vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker

vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker

Anyways, I am making this recipe as cupcakes for a huge crowd tonight. I love this cake! It meets my dietary needs no wheat and no eggs and tastes so good.

Thank you for this recipe! Amazing recipe thank you! Fantastic job!! If I wanted to make this a vanilla cake, could I omit the cocoa powder, increase the gf flour blend, and double the vanilla? This recipe looks awesome!

But could I use 2 deep dish cake pans instead? The coconut cream transcends it to another level! Love it. I used coconut flour and the rest of the called for ingredients. I cut the sugar a little and put stevia in my coconut milk vs. Thank you for the recipe…onto the treadmill to burn it off. Hi Dana!

This cake is absolutely delicious! The coconut whipped cream and berries go perfect with the cake. I used strawberries from my garden and local bluerries on top like yours, looked beautiful! Hope I could send you a pic. Is there such a thing?? This looks amazing! I love baking but felt like a hit a road block when my husband developed a gluten allergy this past year, the xanthum gum everywhere is daunting.

His birthday is in a few days and I fully share your sentiment so I have to overcome my fears and I think I found the perfect recipe to do it. Delicious cake recipe! Yay, thanks to your recipe, I made a really yummy cake!!! I opted for homemade regular bday cake icing as I wanted it iced the night before and it tasted great! I love your recipes! We all agreed it was not only one of the most lovely looking cakes, but also the most incredibly moist and flavorful ones any of us had ever eaten!

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe Dana. I have the feeling it will be one made time and again, for our future dessert needs. Guests at my 2-year-old son bday party enjoyed it very much — all kids included. Hi Dana Thankyou so much for this recipe. My coeliac daughter has been vegan for 6 months and I have never suceeded in baking her anything edible since then.

All those yummy gluten free Nigella recipes are no use anymore with their 6 eggs. But this was superb, I made it for her 16th birthday today and it was perfect. It was delicious, i used the low end of sugar for thefrosting and it was not too sweet, smothered with raspberries and blueberries, it looked as good as it tasted.

Not really minimalist, and more than one bowl but so worth the effort for a special occasion. This may be an obvious question but, I want to make this for my sons first birthday. I want a white cake instead of the chocolate. I am assuming I can just omit the cocoa? MM, not that simple. I just got it in the mail yesterday! Just looked it up. I totally want to try this for an upcoming party!! See our Recipe FAQ for more info! We love it!

We used a dollop of Chibani vanilla yogurt with mature blackberries on our individual cupcakes. I like crisp texture so after they had rested and well cooled, I broiled all 24 upside down on a cookie sheet. And this is real food! I am 64, a 3 time cancer survivor, yoga doer, gardener, running around with my grandchildren. Food is very important to our family. Thank you, Dana. Super duper awesome. So I multiplied and made 1. It would have been good at around min and just not get a totally clean toothpick right in the center.

Major win. Thanks for another wonderful recipe! Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks Courtney! Let me know how it works if you give it a try! Thank you so much Dana! I am eternally grateful, either is my stomach!

This recipe is a little miracle And having a heavy texture. It is awful. I tried and tried to use that flour for baking. But from biscuits to scones, it was not at all tasty. I have found through trial and error that rice flour, gf oats and a small amount of coconut flour thrown in my food processor for a couple of minutes on high makes way better baking flour. You can add tapioca starch to this mix to eliminate the gums usually found in gf flour. If you buy bob mills baking flour blend with the blue label…it is delicious.

It is different from the garbanzo blend. Thanks for the beautiful recipe. Turned it really beautifully. But in the end all turned out fantastic. Thanks so much!!! Ooooh looks so delicious! Also buttermilk frosting. Wish me luck! Thanks for this great recipe! I wanted to share an adjustment I made for high altitude- I live in Boulder, CO, which is about ft. This cake was fantastic! Unfortunately in the middle of making it I realized my oats were not gluten free, so I subbed equal parts almond meal and my gluten free flour blend King Arthur.

Wonderful taste, texture, and presentation. Tried this as a pre-birthday attempt. Turned out great. I used a gluten-free flour blend from Costco, and quinoa flour instead of oat flour. Everyone loved it. Made this cake for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it! Making another one this weekend for my mom to try : So simple, so delicious.

