vertebrate zoology by kotpal pdf free download

vertebrate zoology by kotpal pdf free download

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Would you like to direct your viewers to specific…. Class 5. Superclass Pisces and Fish General Type 7. Invertebrate zoology : Robert W. Hegner, Robert W.. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Test permanent, well developed and thick. Atrium opens dorsally by atriopore. Pharynx large with many persistent gill-slits. Sexes united. Larva free-swimming and highly developed. Adults usually sessile after retrogressive metamorphosis when larval notochord, nerve cord and tail are lost and brain reduced to a solid dorsal ganglion.

Stolon simple or none. Enterogona 1. Neural gland usually ventral to ganglion. Gonad 1, lying in or behind intestinal loop. Larva with 2 sense organs ocelli and otolith. Suborder 1. Phlebobranchia 1. Pharynx with internal longitudinal vessels. Budding rare. Examples : Ascidia, Ciona, 1, 2. Thaliacea 1. Adults free living, pelagic, in warm and temperate seas. Solitary or colonial. Body shape and size variable. Tunic permanent, thin and transparent, with circular muscle bands. Atriopore located posteriorly.

Pharynx with 2 large or many small gill-slits. Larva formed or absent. Adult without notochord, nerve cord and tail. Asexual budding from a complex stolon. Life history with an alternation of generations.

Pyrosomida 1. Colony compact, tubular, closed at one end and phosphorescent throughout the life, due to the invasion of its egg by a symbiotic luminescent bacteria. Zooids embedded tn a common test. Muscle bands confined to body ends.

Gill-slits tall, numerous, upto No free-swimming larval stage. Reproduces by budding. Examples : Single genus, Pyrosoma. Suborder 2. Aplousobranchia Pharynx without longitudinal vessels. Budding common. Example ; Clavelina. Body compact, undivided. Neural gland dorsal or lateral to ganglion. Gonads 2 or more embedded in mantle wall. Larva with otolith. Separate eye absent. Examples : Herdmania, Botryllus, Molgula, Stye la. Body characteristically barrel-shaped.

Muscle bands form 8 complete rings. Gill-slits small, few to manv. A tailed larva with notochord present. Order 3. Body cylindrical or prism-shaped. Muscle bands incomplete ventrally. Pharynx communicates freely through a large gill-slit. Tailed larva absent. Examples : Salpa, Scyclosalpa. Small 5 mm long , solitary, free-swimming, pelagic, neotenic, larva-like forms with persistent nil, notochord, nerve cord and brain. Test forming a temporary house, icnewed periodically.

Atrium and atrial aperture absent. Gill-slits 2, opening directly to outside. No metamorphosis. House bilaterally symmetrical, with separate inhalent and exhalent apertures. Pharynx with endostyle. Examples : Oikopleura, Appendicularia. Polystylophora 1. House biradially symmetrical, aperture. Pharynx without endostyle. Example : Kowakvskia, atrial siphon base or foot , substratum Fig, 1.

Entire animal seen from right side. Endostylophora 1. Ascidia is closely similar to Herdmania. It is a common marine, solitary and sedentary tunicate, inhabiting temperate seas at all depths forming large groups attached to rocks. The body, 10 to 15 cm long, appears like a wrinkled sac or cylinder attached by a broad base. Test is thick, tough and brown, and siphons short and not at the same level. Branchial aperture is terminal while atrial aperture half way down the right lateral side.

Spacious pharynx has numerous gill-slits arranged in transverse rows, but internal longitudinal folds are lacking. Intestine has a typhlosole and anus is two-lipped. There is no liver. Brain lies dorsal to neural gland. Dorsal tubercle is horseshoe shaped.

Excretory vesicles are present on the stomach and intestine. A single hermaphrodite gonad is present in the loop of intestine.

Dissection to show viscera in left view. Its popular name is tube sea-squirt. It is a simple, solitary tunicate distributed in cold and temperate seas. The body is elongated, cylindrical, em long and attached to rocks by a broad base.

Test is thin, elastic and transparent. The siphons are cylindrical. The terminal branchial aperture is eight-lobed, while somewhat lower atrial aperture is six-lobed.

Mantle has longitudinal and circular muscle bands. The well-ioimed a;id perforated phaiynx is without internal folds.

Dorsal tubercle is simple and horseshoe shaped. Intestine has a typhlosole. Ciomi, from right side. Gonad is single, hermaphrodite and in the intestinal loop.

Visceral organs lie below the pharynx instead of its side. The well-formed tadpole larva undergoes retrogressive metamorphosis to become adult Fig. Clavellina is a colonial ascidian inhabiting shallow coastal waters of European seas. Large clusters of individuals, called zooids, occur attached on hard rocks, connected basally to a branching creeping stolon.

Each zooid is elongated, about 2. Body has two distinct regions, an upper thorax and a lower abdomen, connected by a middle narrow waist. The thorax lodges the pharynx with endostyle and dorsal lamina, neural complex, atrium and two short siphons. The narrower. Posteriorly, the pharynx extends as a narrow tubular epicardium into abdomen and stolon.

Gonad is hermaphrodite and lies in the intestinal loop. Fertilized eggs develop within the atrial cavity so that Clavellina is viviparous. Tailed tadpole larvae escape through the atrial aperture, vas deferens testis dorsal blood sinus tunic -septum epidermis ventral sinus Fig.

A—Single zooid. B—Stolon in T. Stolon contains two blood channels, partitioned by a mesodermal septum. Asexual reproduction occurs by budding from the stolon, forming blastozooids.

Before winter zooids disappear, their substance form food laden trophocytes, which bud off new zooids after winter. Infoladen Salzburg. Get started with a FREE account. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

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