top free hidden object games for iphone

top free hidden object games for iphone

There are also match-3 and bubble shooter mini games to keep you occupied between the hidden object puzzles. There are hundreds of options to design the hotel with, and you can redecorate it to your liking, with various design styles. The storyline also includes quirky characters and hotel guests to interact with. Again, this is a great game for those of us who enjoy hidden object and design games. The storyline is also engaging with beautiful graphics. In this game, you play alongside the main character, Pearl, a pilot and heiress.

Then, unlock Zombie Mode with 50 levels, the retro arcade game machine, two-player mode, and try out the weekly tournaments. Within the time given, just move around the busy scene until you find the object and tap. A roaring 20s themed hidden object adventure game mixed with puzzle elements. There will be scenes with pure hidden object gameplay.

Hidden City is a very gorgeous looking game where you will travel between different places to find hidden objects, treasure, and other goodies. The premise of the game is your friend went to a mysterious hidden city enveloped by constant fog and otherworldly beings. As soon as he landed in the hidden city, he mysteriously went missing.

In search of your friend, you too visit the hidden city where you find different objects and clues with the help of some new friends. That game not only looks awesome with its hand-drawn scenes and amazing cast but it makes it a joy to find all the hidden objects and treasures. June is traveling with her niece to various places throughout the world to find her missing sister. If we missed any amazing hidden object games for iPad, please tell us about them in the comments!

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Family Mysteries: Criminal Mindset — Review. Best Spooky Hidden Object Games for iOS and Android The Paranormal Society As a new member of the Paranormal Society, a special unit dedicated to investigating otherworldly cases in Victorian-era London, you have to prove to your colleagues that you do belong in this elite club. Mystery Manor Haunted house is a popular theme for the premium HOPA genre, but it is not often that we see the theme utilized for a mobile game.

You might also like. EverMerge is the new merge puzzle game from Big Fish Games. Despite having been officially released for only a few months, the game has already taken the world by storm. Information Seller Absolutist Ltd. Size 1. You follow a trail of cryptic letters from a scientist known as AS into a world of mystery and exploration. The Room Two has it all: great riddles, complex environmental puzzles, dynamic sound effects, and stunning visuals.

Midnight Castle is a gripping mystery hidden objects game with great characters and intriguing plot twists. In every scene, you meet a new character: the beautiful royalty, menacing dragons, and trolls. Plus, you can use items you find on the castle grounds to craft relics, potions, and poisons and reach the solution even faster. Hidden Object Enchanted Castle is a mystery game at its best. If you like combinations of educational games, puzzles, concentration games, and logic games, this is definitely the game for you.

This fun and educational game lets you find hidden objects as fast as you can in order to solve the mystery of the hidden castle. Keep process the data. Don't crash ur stroller.

The game is very fun to play. Don't forget to screenshot sometimes. Everything in this game. Besides, if you think you can dance, give it a try. I mean all professionals dancers make money with these fragments. LOVE at his game! It challenges me and helps me keep my brain sharper.

Great Game Jun 26, By jaclmf. I have enjoyed playing this game for years. I love the challenge the game provides. Only thing is I wish it was easier to link accounts.

Loads of Fun! May 8, By Just Plain Deborah. This is a fun, relaxing game, with several different options for playing Over Engineered Jan 12, By Who cares about who I am. I like to play these games to unwind. I prefer games with more of a linear storyline. For example you complete a task then move onto the next level.

This games has so much going on it is a little confusing to navigate. Likely because I really am not interested in learning how to navigate. I just want to relax a click on a few objects to be entertained and relax.

MysterySociety Jan 11, By Buena Girl. This game is a bit of fun, but it is slooow to accomplish anything. In addition, some cases I solve over and over again esp.

Why are there so many detectives missing? Could it be because the game progress is so slow? Additionally, the sync among others games Blackstone, etc. After that I only get a message that not enough time has elapsed for another game reward, day after day.

