances.

However, they are much better at maneuverability: a bat can quickly change its direction of flight or completely reverse it, 15 something a bird cannot easily do. Another interesting characteristic of bat flight is the way in which bats land—upside down! Unlike birds, which touch down on the ground or on tree branches, bats can be observed flying around and then suddenly hanging upside down from an object overhead. How do they do it? A group of researchers recently used video cameras to film bats landing 20 on nets suspended from the ceiling of their laboratory and studied the recordings in slow motion.

It turns out that the bats flew in a straight line up to the net and then quickly flipped over and attached themselves to it upside down. One downside to this landing routine is that the bats often slam into their landing spot with some force, 25 which probably causes pain. However, not all bats hit their landing spots with the same speed and force; these will vary depending on the area where a bat species makes its home.

For example, a cave bat, which regularly perches on a hard stone ceiling, is more careful about its landing preparation than a bat more accustomed to landing in leafy treetops. What is the main topic of the passage? According to the passage, what is an advantage that bats have over birds? A Places where flying animals choose to land A Bats can land on a greater variety of surfaces. B Why scientists have difficulty observing bats B Bats can turn in the air more quickly.

C Differences in the eating habits of C Bats can eat while flying. D Ways in which bats move differently from birds According to the passage, what skill A bat is crucial for flying animals? Which of the following is a false assumption A nets about bats that was recently corrected? B paint A They cannot hear. C cables B They sleep upside down.

D cameras C They fly similarly to birds. D They hide in tree branches. In line 20, the word suspended is closest in The answer choices from the test have been reprinted with the script for questions Refer back to the page number listed for questions D Tear here to detach Narrator : Listen to a school principal talking to a group of students. Student bands usually play something traditional, but you actually composed something original. Narrator : What did the principal like best about the band?

Answer Choices: A The students wrote their own music. B The band played several kinds of music. C The band played during the whole festival.

D The students played many different instruments. Narrator : Listen to a science teacher talking to her students. Woman : First, we are going to collect some leaves that have fallen from the trees.

Then, we will compare the colors of those leaves. After that, we will use the leaves to make a poster about what happens to trees during autumn. Narrator : What will the class probably do next? Narrator : Listen to an art teacher talking to a class.

Then you can start cleaning up your work stations and put away your supplies. Narrator : What is the purpose of the talk? Narrator : Listen to a teacher talking to a history class. Narrator : What is the teacher explaining? Narrator : Listen to a teacher talking to his class. Narrator : What does the teacher tell the students to do? Narrator : Listen to a school principal speaking over the intercom.

Man : Next Friday is the annual school dance. Tickets go on sale starting today in the school cafeteria during lunch. They will be on sale all week. We only have tickets to sell, and they usually sell out before the day of the dance. Narrator : What is probably true about the dance? Answer Choices: A It is a very popular event.

B It is not usually held on a Friday. C It will take place in the cafeteria. D It is the first dance of the school year. Narrator : Listen to a geography teacher talking in a classroom. Could someone please draw the curtains while I turn on the TV? Narrator : What does the teacher ask? Narrator : Listen to a history teacher speaking to his class. Man : In order to understand a little more about the life of United States President Abraham Lincoln, we are going to watch a short video.

I want you to take notes during the video and think about what we have learned so far. Narrator : What will the students probably do next? Narrator : Listen to an English teacher speaking to her class. Woman : Before we start writing our stories, I want to show some ways you can make your characters more believable. You can try to give them real-life details. One thing you might want to do is base your characters on people you know in real life.

This is something that even many famous writers do. Narrator : Listen to a teacher talking in a history class. Man : Throughout history, people all around the world have invented many different writing systems. Futhark is an exceptional system, because it is the shortest known alphabet in the world.

It only had 16 letters. While some writing systems, like Chinese, can have many thousands of symbols, futhark made do with just 16 characters. Narrator : What point does the speaker make about the alphabet in ancient Norway? Answer Choices: A It had very few letters. Narrator : Listen to a conversation between two students at school.

Girl : Hi, Tommy. Are you on your way to the cafeteria? It was a gift from my father, so I really want to find it. Girl : Hmm The watch has got to be here somewhere. Oh, there it is. Girl : That sounds like a good idea. Girl : All right. Narrator : Now answer the questions. Narrator : Listen to a conversation between two friends in a school cafeteria.

Girl : Look—the cafeteria is almost empty! Boy : Good idea. Girl : Hmm. Maybe you can discover something new that you like!

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Anh Nguyen Ngoc My. Follow along as you listen to the directions to the listening section. In this section ol the test, you will hear talks and coDversations. Each talk or con- section of versation is followeal toefl junior practice test free download pdf one question. Choose the best answer to each question lnd mark the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. You will hear each talk or conversation onlv one time. A She will meet rhe boy at bafld practice soon. Towfl She is not going to be a member olrhe band. C She thinks that the band is no longer fLrn. D She has been pd member of the what it means to be gluten free for a year. The correct answer is B"She is not going to be a member of the band. What does the boy mean when he says: 6. Toefl junior practice test free download pdf will toefl junior practice test free download pdf girl probably do next? What are the speakers mainly talking 2. Why does the teacher talk about the about? Nor on s. Why does the principal mention the winter storm? toefl junior practice test free download pdf Find sample questions that represent the types of questions on the TOEFL Junior Standard test. TOEFL iBT, and TOEFL Junior are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the your test book and answer sheet will be held by the. LEARNING, TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, and TOEFL Junior are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the. United States and TOEFL Junior Speaking Test. sample of the answer sheets from each test The service is free. No part of the TOEFL® Junior™ Standard Practice Test book may be After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the main idea,​. Practice Test for the TOEFL Junior™ Standard Test ® Part of the TOEFL® Family of The test questions in this practice book are an accurate relection of the After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the main. In this section ol the test, you will hear talks and coDversations. 22 - Pefiect TOEFL Junior Proctice Tesl Book 'l refer to the follo$,ing letter. TOEFL iBT Exam Vocabulary List Fireman tried to free the injured and put out the blaze. Blaze reading. Read a text about a girl earning money to buy a bicycle and answer some comprehension questions. No part of the TOEFL Junior ® Standard e-Practice Test may be reproduced or Taking the practice test in this book will give you a good idea of what the actual test After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the​. I feel that my English is not good enough at this moment so I am taking advanced English classes at college first. It makes you think creatively and allow us to improve our characters. Gardenia Homsi on April 1, at am. Stand up, stretch your legs, use the restroom, or have a small snack. Find out more or adjust your settings. Therefore, it is very important to get used to working with the clock. This means that 25 percent of students had Lexile measures below the lower number and 25 percent had Lexile measures above the higher number. The independent writing question template should work with almost all independent writing questions. Include supporting reasons and personal anecdotes. The first two questions are independent questions and the remaining four questions are integrated questions. It is intended for middle school and high school students who are learning English. TABLE 2. Josh MacPherson on May 4, at am. I could do well on writing section. Josh MacPherson on January 22, at am. toefl junior practice test free download pdf