watch lab rats speed trapped online free

watch lab rats speed trapped online free

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Meanwhile, Bree gets more than she bargains for when she and Skylar try to bond as sisters. Together, they vow to track down villains and keep the world safe. Lab Rats: Elite Force. Season 2. Episode Guide. Season 3. Season 4. Crush, Chop, and Burn. Commando App. Rats on a Train. Exoskeleton vs.

Smart and Smarter. Bree is tired of being the target of the boys pranks and partners with Donald for payback. It's Christmas Eve and the Lab Rats have to go on a rescue mission to Donald's secret facility in the frozen tundra. Trent demands that Leo and Chase help him study for a science test. Donald is under attack by a hacker that has not only left Davenport Industries in ruins but has stolen his entire fortune.

When Adam refuses to cheat by using his bionic abilities to win a contest, Leo tricks him into activating them. When Leo's crush comes over, he borrows Davenport's high-speed helicopter to impress her.

Davenport's time machine brings a future Leo to the present to prevent the kids from embarking on a deadly mission. With Leo's parents on vacation, things go awry when he plays with a new gadget that creates problems for the Lab Rats.

When Adam, Bree and Chase learn about chores and earning an allowance, they soon become obsessed with making money. Tasha takes the kids on a beach outing, but there's a catch: They're forbidden to use technology. When the kids are caught using bionics on camera, they must recover the evidence before anybody sees it. The Lab Rats befriend a new kid at school, but Leo quickly realizes that there's something strange about him. Season 2 of Lab Rats has 26 episodes.

Feeling like the least "exciting" person in the house, Leo takes on a challenge to prove his worth. When the Rats return from a mission, Davenport discovers that Bree was exposed to a toxic chemical. Chase and Leo enter a robot battling competition where they hope to defeat the returning champion.

Chase outsmarts Adam with a prank that hurts not only his aura of invincibility but his confidence. Leo is inadvertently sucked into Davenport's new invention, which transports him to a parallel universe.

Convinced that his new "magic" skill will boost his rep, Leo signs himself up for a talent show. First Aired: February 25, -. Chase and Adam befriend a new student named Marcus at school and form a band with him, but Leo is suspicious of Marcus. After Leo joins the band, Marcus breaks his own guitar and blames Leo.

Meanwhile, Bree plans to bond with Davenport on Career Day at school, but gets upset when she finds out Davenport has been planning something with the boys. Leo brings along a tablet with Eddy's home system recording installed on it, showing that he did not break Marcus' guitar, but before he shows everyone, Marcus confesses to breaking the guitar.

After a pretend breakdown, he then tells Leo to never tell on him again or else. At school, Chase, Adam, and Bree agree to let Marcus stay at their house for the weekend because his father is out of town and he does not want to stay with his grandmother. Chase, Adam, and Bree discover they have secret bionic abilities, but when they confront Davenport, they find out that he does not know what their secret abilities are or when they will become known. When Marcus comes over, Chase, Adam, and Bree have to go into space because Davenport's satellite is about to get hit by a meteor shower due to a breach.

They get there and fix the breach, but Adam accidentally breaks his tether with his heat vision and Bree ends up rescuing him, with help from Chase and his newly discovered molecularkinesis ability. Marcus infiltrates the lab and places a microscopic spy camera inside. Later, Marcus notifies a mysterious man about his infiltration in Davenport's lab.

Chase, Adam, and Bree sneak out to a party Marcus is at in Davenport's new self-driving car. At the party, Marcus programs the car to go to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean , and when Leo tries to stop Marcus, he becomes trapped in the car which then speeds toward the ocean.

Chase, Adam, and Bree manage to rescue Leo in time, though they are unaware that it was Marcus' doing. Meanwhile, Davenport and Tasha try to celebrate their one-year anniversary, but Eddy keeps interrupting them. Leo uses Davenport's robotic fly to mess with Bree, but he goes too far when he uses its spy camera to cheat off Bree's test at school. However, when Principal Perry finds and keeps the robotic fly, a swarm of them is accidentally released during a struggle between her and Leo over the container which paralyze the students, and the only way Bree will help is if Leo confesses he cheated.