Thank you for this amazing recipe! Thank you so much for the recipe. The flavor is phenomenal and the cocunut cream came together beautifully. This includes using previously collected information about your interests to select content, processing data about what content was shown, how often or how long it was shown, when and where it was shown, and whether the you took any action related to the content, including for example clicking on content.

Opens in a new window Opens an external site in a new window Opens an external site. Crystal Hatch. Nutrition Info Powered by. Double the recipe and use four pans for a 4-layer cake.

Halve the recipe and use one pan for a 1-layer cake. I was curious if I could add peanut butter into the frosting somehow? Yay for gluten free cupcakes! And vegan too! I can share these at work and everyone can eat them, super cool. These cupcakes look amazing! Can I use regular dairy milk, eggs and butter to make the cupcakes and frosting or will it turn out differently?

These look amazing, that frosting looks sumptuous! Happy baking, and thanks for all the amazing recipes! Ali, I really appreciate your insight here! I personally love the convenience of store bought almond milk and adore the taste and consistency of Almond Breeze, but also make my own! I was wondering if you could post some oil-free recipes? Thanks for reading! These look so chocolatey and moist. I am convinced it was the dancing that got them to their point of ear perfection.

I saw these on instagram and literally that night I had a dream about them! This might be subtle sign that I need to make this puppies asap. Hope Oregon is treating you two well! Thanks for posting this. I put it onto pinterest to try later. These cupcakes, Dana!

Your photos are gorgeous as usual, and I cannot. These look incredible. One of my favorite recipes of yours is the beet lava cakes that also use this beet puree—so I KNOW these will be killer. Thanks for the sweet words, Taylor! Thank you xx. I love that you use beets in the recipe.

Dana thank you for all your hard work. One thing though is i have insulin resistance and so must omit any cane sugar though I have a terrible sweet tooth what would your suggestions be for alternatives in your desserts? These look so damn good! So this is it. Yes, I agree it takes forever to perfect a recipe like this but is completely worth it. Good job! I JUST finished making these bad boys. So delicious.

Also in the directions it says baking powder, I assumed you meant soda! Not sure why the beets took so long! Were they wrapped in foil, set directly on the oven rack in a degree oven? These look pretty amazing! Dancing is always key. Yes, beet root. Hmm, good question. I think roasting it yield the most moist texture but it may work raw. If you try it, let me know how it goes! Can you substitute the nut ingredients with anything else, for those of with nut allergies?

Good luck! I used baking soda. Recipe was amazing!! So wonderful and moist and that frosting, wow. Hello, sugar high. What would you compare the coarseness of your almond flour to? A normal flour, or more like a cornmeal? Have you tried making this into a cake?! Great question! Bake at same temp for about the same time. Check around the minute mark for doneness and go from there. Check back if you try it!

They came out wonderfully! My family loved it! Baking time was around 35 min. Thanks for the advice and awesome recipe. Definitely my go to GF cake recipe! These look yummy, I need a sub for the oat flour, any ideas? I wonder if subbing with almond flour, half and half almond and GF blend, or buckwheat flour would work. These are now going to drive me crazy. And that chocolate ganache, ohhh my.

And can I stare at that picture forever. By that way, I love that bowl! These look so yummy! Just wondering, is it baking soda or baking powder? Good luck!! I think I did one of them if only I could remember which one: but the cakes stayed dense and not quite cooked.

Do you think I could use carrot puree or would that just be weird, lol. How much do I use and what do I take out? Holy hannah these are so gorgeous! I love that thick mound of frosting — the ONLY way to frost a cupcake in my book. These look super awesome, and perfect for a party I have coming up at which I will need to accommodate all the dietary restrictions including my own.

Quick question: Did you put the optional xanthan gum in your go-to blend for this one? These look so delicious! Is there anything that could sub the almond milk and almond meal well? I have a nut allergy but would love to give these a go! You could probably use flax meal and a soy, flax or coconut milk! I actually have omitted the almond meal when recipes call for it an things seemed okay. I have used ground pumpkin seeds instead of nuts and recipes turn out really nicely.

Use any milk beverages instead of almond milk. Rice or Coconut would work. Madeleine, I would recommend subbing any other non-dairy milk flax or soy being the best , and then using a mix of oat flour, rolled oats and gluten free flour blend to compensate for the almond meal! Does is change the consistency very much? Dana, I love your recipes! I have never been disappointed! I have been gf for a long time and disappointed in so many recipes…..

