top 10 free email programs for windows

top 10 free email programs for windows

With the option of a one-time payment for a lifetime license, Hiri has simplified the payment. Another great thing about Hiri is that once you have purchased a license you will have access to all the new features and all the updates without any additional cost.

Which means you can count on its lifetime payment to really be sufficient for a lifetime. From decluttering your inbox to helping you manage your teams by means of task delegation, Hiri is just the email client to help you stay on top of your day. We hope this carefully curated list will help you choose the best email client for you. If you were looking for a specific feature set, we suggest you compare different email clients that offer those features before making a decision. And if you have already chosen the best email client but want to know more about it, we have got you covered.

Simply click on the name of the email client you want to know more about and it will take you to its website. We met Dan at a tech conference in San Francisco earlier this year, and his obsession with software was amazing to see. Next thing you know we are best friends with Dan, and welcomed him to the All That SaaS contributing staff with open arms. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Want to stay updated on the latest SaaS trends and insights?

Subscribe to All That SaaS. It only takes a second. Email Clients Market Share According to this infographic by Litmus, here are the top 10 email clients used by people around the globe data from : Gmail — Mail — 6.

The Best Free Email Clients of 1. Key Features Organization: You can easily keep your work planned out and your team updated with the integrated calendar feature.

G Suite offers online calendars that you can easily share with your team and update any time. Collaborative work: G Suite allows you to work on documents, spreadsheets, and slides from any device. You can access the documents both online and offline. The documents and spreadsheets are shareable which allows different teammates to work together on a single document.

Automated Emails: When you schedule meetings on your calendar you can also use the feature of automated Emails. This feature will make sure to send Email Invites to all the team members that you want to be present in the meeting. Cloud Storage: Cloud storage allows you to keep all your work in one place. It provides secure access to your data from your computer, phone, and tablet.

Cloud Sharing: Cloud sharing allows you to share your stored data with ease. Without having to send things as email attachments, you can simply invite others to access your data.

It is up to you to give them permission to download, edit or view your data. It allows you to have a work number and make phone calls from any location or device. Video Conferencing: Through the integration of Hangout Meets you can turn your business meetings into a video conference. It will take just one click to have a face to face conversation with your client from anywhere. Pricing Free: Gmail is available free for personal use but if you want to use the email client for work, you will have to buy a G Suite license.

There is a free trial of G Suite available for 14 days in which you can add more than users. The basic package includes is a pretty good package on its own. But if you can get past the dated user interface, there's a lot that Claws Mail can offer. For starters, it can double as an RSS aggregator, so you can use it to automatically check websites for updates.

If you don't care about RSS feeds because you use your Windows email program for email only, you should know that Claws Mail does everything an email client should do and more. It has extensive search and filtering capabilities, supports GPG and SSL, features templates for messages, and provides a great plain-text email editing experience.

Even though Claws Mail has been around for nearly 20 years, it's still just as actively developed as when it was first released. Claws Mail developers are always quick to fix any known bugs, and they listen to users when it comes to requests for new features. For these and other reasons, Claws Mail is one of the best email programs for Windows Pros : Open source and free, support for plugins, handles multiple email accounts.

Cons : Adding email accounts is somewhat complicated, outdated user interface. It has some good features like Reminders and Notes. You can find all the features, options, and a manual to get started with this elegant email client. TIP : Here are some of the best free mail servers for sending and receiving emails. When selecting an email client, one must take into consideration essential factors.

You can add many add-ons to use WhatsApp, Slack, Google Docs, and other services without leaving the app. But the free version of Mailbird limits the user to only one account. For more, there is Mailbird Pro. So, getting onto our next contestant in the race of the best email clients for Windows 10, we have eMClient.

It might not have a fancy name, but eMClient will surely please you with its looks. Especially, the dark theme which makes it look even better. It includes a smart dashboard that lets you see how many unread messages you have at a glance and how long you should wait before checking them after all, how many really need an instant reply? The Compose window is designed to save you time too, offering only the essential options no fancy formatting and including the subject line at the bottom so you don't have to write it until you know how to summarize the message.

These little touches make Hiri a truly exceptional client. If Microsoft is your email provider of choice, it should be well up your list. Both options offer a 7-day free trial. Read our review of Hiri here. First released back in , Google's Gmail has become the market leader in free email services with more than a billion users across the globe.

Gmail's stripped-back web interface is a highlight. Most of the screen is devoted to your inbox, with a minimum of toolbar and other clutter.

Mailspring has a smooth, distraction-free user interface and is super-easy to set up, despite some advanced features. Unfortunately, not all of them are free; these are part of Mailspring's pro version. Mailspring Pro offers support for scheduled emails, snoozing, link tracking, follow-up reminders, read receipts, and more. Tweet Share Email. Pick the template you created from a dropdown menu, and the app will automatically generate and send a personalized reply.

The app also comes with some other nice features, like an HTML editor that's part of the composing window itself and native integration with popular file management apps like OneDrive and Dropbox. Much like the heroic images its name may evoke, The Bat! This app is designed to address a number of security issues that, while not necessarily common, could potentially affect other email clients.

The Bat! This means data can only be accessed through the app itself, unlike other clients that store the information in localized folders, where it can be obtained from outside the program. With on-the-fly disk encryption, all the data managed through the app will be stored and encrypted in the user's hard drive, giving an extra layer of protection to the very efficient backup system.

Plus, The Bat! This is relatively unique for an app that still allows you to connect a number of email accounts e. This level of security, plus all the basics users can expect from an email client, make The Bat! The UX is simple and easy to use — yet it features some of the advanced features that are present in clients like Outlook. Looking for the best email clients for small businesses? Here are our top picks.