Very frustrating overall l. Frustrating Sep 7, By vlt There are too many tasks at one time. You have to play the same scene hundreds of times to get items. The amount of energy required for scenes does not match the amount of time you wait to get it back. There are way too many pop ups. No one returns gifts.

I have removed it from my device. Blocked unless you buy jewels Apr 24, By hencove. I have received this message several days in a row. Soo many Ads Dec 12, By Sunnismile. I like the game challenging yet beatable. Soo many Ads Idm clicking on them for rewards and more time but you even get them between games. A few times I got 2 Ads after completing one then continuing to the next. When I go to select a case and after you see the possible rewards then the game starts.

Would score higher if you took out some of the between Ads. Solve crimes all over Europe! An extremely diverse number of settings provide a highly dynamic gameplay Don't know what to do next? Mystery Society Feb 9, By Joseph D W. This game is fun! Soooo sloooow Mar 9, By Thelove Review May 21, By True Blue Zag. I find it a very interesting game. One problem I have is some of the items are very small and I have trouble with my vision. Another problem is getting engrossed in the game and losing track of time.

By mssahew. Very entertaining and great picture selection, I really enjoy this game!! Hidden objects are fun to find and they have mini games included when you want to take a break and play a different game. I love this game! Good way to kill time! Jul 22, Good Concept, Greedy Execution Jun 30, A really fun game until you encounter all of the pop up ads along with the many micro transactions that are required to advance in the game.

The game requires you to reach certain levels before certain countries become available. You have to have tickets to access them, with which the game is extremely stingy. So, if you want to play those countries regularly, you have to buy the tickets individually. The only tickets I get regularly are for a country I have yet to buy a visa for, but I rarely get tickets for the four countries for which I have purchased visas. Pick a monetization scheme and stick with it. Bad Dec 26, By cherrie This game is weird.

Nothing makes sense, and the only thing you can do on your own is click buttons that you have to hit and do extremely easy look and finds. If you have ever played Pearls Peril, it is like that but with slightly more look and finds that could use a little work.

The best part about it was that their were no adds. In this game, at my point of view, it could use a lot of work. If you like complicated things, this is for you. By ChefDebo. I am deleting this game!! To much freezing and glitches to be enjoyable!! And it never gives me my full 10 vids for free stuff. I know you guys want purchases but why offer freebies if your game glitches every time?

Crashing Ads May 16, As I have been playing this game for sometime and have enjoyed it, I should be giving it at least 4 stars. However, playing it now has become extremely frustrating do to the continuous ads that cause the game to crash.

Despite a fix that was suppose to correct the problem, the ads still continue to cause the game to crash. Therefore, I have no choice but to rate it 1 star. Please fix the issue! By Puzzlepixie.

I am very careful and I will write down my expenditures and my capital one credit card pops up with every purchase. Free hidden objects game for adults. To rescue him, you have to resolve quests, explore dungeons and fight against monsters in different mini games. Hidden object games should've died in the 80s. Why would you bother playing this game, with its crappy "puzzles," when you can play something with som e actual strategy? To start, this game is a pixel hunt.

You're not really puzzling things out, you're just frustratedly clicking or poking on things until something happens.

I got bored in half an hour and gave up, and so will you. If you love Hidden object games, than Hidden City is the game for you. A blast of a puzzle game that will keep you going for hours. Download now and d on't look back. In Castle secrets: hidden object, there is a prophecy that predicts that the end is coming. To fight against this, you have to find objects hidden in a medieval castle. The game features mini-games and daily prizes.

If you haven't played Castle Secrets: Hidden Object on iphone yet, you absolutely have to try it! A modern hidden object game in every sense of the phrase, Hidden Folks is an absolute must buy. I'm GamesRadar's Features Writer, which makes me responsible for gracing the internet with as many of my words as possible, including reviews, previews, interviews, and more. Lucky internet! Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Time Gap: Mysteries of the Lost Civilization So, you wake up one day and everyone else in the world is missing.