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Can we just take a moment and revel in the deliciousness that is this chocolate cupcake? I think the magic is in the beet puree and blend of gluten-free flours.

Fudgy, moist, insanely chocolaty, and topped with sinful chocolate ganache frosting. Author Minimalist Baker. Prep Time 20 minutes. Cook Time 30 minutes. My 14 year old just made this today as our quarantine cake….. The frosting is a bit sweet for me so I left some on my plate but the cake was moist flavorful perfection! The Best Recipe! I made this tonight.

I am a bit.. Thank you Minimalist Baker! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Dina. We are so glad you enjoyed it and were able to modify with what you had! We loved it!!! So moist and delicious. I will definitely make it again. Thank you So much. I used greape seed Oil instead coconut Oil. In my first cake I used pumpkin puree that gave fudge very dense cake. The second time I used 2 mashed bananas more fluffy texture but still delicious. Very easy to make highly recommended to try this at home.

The cake was so dark and moist. I made it in a 9 by 13 inch pan. I used grape seed oil instead of coconut oil and a combination of soy and oat milk instead of almond. I just spread a thin glaze over the cake. I can honestly say people would never guess this is a vegan cake. Hi , thanks for the recipe, looks amazing! Just a question…how can I substitute the vegan butter in the frosting? I am planning to make this for a birthday this week! I made this last night and it was great!

The frosting was glossy, rich and so delicious I used a tiny bit more dairy-free choc to taste , and half the suggested amount was perfect. That was a bit too much, but other than that, this is perfect! There may be a slight banana flavor. I baked this cake this weekend and followed the recipe with the exception of substituting oat milk for almond.

Sadly I also ran into the moisture issue, and ended up under baking my cakes despite keeping them in the oven for 40 minutes. My solution? I cut out the centers, iced with the MB vegan buttercream icing with about a cup of crushed oreos mixed in and piled mini oreos in the center. It ended up being delightful. Would it be possible to edit in a weight measurement for the flour? Carli — thanks for the feedback!

It really is a great fudgy cake! So, I followed your recipe and the only things that I found were, I had to bake the cakes for almost 55 mins and there was nothing fluffy to this cake — but, it was more like a beautiful fudgy brownie, sooo can this really be a negative? Thank you for sharing this recipe with us! I have photos, I wish I could share. I made this cake yesterday and it was a total disaster. It had the texture of raw crepe. It was dense and wet. It was awful. Oh no! So sorry to hear that was your experience, Stephanie!

It definitely sounds like something went wrong. What kind of flour did you use? Did you use the cup or metric measurements? Did you make any modifications? Would love to help troubleshoot, if possible. I used the metric measurements and all-purpose flour. Only adjustments were sunflower oil instead of coconut, almond extract instead of vanilla.

Baked for an hour but it was still wet and collapsed after that time. Flavour is great though, and my husband is loving it nonetheless! Thanks for the feedback, Cass! We will double check the metric measurements. Any chance you are baking at elevation? Same here! It has been in the oven now for over 30 min and the center is completely wet.

I followed the measurements exactly. Also, what is a heaping cup? Why not just use exact measurements if the risk is a soggy cake? My daughter and i had alot of fun making this cake for her tenth birthday and enjoyed eating it even more! It was the first cake ive ever made and it was super easy to follow and i thought it turned out well. Everyone loved it.! I used vegan margerine for the icing becasue i didnt have butter.

I didnt thi k there was a difference but according to my daughter there is. We only used about half the sugar in the icing and few more chocolate chips instead. I baked in rectangle pan then cut it in half and staked it. We will definitly be making this again! Possibly every weekend! How fun! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jake. We are so glad everyone enjoyed it! Hi Hania, you can make it! I followed the recipe exactly, making 2 round cakes for a layered cake.

They reported that is was moist and just plain delicious. I did not try it myself as I am sensitive to caffeine coffee , but I am happy to share that it was loved by all I shared it with.

Another amazing recipe from Minimalist Baker! I made this tonight for the first time and followed the recipe exactly.

Firstly, the sponge. It did need an hour in the oven though. Secondly, the frosting. Not sure if the remainder would freeze, it feels a bit of a waste to throw it out.

