watch koe no katachi movie online free

watch koe no katachi movie online free

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. The sisters' mother, Yaeko Nishimiya, slaps Shoya in the face before bringing Yuzuru inside. Shoya and Shoko reunite with Miyoko Sahara, a classmate from elementary school who was friendly to Shoko.

Shoko gives Shoya a gift and confesses her feelings for him, but because she tries to speak her affections rather than signing them out, Shoya does not understand her.

Shoya invites her to an amusement park with Tomohiro, Miyoko, Miki Kawai another classmate from elementary school and Satoshi Mashiba Miki's friend. There, they meet another classmate from elementary school, Naoka Ueno, who drags Shoko into a ferris wheel. Naoka voices her feelings of hatred for Shoko, whom Naoka blames for creating a rift between her and Shoya. At school, desperate to remain blameless for her part in bullying Shoko, Miki exposes Shoya's past to the students who were oblivious to it.

Later, the group has a heated confrontation. Shoya goes back to the bridge to meet Shoko but ends up seeing Yuzuru, whose grandmother had died recently. To cheer Shoko up, Shoya takes her to the countryside, where he begins to understand how much she blames herself for everything that has happened to him. Desperate to change her mindset, Shoya contrives to regularly meet with the sisters.

During the fireworks festival , Shoko goes home under the guise of finishing some schoolwork. Shoya follows when Yuzuru asks him to get her camera.

When he arrives, he finds Shoko standing on the balcony, about to commit suicide. Shoya succeeds in grabbing her and pulls her back up, but he falls into the river below. He is rescued but slips into a coma. One night, Shoko dreams about receiving a farewell visit from Shoya. Horrified, she runs to the bridge and collapses in tears. Shoya, awakening from his coma, stumbles to the bridge and finds her there. He apologizes for the way he treated her.

He asks her to stop blaming herself and admits that, while he once considered ending his own life, he has since decided against it. Shoya then asks her to help him continue to live. When Shoya goes to the school festival with Shoko, he finds out how much his new friends still care for him, and they reconcile. During the festival, Shoya is finally able to look at other people's faces again.

He looks around at his family and all the new friends he has made, and he cries. The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in the manga's final chapter that released on November 19, , [7] later specifying that the adaptation will be an anime theatrical film on December 17, For the English dub , deaf actress Lexi Cowden was cast as Shoko. The film premiered in theaters across Japan on September 17, Wolf Children Animation Adventure Comedy.

The Anthem of the Heart Children Who Chase Lost Voices Animation Adventure Drama. Spirited Away Animation Adventure Family. Summer Wars Animation Action Adventure. Howl's Moving Castle Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms My Neighbor Totoro Animation Family Fantasy. Taglines: Sometimes the answer is as simple as learning to listen Edit Did You Know?

Naoko Yamada 's previous work, K-On! The Movie also paid tribute to the famous British band. Goofs During Ishida and Ueno's conversation at the crosswalk, Nishimiya is seen holding the pouch that Ishida had given to her as a gift. Koe no Katachi Specials. Nishimiya, Shouko Main. Hayami, Saori Japanese. Ishida, Shouya Main.

Irino, Miyu Japanese. Nishimiya, Yuzuru Supporting. Yuuki, Aoi Japanese. Ueno, Naoka Supporting. Kaneko, Yuuki Japanese. Nagatsuka, Tomohiro Supporting. Ono, Kensho Japanese. Pedro Supporting. Watanuki, Ryuunosuke Japanese. I am planning to watch this movie in the theater this weekend. What do you guys think? Should I read the manga? Well I read comments about that they like more the manga than the movie so is better to see it fresh I think. I read the manga first but I like the movie too.

Ryunosuke Watanuki. Ayano Hamaguchi. Erena Kamata. Hana Takeda. Mayu Matsuoka. Satsuki Yukino. Sachiko Kojima. Kristen Sullivan. Amber Lee Connors. Michael Sinterniklaas. Ikuko Tani. Toshiyuki Toyonaga. Sara Cravens. Melissa Schoenberg.

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