watch full moon wo sagashite online free

watch full moon wo sagashite online free

After being […]. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything ;. No Ratings Yet. This young boy is Eichi— a boy who treated Mitsuki as a younger sister. He believed in her and saw her potential to sing at such a young age. Because of this, Mitsuki clung onto him and became very close to him. However, because of her immaturity, she had difficulty expressing her true feelings and when she heard he was moving to America, she withdrew and hid, denying the separation.

Years later, she regretted this and poured her heart into songs as Full Moon to reach him. Mitsuki recognizes that Eichi will always be in her heart and he would want the best for her. This is shown in the lyrics to her songs she sings after she finds of his death.

There is no denying that Fuzuki loves her daughter and granddaughter, but she is unable to allow her love for them to show or develop. In the anime, she is depicted as rigid, strict, harsh, and difficult to connect to. Love is not reaching Fuzuki at all and she is unable to show love to her granddaughter, Mitsuki.

However, when Fuzuki sees her granddaughter about to fall off the ledge of the hospital, she expresses that she loves Mitsuki and does not want to see her die. When Fuzuki saves Mitsuki, she shows sacrifice and love that up until this point in the plot she was unable to express.

Fuzuki realizes her mistake: to love one must allow others to make their own choices, decisions and mistakes. Free will must be respected. She is able to support and freely express her love later in the anime. She desires to hear Mitsuki sing and swears to give Mitsuki the best life. Perhaps the biggest symbols of love are Meroko and Takuto, the two Shinigami who sacrificed everything to make sure Mitsuki lives.

One of the biggest character transformations is that of Meroko. At first, Meroko is shown as a comical character who is often silly, childish, jealous, obsessive, over-dramatic and demanding. She seeks love and dotes on Takuto throughout the anime, hoping to have her feelings heard and returned. To make matters even worse, two angels of death, Takuto and Meroko, appeared to Mitsuki and informed her that she only had one year left to live.

This news provides an even greater motivation for Mitsuki to fulfill her dreams, and with a little bit of divine intervention, she begins her quest to become a professional singer so she can be reunited with Eichi before time runs out.

User Ratings: ratings have been given [ details ]. Running time: half hour per episode. Number of episodes: Episode titles: We have Vintage: to Release dates: We have Links: We have Trivia: We have 4. Full Moon wo Sagashite Mar 23, DVD Release Jul 10, Hey, Answerman! Sep 25, Aug 7, Aug 8, Shelf Life - Upward Spiral Nov 25, Subscribe to the VIZ Newsletter. First Name. Last Name. Feedback Please submit a suggestion, comment or question - we would love to hear from you! Ogawa, Teruaki Japanese.

Ooshige, Masami Supporting. Seo, Tomomi Japanese. Tanaka, Yone Supporting. Akado, Mayumi Japanese. Hiramitsu, Takuya Sound Director. Yoshida, Shunji Episode Director. Send Feedback Help. The game is now in your favorites! You need to log in to add this game to your faves. Something went wrong, please try again later. Wakaoji and ask him to produce Mitsuki's second single.

However, Dr. Wakaoji refuses despite their begging. Until he feels regretful for not helping his old friend Aoi's daughter. Finally, Wakaoji chooses to be Fullmoon's producer, regarding to preserve her life. So, Mitsuki, Takuto, and Meroko rummage through the Koyama family's old belongings to see what kind of message Mitsuki's father wanted to send.

She finds her mother's old music box. Mitsuki's grandmother nearly saw her transformation, that reminds her of Hazuki. Fearing that she may lose to Fullmoon, Madoka gets a reporter to take a photo of Fullmoon and Wakaoji together. This starts a scandal about Fullmoon and Wakaoji having a secret date.

Madoka is left depressed after Takasu lectured her. While Mitsuki and Takuto are out at a concert, Meroko, who has stayed behind at the house, gets some unexpected visitors: her ex-partner, Izumi Rio, and his partner, Jonathan. By order of the chief, they have come to investigate if the rumor about Meroko and Takuto using their powers to help a human child is true. When Izumi and Jonathan decide to check out Fullmoon's release of her second single, Takuto and Meroko have to keep them from knowing that they are helping Mitsuki.

Mitsuki's old teacher from the orphanage visits her. She reveals that she now lives in America and agrees to look for Eichi there. Mitsuki tries to write a letter for Kazumi to deliver to Eichi. It's not all fun and games at this year's college festival. Takuto transforms into a human to protect Mitsuki from some muscle-bound fanboys, and ends up as a contestant in a game where the prize is a kiss from Fullmoon!

Things haven't been going well for Madoka after she lost to Fullmoon; she got a new manager, she has lame jobs like cheap commercials, and people are talking behind her back. Mitsuki later finds herself in Madoka's home, where she discovers a little more about her.

She convinces Madoka that anyone's songs can be wonderful. Mitsuki's illness begins to worsen and can't go to Kyoto for her school trip, and Mitsuki's grandmother begins pressuring her to have surgery. Mitsuki meets a middle-aged man named Sanada.

He is able to see shinigami like Takuto and Meroko and his death day is approaching as well! Sanada tells them his sad story about losing his family.

Mitsuki and Sanada develop a grandfather-granddaughter relationship. It turns out Izumi and Jonathan knew about Mitsuki. Favorite Answer. Hi : Full Moon wo Sagashite is one of my favourite animes : I love it so much. After her checkup, disappointed because her Doctor wouldn't let her go to the auditions for singing; she went to her room when two Shinigami popped out of the wall! They told her she has 1 year left to live. How is she going to become a singer now? Full Moon wo Sagashite is available to watch and stream on.

You can also buy, rent Full Moon wo Sagashite on demand at online. Full Moon wo Sagashite Add to Watchlist. Season 1 0 sources. Episode 52 - Searching for the Full Moon. March 29th, Full Moon continues her concert. Episode 51 - The Day of Fate. March 22nd, It's Full Moon's last concert March 15th, Takuto finally uses the flower of forgetfulness March 8th, Takuto is still linked to the human world Episode 48 - You can't become Full Moon!?

March 1st, Takuto is starting to lose his power because of his past memories! Episode 47 - A Wish To Live. February 22nd, Takuto and Meroko are willing to give up their lives to save Mitsuki before she dies.

Episode 46 - To a New Moon. February 15th, Mitsuki realizes that there's more to life than just singing for Eichi. Episode 45 - Izumi's Temptation. February 8th, Since Mitsuki lost the will to live Izumi is going to attempt to retrieve her soul once more!

Episode 44 - A Sympathizing Heart.

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