I personally find it too sweet but my friend disagrees!! Lovely cake and would definitely make again but with only a quarter of the frosting for in-between the layers. I have made this recipe four times over the last two years. It is a huge hit every time! I follow the recipe almost exactly but instead of coconut oil I use canola oil now because I had issues with the coconut oil hardening.

I love Minimalist Baker, but unfortunately I did not have success with this recipe. I read many of the reviews and made the recipe exactly as stated with only the following two differences — I used Oat milk entirely no coffee and higher fact cocoa powder instead of the usual lower fat baking cocoa powder — and I baked it in two layers as stated in the recipe.

After the recommended baking time the cake was nowhere near set — I eventually pulled it out of the oven after about 45 minutes, but despite lengthening the baking time, the cake was so moist, almost doughy, that I felt I could not serve it.

I guess not every recipe can be perfect although pretty close to it I must say Minimalist Baker! Sorry to hear that was your experience, Dara! Did you use heaping cups? Also, we wonder whether the higher fat cocoa powder could have contributed to more moisture? Can I use vegan butter spread? Or do you have any other substitute for the fat of the frosting? I dont need it to be vegan I just need it to be dairy free.

Or maybe try cashew buttercream instead? Boil Mushrooms Recipes. Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken Yummly. Reduced-Fat Baked Tilapia Yummly. All purpose tends to be more absorbent though, so maybe start with less? Let us know how it goes!

I made this and it was good, and oddly light. I think maybe it was less fudgy because I used spelt flour instead of gluten free flour, and almond flour instead of coconut flour? It turned out just like yours and me and my husband are enjoying it. He wants to be healthier at his age.

My home ec teacher from middle school which was 43 years ago is oohing and ahing the pictures I send her! Thanks so much for the sweet story and lovely review, Lynda. We are so glad you enjoyed this cake!

Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thanks so much! Hi hi! Just made this cake 2nd time with chocolate orange frosting, topped with homemade candied orange peel. This is a really great base recipe for further flavor and layering experiments. Made this with my daughter I did add half amount of baking soda and baking powder, if I add these the amount in recipes, it will be just too much aftertaste.

But in our own country these amounts are always smaller in recipes anyway. This recipe was amazing!!! We ate it with strawberries and it was just amazing for mommy and daughter quality time :. Hi Sarah! If you give it a try, report back on how it goes! After making this cake today, I am regrettably disappointed. I followed the recipe and used the correct pan, but after minutes of cooking the cake overflowed and spilled on the oven floor, making a mess and setting off the smoke alarm.

Love it love it love it!! I saw the mixed reviews and was uncertain, but I love your blog and all your recipes and trust you! I used a mixture of almond flour, oat flour, coconut flour and applesauce instead of avocado. Probably heavenly following all of the instructions, but still delicious with my C- grade of an effort XD. So great! Thanks for a great recipe! Would you recommend different baking time, temperature, or ingredient measurements?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all your amazing recipes! Yeah that should work! Same temp, just watch bake time. The chocolate one, in particular, bakes pretty fast! My cakes came out super flat…tastes good but I followed the recipe to a t…any thoughts. Were your leavening ingredients fresh? Make any other modifications, even slight? Made it exactly as written and it was delicious. My picky teens had no clue it was vegan or gluten-free so thank you for this!

Cake was moist and decadent. I may add extra chocolate chips next time just for fun. LOVE your recipes Dana and am so thankful of the time and effort that goes into the recipe development. Thx Again Sara New Zealand.

You did it again this is amazing!! This rivals your gluten free vegan vanilla cake a staple in our family … thanks again!! This cake was decadent, rich, and so delicious! The frosting was perfectly sweet. My whole family loved it! This cake and frosting will become a staple in our house. Truly delicious! All your recipes are so well thought out and the taste is always amazing.

Thank you. Hmm, sounds like it was slightly over-baked. What size pan s did you use and did you make any substitutions? Yes think you could be right. No substitutes 3 x 6 inch pans but not my oven so could of been that.

I will try again, It still tasted good. Do you think I could sub in more applesauce? Thanks so much! We love your recipes and they have been a life saver! I made this for my family last night. Mind blowingly delicious! Talk about hard! Look forward to hearing from you : Thanks, Justine. This cake is awesome! Just made this cake and it seems to have risen a little.

Is it supposed to be light and fluffy! I have followed the recipe to the letter and wonder whether it is supposed to be as dense and moist as it is. I baked it for 50 minutes but the toothpick still came out sticky.

