watch fresh meat season 3 online free

watch fresh meat season 3 online free

Vod's drug use could mean the end of her academic career and Kingsley's official complaint comes back to haunt him and J. Meanwhile, Josie tries to get back onto her course and Oregon pursues Dylan. Oregon meets a sexy librarian and Vod falls in love. Thanh Dat Roller Shutter Door. Usman slams critics after branding UFC win 'boring'. But word gets out anyway and the housemates throw him a party.

Add the first question. Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Sound Mix: Dolby. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Vod 30 episodes, Howard 30 episodes, Josie 30 episodes, Oregon has not yet told Dylan about her relationship with his father, and Tony Shales unsuccessfully continues to try and win her back. Kingsley is annoyed to find that Oregon is a better musician than him and so he quits his own band at their gig.

Outside he finds Josie, who has been refused entry as she is no longer a student. He comforts her after she confesses she is scared about her future, and the pair almost kiss, but do not do so. As the end of the academic year approaches, JP purchases the house, regarding it as his only home now that his old home has been sold and his father is dead, but is distressed to learn that Oregon and Dylan are planning a backpacking trip around the South Americas, Kingsley and Heather are moving into a small bedsit, and Vod is reluctant to stay in a house with him.

Howard, meanwhile, has learnt that Sabine is pregnant with his baby, and adopts a baby pig. However, Oregon is frightened when Jean threatens to tell Dylan about her relationship with Tony Shales at her book launch, and Vod lies to Tony Shales about the actual meaning of the late John Frobisher's "Red Lady," forcing him to rewrite his book.

Despite JP's best efforts to unite them, everyone seems to be splitting up. At the book launch, though, Dylan learns about Oregon's affair with his father, following which Vod reveals the actual meaning of John Frobisher's "Red Lady," effectively leaving his academic career in tatters.

Dylan initially decides to stay with Oregon, but after kissing her, decides that it is too weird, and breaks up with her. After learning that Sabine was not pregnant, Howard pours his heart out to her, but is rejected.

Devastated, he decides to leave the University, but JP convinces him to stay. Kingsley, meanwhile, is horrified to learn that Josie, despite her earlier statement that she is staying in Manchester, is transferring to Southampton to study Zoology.

While having a conversation later on, the two finally share a kiss, and have sex in an upstairs bathroom. A third series was commissioned in November and premiered on 28 October via 4oD , before transmission on Channel 4 the following week, on 4 November. Vod is getting fed up of Javier, but the language barrier and his obvious love for her is preventing her from breaking up with him, and her efforts to find him a job so that he can earn money to return to Mexico all fail.

She eventually decides to marry him, so that he can find work legally and she can eventually break up with him. Oregon is shocked by Vod's selfishness, but is unable to persuade her of the potentially heartache she would cause him, and eventually storms off when Vod makes a tactless comment questioning why they're still friends. She attempts to fill the gap by helping Candice with her crush, a boy in her Christian Union group.

Kingsley, meanwhile, is finding it difficult to juggle his relationships with Heather and Josie, since he has to pay rent to both his shared flat with her and his room at JP's house, and has to alternate between the two places when Josie makes the long-distance trip from Southampton to Manchester to visit. It also forces him to struggle through many awkward phone conversations between them. Upon her arrival in Manchester, Josie admits that she is hating her Zoology course and Southampton, and that she would like to move back up to Manchester.

Since the only course available to her is Pharmacology, she immediately applies, but is shocked when the course tutor turns out to be Sabine, who makes it clear that she will not support Josie's application, because of her behaviour.

JP and Howard, meanwhile, compete over Sam, the girl that Howard managed to pull in the previous episode. It soon becomes clear that Sam is more interested in JP, but Howard refuses to give up. After Vod's attempt to get rid of Javier by abandoning him in Rochdale fails, Javier becomes fed up with the way she treats him and starts acting cold towards her. Feeling guilty, she attempts to make amends by cooking dinner for him, and admits that she does not want to live with him anymore.

He reveals that he is moving in with a workmate, and leaves the house the next day. Howard devises a plan to defeat JP as a rival for Sam's affections, by organising a team for her charity pub quiz, with JP as captain. JP is initially excited by the prospect of impressing Sam, until he learns that there will be a "captain's only" round at the end, and realises that Howard's plan is to embarrass him. Oregon, meanwhile, becomes jealous when she interprets Tony Shales' marking of Candice's essay as sexual advances on her and ends up engaging in a game of one-upmanship with her at the quiz.

At the end of the quiz, JP is busted cheating and ends up alienating Sam, while Oregon realises that Shales is not interested in Candice, and Candice learns of Oregon's affair with Shales.

JP convinces Kingsley, Josie and Vod to join him in taking part in a paid medical drug trial, fully knowing that Sam will be there. Vod promptly leaves after discovering the trial has a strict "no narcotics" policy. At the clinic, JP tries to impress Sam with stories from his gap year, and initially appears successful, until he tells one in which a friend of his almost died after being left in the sea off the coast of Durban , thinking it was funny. Meanwhile Kingsley starts to feel worried about Heather's impending return from Hong Kong, knowing that Josie will want a proper catch-up with her and believes he might have developed testicular cancer due to his guilt.

He resolves to tell Josie about his affair with Heather, but cannot bring himself to do it. When his paranoia gets worse, Josie accidentally ruins the trial by revealing who is on the drug and who is on the placebo.

Vod returns to the house to find that Oregon has written a play with characters who are exaggerated fictionalised versions of the housemates. When it is clear Oregon is using this to make herself seem the hero and people have their doubts, Vod agrees to help Oregon and participates in the play. Elsewhere, Howard's ambition of renting a new book in the library are dashed when he meets a new tough student in the library, and prepares himself for a fight.

Kingsley and Josie attend Oregon's play; afterwards Josie admits she had a drunken fling with a boy in Southampton, and Kingsley, sensing an opportunity, admits to his affair with Heather. Although Josie is upset, she hesitantly accepts what he did, and they agree to move on from it.

Vod announces that her mother, Chris Juliet Cowan , is coming to stay, although nobody can believe she has got one at all. When Chris arrives, she turns out to be sexually promiscuous and an alcoholic who has often neglected Vod. First shown: 21 Sep Strong language from the start, adult themes and scenes of a sexual nature This programme is subtitled.

Season 4 Season 2 Season 1. Similar shows. Episode 7 38m. Episode 1 41m. Episode 2 39m. Episode 3 37m. Episode 4 38m. Episode 5 39m. Episode 6 41m. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. This show is Quirky, Witty. More on ShareTV.

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