Hiri is the perfect mail client app for business users but it can be flawlessly used at home by regular users. It currently supports only Microsoft email services but it is not a problem as the article is written for Windows users.

I was a home user of Outlook Express email until they went to Microsoft Live and continued to use it until it just didn't work. It was perfectly functional for all that I needed on my home computer Outlook Client for work email. A few years back as Windows moved on, I tried Thunderbird, and it just didn't have enough features of what I used to keep me happy. I switched to eM Client about 3 years ago and have never turned back.

I've had no problems and it does everything I need it to do. I started using Thunberbird a few months ago when my Windows Live started gliching when trying to receive e-mails.

Kept showing a message saying it could not connect to the server - and I had a TON of folders with saved stuff on there too. Downloaded Thunderbird and for the most part, it is great. I do HATE that you can only enter one e-mail address on a line at at time. I have 'trained' it and flagged these e-mails as not junk and even went into settings and made sure the address books are checked so it SHOULD ignore those e-mail address.

Nope, still flagging them as junk. Would love to have this fixed but am about to try a different program! I'm using Thunderbird. However, last week, Quickbooks stopped communicating with Thunderbird, and wouldn't send invoices The other one is still working fine.

So, my question is - which of these programs have you used with Quickbooks? I got into a very expensive act of buying 2 plane tickets because the W10 email consistently faile sin searching for emails with any key word. In addition, there is no quick way to configure it the way you want. It is quite possible, power users will claim "I do not know how to use it" In my iPhone, safari shows I have emails correctly.

So I am done using it! I have been using Thunderbird. I really like that the inbox uses columns for Date, Subject, From, To, and more that I can sort on after selecting a message. I really don't like that when creating an email the To, CC, BCC only accept one address per line, so you can only see a small portion of the recipients in a long list. This increases the chance of sending something to the wrong person. It's also really hard to enter long mailing lists. General concerns about the email clients?

I could do this myself perhaps but thought maybe by me posting a comment others might benefit. Since Windows 10 Pro is more accommodating on then the Home edition I would like to know the following:.

Some people say you should stop using desktop email clients. Web-based email services have come a long way over the past decade, and many of them are feature-rich enough to be on par with top 10 free email programs for windows alternatives. But there are several valid reasons to keep using desktop email softwareand I believe desktop email clients will never be obsolete. If you only need an email client to handle one or two personal accounts, then a free email client will likely serve you just fine. In tpo, as of this writing, the latest release version But which one? Choose from the 10 best Linux email clients. Read Moretoo. Download: Thunderbird Free. One visual basic express 2008 edition free download the original authors then forked the project and relaunched Nylas Mail as Mailspring. He optimized and improved many of the internal components, resulting in quicker syncing, less RAM usage, faster launch times, top 10 free email programs for windows more. Thunderbird may be the client of choice for those who want reliability and time-tested staying power, progrwms Mailspring is the client to use if you want something fresh, new, exciting, and full of future top 10 free email programs for windows. Pair it with a secure email service The 5 Most Secure and Encrypted Email Providers Fed up with government and third-party surveillance of your emails? Protect your messages with a secure encrypted email service. Read More for an outstanding package. In fact, its old-school emaol and approach to email management may actually prove helpful if your email habits are causing undue stress 6 Simple Tricks to Reduce Email Stress Dealing top 10 free email programs for windows email is the best part of my day. Said no one ever. Top 10 free email programs for windows need all the tips you can get to manage your email inbox? We can help you out! Read More. top 10 free email programs for windows Best free email clients. Gmail · Mail for Windows 10 · Thunderbird · Spike · Slack. Thunderbird is a free, open-source email client from Mozilla, most famous for its Firefox web browser. It's full of features that make it easy to. If the above apps seem too complex for your email needs, then you can always resort to the Mail app that comes pre-installed on Windows Some consider it. Mail is a product of Microsoft that works with Windows 10 and Windows 8. This sleek app lets you sync multiple email accounts right to your. Free Email Clients for Windows An email client is a software just like Microsoft Outlook, which you can install on Windows, and add multiple. If you're looking for the best email client for Windows 10, you should You can add multiple email accounts – however, the free version is. Mail for Windows 10 can be used free of cost making it one of the best free email clients of 3. Mailspring – Email Client for Linux. Supported Platforms. Just like a browser, each tab will rest visibly above the entire interface. Thunderbird Pricing: Free. Mailbird. Best Windows email client for people. 1. Mail & Calendar. Best Email Clients Windows 10 1 Maill App. With Mail & Calendar app in Windows 10, you don't need to. It has everything that you need to effectively manage your email accounts. The email client has chat support, quick filtering, activity manager, RSS reader, etc. Unfortunately, its free version is missing features such as email backup and the ability to switch between program skins. Translate emails. Available in all major modern browsers, on iOS and Android. Thunderbird is probably the oldest and most used email client for free, not just for Windows, but also in Mac and Linux. Gmail's stripped-back web interface is a highlight. Get Started for Free Buy Now. For example, you can tell Clean Email to delete all marketing emails that clutter your inbox, label emails from coworkers accordingly, or move all emails from a particular sender to a separate folder. Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure, capable email client and RSS feed reader. Thunderbird stands out from other free Windows email programs in many ways, such as supporting lots of add-ons, letting you download themes to customize the program's entire appearance, and granting full access to tweak its many settings and features. Snooze functionality. The Compose window is designed to save you time too, offering only the essential options no fancy formatting and including the subject line at the bottom so you don't have to write it until you know how to summarize the message. top 10 free email programs for windows