So, not wanting a dry cake, I took it out of of the oven. Hopefully the taste will be better than the texture when the frosting and nuts are added.

It was extremely dense and also completely lacking in sweetness even though I added a bit of extra sugar in an attempt to compensate for using beets instead of apple sauce. Wheat flour actually takes away from the sweetness of the cake and makes the cake more dense. Whenever substitutions are made, the chef or the recipe creator cannot be blamed for an unpleasant outcome as many ingredients do not substitute well.

Next time, try making the recipe as instructed and then determine whether it is good or not. I absolutely love hazelnut and choco combo! One question though: do i have to use almond blend? I dont have almonds and i was wondering if i can substitute it. Im going to make it tomorrow. This cake recipe is great, so moist and yummy. Everyone we gave it to was so surprised it was vegan! We multiplied the ingredients by 1.

I just made this cake as well as the vegan chocolate cake one as a trial for my soon to the 3 year olds birthday cake. This hazelnut cake we found a lot sweeter than the vegan chocolate cake and as we are trying to be sugar free I used Stevia as a substitute for the sugar however I did add the maple syrup and the applesauce.

The applesauce gives a lovely texture. However I was wondering if sour cream or yoghurt instead of apple sauce would work?? Dana do you have a vanilla cake recipe you could share?? So amazing — only lasted 1 day in my house! It was moist, dense and rich, and the cake aspect was not too sweet. Might use sweetened almond milk instead perhaps next time. What a fantastic recipe though.

Super pleased! What can i substitute for almond flour? I have coconut flour at home, or would regular flour work? Help please. Is there anything that would work instead of fruit puree and ground almonds? Dying to make this if I can though!

The same thing is happening with the coconut berry muffins, which is also on your website. They turn out perfect when I use wheat flour, but as soon as I switch to gluten free flour, this is what happens. And then I found this. A real magic!! I substituted the oats with coconut flour and used walnuts instead of the hazelnuts as he used to love walnut cake.

It was a huge success!! I was also quite the foodie until I found out I was intolerant to dairy, gluten and eggs. I had all but given up on allergen free baking, or on ever having a satisfying dessert again until trying this cake. Your instructions are wonderful, so helpful and reassuring for the remedial baker. And the results were breathtaking and delicious. I rimmed the top of the cake with whole toasted hazelnuts as you did, then filled the center top with chopped nuts as there are S ome in my family who I thought might want to take them off.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and for giving me hope that I can bake successfully!! Next stop…gardening! I do cupcake and cake catering for weddings and have been getting more requests for vegan, gf etc. What do you think of using regular eggs for a non vegan version, can I replace the flax eggs with them?

He had to make me a cake! We loved it. I did use WW flour instead of GF, but it was all wonderful. Also a mix of apple and beet sauce, and blended coconut flour instead of white powdered sugar. Thanks for posting. It was a fantastic dessert! Hi there! This cook looks amazing and I am really excited to try it. Just delicious. I will be making this often! I am excited to make this cake! I am making it vegan, but do not need it to be GF.

Would regular flour replace the gluten free flour and the oat flour? I am not vegan and I bake a lot of layer cakes, cupcakes etc. This was my first attempt at vegan baking and I carefully followed the recipe… It turned out so rich and chocolate-y… I absolutely loved this cake.

I wish he did because I do. High praise from him believe me. This is a fantastic recipe and a delicious cake! I made this the other day for Easter and it turned out really well, I followed the recipe almost exactly, but I did however use normal flour instead of gluten free and I chopped the hazelnuts instead of leaving them whole. It was great! Thank you so much.

He is the very opposite of vegan or gluten free, and it was my very first time baking a cake from scratch. This recipe was pretty easy to follow!

I was a little anxious after tasting the cake alone, but using chocolate chips in the frosting helped to balance it out and it still ended up having a nice chocolate flavor. The cake was not very sweet at all, maybe because I used beet puree instead of applesauce?

And I had to use almost 2 cups of powdered sugar to get my frosting to the right consistency — I may try a date frosting recipe I have next time. But the cake being not so sweet and the frosting being very sweet equaled out to the perfect amount of sweetness! So did my non-vegan, gluten, anti-veggie-in-dessert family. Even if they were just agreeing for my sake;.