Midnight Castle takes you to a mystical world of hidden objects and challenging quests. In Midnight Castle, you will search for prized treasures, collect gold and coins, and meet mystical characters as you search for hidden items to help you on your various quests. Earn valuable rewards, complete your objectives, and use top free hidden object games for iphone hints when necessary. Discover the secret behind a dangerous pirate as you search for tools and objects. In Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, you will lift items, move objects, and explore intensely for hidden bits and pieces. If you have trouble with a puzzle, you can play a game of Mahjong instead. There are 45 locations, 39 hidden objects puzzles, and 16 mini games in this hivden surrounding the sea. A beautifully hand drawn hidden object game with expansive images that come to life. Hidden Folks takes thomas and friends free and easy song classic hidden object style, and top free hidden object games for iphone upon it with huge maps to explore complete with moving characters and environments. The top free hidden object games for iphone includes a ton of charm to the art style and the clues with each object that you need to find accompanied by a little story blurb. You will continue to unlock locations and clues as you solve the puzzles. Locate the hidden objects quickly for more points, use game money to purchase additional energy, and earn prestige points for your attractive iphoen. Snark Busters: High Society will have you traveling through mirrors into backwards worlds, as top free hidden object games for iphone gather hidden pieces hodden your objects. This game is top free hidden object games for iphone of eccentric and fascinating characters, fun and challenging puzzles, plus mini games and top free hidden object games for iphone. Begin in Thailand in where you will find the hidden objects in this mysterious adventure. In Melissa K. There are over 30 unique puzzles, 30 interesting locations, and three difficulty levels. The game also offers Game Center support with achievements and leaderboards. An emotional story driven adventure about two lone survivors trying to build a rocket to get back home. Who does the abandoned baby belong to? Uncover the truth in this hidden objects challenge. Explore a scary mansion where the books come alive. Investigate the scenes, locate the objects, and solve mini puzzles to gather clues. Top free hidden object games for iphone you collect the hidden roses, you can also unlock game extras. Move through magic worlds and search for your boject by finding the hidden objects. top free hidden object games for iphone Home Makeover-. June's Journey. Home Designer- Dream House. Download Best Hidden Object Adventure Games and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and This app bundle is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Mysteriez: Find Hidden Numbers. Games. Jet Ducks: Free Shooting Game. An easy purchase for any hidden object game lover. Play it on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, IOS, Android. 6. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart. Freemium or Free-to-Play (F2P) games are incredibly popular for mobile gamers, not only limited to hidden object fans because they are. Hidden Objects Collection. Free download. Seven different stories are included in Hidden objects collection, a game in which you have to solve mysteries with. Investigate clues & discover a great story in these hidden object games. Hidden Object Games: Mystery of the City. 5 Free In-App Purchases Best New Mobile Games COMING SOON | June | Games for iOS and Android. Get all the. Price: Free iOS | Android. Hidden Hotel is is another great game for mobile, perfect if you enjoy both hidden object and design games. There are 45 locations, 39 hidden objects puzzles, and 16 mini games in this adventure surrounding the sea. FREE More info. Unique hidden object. Navigation of Contents. The premise of the game is your friend went to a mysterious hidden city enveloped by constant fog and otherworldly beings. June 9, Our Gaming Portals WellGames. Install Home Makeover Android. Holidays have Arrived! You need to resolve all the puzzle for solving the criminal activities to save the world from destruction. Best Apps to Blur Faces in Photos and How can you stop the evil preacher? When a game loads a lot, then that means you will have to be patient before proceeding. In the Dark Arcana: The Carnival game, your town is visited by a carnival from their own world. The Room Two is an incredible premium app available on both android and IOS categorically placed as a fear app developed by Fireproof Games. Looking to unleash the sleuth in you? We have curated seven of the best iOS hidden object games for your iPhone or iPad. top free hidden object games for iphone