I made this cake today for my study group tomorrow, and I made one cupcake size to try myself. So much so I used what was left over to make a few choc protein balls. Glad to have come across this recipe today.

This looks fantastic! I do have one question though. Is there a particular reason you add it to the milk? I have never used flax eggs.. I am a bit reticent to use that. Do you know if I can substitute them by chia seeds? Hi, so I have made this cake twice now and still ca not figure out the problem? I am a baker, but new to this lifestyle due to food allergies now. The cake I end up adding the extra almond flour to each time and when I bake them, they always sink a bit in the center and never cook alway.

Help please, I want to make this again today and get this right. No to both. But Should this have been a problem if they were cooked right? Hi Jenn, this cake is a bit on the crumbly side, so we would recommend baking in two pans next time. Maybe bake even longer next time? Not quite sure what else might be causing that! I followed the directions to a T and my batter keeps coming out thick like cookie dough.

Please help. I did use coconut flour instead of almond flour but I dont see how the different types of flour could make a difference in the thickness. I added more almond milk to try and thin the batter out. It did thin the batter out of course but did not bake right at all.

Please help me understand what is going wrong. Hi Monica, the coconut flour is definitely the problem. Coconut flour is very dense and absorbent. I love all the recipes!!! If you want to soft just the right texture. I was wondering if I can substitute the sugar for monk fruit sweetener. Supposedly monk fruit sweetener can be substituted for sugar.

My daughter and I are making this cake right now and it seems the cake batter is super super thick.

Any help for how to fix this? We followed the recipe here perfectly. Let us know, thanks!! Hmm, was the coconut milk full fat? Perhaps that was the issue. So add a little more. It should be a pourable batter. If so, how much of the flour should I use? Hi Dana, I was going to make this cake into a lemon flavor. Do you know if it could be done with lemon extract? Thanks, Felicia. Let us know if you give it a try.

I want to make this with some bittersweet chocolate pieces mixed in- does that sound like a reasonable add-in? So moist and the frosting is to die for. I used arrowroot and made homemade baking powder corn intolerant and it turned out great. The cake stayed moist and the frosting held up well in the fridge. I had a leftover slice for breakfast for a week shhh ; This is now my go to bday cake recipe.

Thanks Dana! But you could maybe try reducing the amount slightly and adding cream of tartar and cornstarch for homemade baking powder. You can find recipes online. I have made this twice. It was wonderful. My family thought it was too sweet even for a cake.

Any tips on making the cake less sweet? I might try cutting sugar and the wet ingredients next time. Hi Toral, you may be able to get away with reducing the sugar, but not adjusting the other ingredients.

Rating: Out of 5. I had to substitute the potato starch with arrow root powder as it was suggested in the comments. What does it do? I used homemade applesauce and it had cinnamon and maybe other spices but it was still so good! I also did use almond flour but I used unblanched so it had all the brown shell stuff…still turned out good.

In the end my cake was a bit wet out on the outside…maybe because it was in a throw away tin and then put in the fridge overnight… I just tossed it in the oven upside down on a tray for 10 minutes until it wasnt wet anymore.

As I keep making these I will use less cane sugar because I am not a fan for kids cakes. The icing I could have made a bit thicker but I put it in the fridge once I iced it and was so good…obviously…because its sugar.

LoL So yummy! Loved it. Will make it everytime. You can check how it turned out on my Instagram: samantha. Thanks for sharing! The potato starch provides a light and fluffy texture- glad to hear arrowroot worked for you though!

I made this delicious cake exactly as the recipe is written and it is my absolute favorite vanilla cake recipe! Thank you so much for putting this recipe together and sharing it with us!

Hands down. It worked out perfectly. My nephew can not have cane or coconut or honey or maple syrup so can dates be soaked in the milk for sweetness or any other suggestion because everything else meets the requirements.

Looks promising but need to remove the sugar and add maybe dates to sweeten it. What would you suggest? But if you do some experimenting, let us know how it goes! Would love to use this recipe to make a semi naked cake. Would the cake be strong enough to take a thicker butter cream frosting in the layer and also some strawberries layered in between? I made this cake two weeks ago but I still wanna give another try to have a better opinion.

For now, I can say that it was ok but too dry. I shared the cake with some people and most of them really liked it! But there are some things I wanna highlight here: 1 I had to bake the cake for 55 min, but I checked it after the 40 min you recommended and they were still uncooked but the top was already brown, so I covered with aluminum folie and baked them 5 min more. I checked again and not ready. So I kept checking after 5 minutes until it was good. It could taste banana.

But I will try to find this Wellbees brand. I did the chocolate frosting with sweet potatoes that someone else here in the comments talked about and I was really surprised about the results. People who tried the cake were crazy about that frosting. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I will give another try if I find the same brand of almond flour you used.

Hi Marcela, we would say maybe try using a banana that is less ripe and reduce the oven temperature. Hope that helps for next time! Hi Dana, Thanks for your quick reply! Actually, I followed your recipe and I used applesauce too. Next time, I will reduce the oven temperature. I made this recipe and it is perfect! Cut the measurements in half used metric, so it was easy to adjust , and baked it in an 8 inch square pan — perfectly done at 35 minutes.

The only change I made was using arrowroot instead of cornstarch, and I added sprinkles to make it a funfetti cake. Frosted with a different but similar vegan buttercream.

So good — moist but not claggy. This recipe is a slam dunk. Moist, flavorful, perfect density. I will make this over and over again. Thank you!! We think it would freeze well! Hi Ekta, you could try subbing the same amount of banana or another mashed fruit puree. Or perhaps a neutral oil?

This recipe is easy to make, requiring 1 bowl and 10 ingredients. Then add in applesauce for oil-free! For the dry ingredients, after much experimentation, we went with watch hip hop squares online for free mixture of almond flour, potato starch, and cornstarch. This combo totally nailed it! So stoked for that fluffy, crumbly texture. We included two options: one is coconut whipped cream and the other is classic vegan buttercream frosting. Both are delicious, but we were feeling classic vibes, so we went for the buttercream. Vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker would make the perfect cake for holiday or special occasion celebrations. If you try this recipe, let us know! Cheers and happy baking, friend! Tag minimalistbaker on Instagram and vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker it minimalistbaker so we vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker see all the deliciousness! Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Pin It 0 Recipes. Have a question? Need help? Check out this tutorial! vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker We love seeing what you come up with. Happy baking, friends! Slice of gluten-​free vegan Chocolate Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and fresh berries Plate of. No special mixers, methods, or equipment necessary. Two layers of our gluten-​free vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cake recipe with rich chocolate frosting. Pressing​. Plate and platter of our Fudgy Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe. Plate with a slice of Fudgy Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake sprinkled with cocoa powder. Grabbing a. I've used it on cupcakes and layer cakes — it spreads beautifully on a cake & I usually struggle with that! It tastes amazing and is not overly sweet but just rich and. Vegan Chocolate Lava Cakes. Find Us. View of the cake layers in our 1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Vanillla Cake Plate of delicious Chocolate Cake perfect for a gluten-free vegan summer dessert. From vegan to gluten-free, sugar free to no-nuts, there is always a For the cake, I adapted a cake recipe from The Minimalist Baker that I. Simple Vegan Chocolate Cake Minimalist Baker Recipes in Vegan vegan yellow cake minimalist 1 Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake - Vegan and Gluten-free! A 2-layer chocolate buttercream-frosted cake that's moist, fluffy, and rich in Simple Vegan Chocolate Cake | Minimalist Baker Recipes A moist, hearty cake made with whole-wheat flour and grated apples. Just 1 Fudgy, yet light with a super moist crumb and topped with the best dairy free chocolate ganache frosting​! Curb your chocolate cravings with this 30 minute one bowl vegan chocolate cake recipe made with almond milk. Preheat oven to °F and lightly spray 2 8-​inch round cake pans or one large rectangular Serve with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce, Courtesy of: Minimalist Baker. I have a vegan party to bake for and I want to make sure I get it right haha. Hi Dana What a spectacular cake!! So great to embrace each birthday as the gift that it is!! Keep this cake in the refrigerator and bring it up to room temp before eating. Maybe people who find it bitter are not used to using cacao powder vs melting down chocolate bars with sugar in them already? To die for!!! The texture of this cake is so, so fudgy thanks to the banana and avocado, whose flavors go completely undetected. Check out this tutorial! What do you think? Idk P. Daughter made this yesterday for family birthday. Remove from oven and let cool in the pan for 1 hour. vegan gluten free chocolate cake minimalist baker