Leo confesses and Bree creates a tornado with her speed to capture the flies in the container. Meanwhile, Chase and Adam must take care of baby dolls for a class, but it ends up in a battle between them, with them hurting each other's babies in various ways. Guest star : Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry. Leo wants to be a part of the team, but Davenport will not let him.

When Davenport discovers a gas leak at a facility, he calls Chase, Adam, and Bree, but they are stuck in detention with Principal Perry for missing school during their other missions. Leo goes instead, much to Davenport's dismay. Eddy, who received a full robot body from Davenport, also goes on the mission. Leo soon proves to be worthy when he devises a solution to the gas leak, by sacrificing Eddy's new body. Later, Leo officially becomes a member of the team as someone who watches over missions and gives ideas and advice, and Eddy is returned to his former location within the walls of Davenport's house.

Bree has a crush on Owen, a student who is an artist. While going on a mission to receive samples to bust criminals, Bree is exposed to one of the chemicals that she is collecting when she is not paying attention. Upon learning that Bree is infected, Chase, Adam, and Davenport try to figure out what is wrong and how to undo it.

Leo tries to make sure Bree does not reveal her bionics when she sneaks out to see Owen's art at school. At the art show, however, the side effects of the chemical Bree was exposed to begin to manifest, causing her to lose control of her body.

Chase and Leo decide to build a robot and enter it in a robot combat competition. They let Davenport join their team, but they kick him off after he wrecks their robot to demonstrate its weakness.

He then enters the competition himself, going head-to-head against Chase and Leo. Meanwhile, Bree accidentally exposes her bionic speed to her friend Caitlin, who then leaves in a fluster. Caitlin confesses she has a crush on Adam and he becomes her boyfriend so that he can convince her she did not see anything unusual. When Adam and Caitlin are on their date, Caitlin confesses she has to wear glasses and therefore did not see anything earlier.

Adam does not like Caitlin, and convinces her that her true crush is Chase, but he does not want to be with her either. Adam dislocates his arm after Chase pulls a prank on him. After realizing how dangerous the world can be, Adam becomes overly concerned about safety and eventually decides to quit the team to avoid getting hurt again. Chase and Bree realize they cannot go on missions without Adam, so Chase and Davenport come up with a plan that convinces Adam to rejoin the team.

Meanwhile, Bree discovers she has a vocal manipulation ability that allows her to copy other people's voices, but she gets grounded for using it to make fun of Principal Perry. Chase, Adam, and Bree go on strike with Leo as their leader due to Davenport's refusal to give them a day off. A NASA representative plans to visit Davenport earlier than expected to see a presentation of his new gravity propulsion belt, a device that allows astronauts to spacewalk anywhere in the galaxy.

Chase, Adam, and Bree are upset when Leo abandons the strike to accept Davenport's offer of presenting the gravity belt. However, Leo is unaware that Davenport is using him to get Chase, Adam, and Bree to surrender and end the strike. When the NASA representative arrives, Davenport agrees to give Chase, Adam, and Bree time off if they will do the presentation for him, as Leo is not properly trained for it.

Davenport's presentation is ruined when Leo accidentally activates the gravity belt and recklessly hovers around the house, prompting the representative to leave without purchasing it. Later, Chase, Adam, and Bree forgive Leo for betraying the strike. One of Davenport's inventions accidentally sucks Leo into a parallel universe, where Chase, Adam, and Bree are powerless and Leo is the one with bionics and everything is backward. Tasha is a technology genius, Davenport is her assistant, Principal Perry is nice, Chase is a jock, Adam is a nerd, and Bree is popular.

Chase, Adam, and Bree do not know Leo; when he exposes his bionics to them, they contact government agents who attempt to capture him for research. He and Davenport have to get him back to his universe before Leo ends up in government lockdown. Leo decides to enter the school talent show by performing a magic act, and Chase is upset that he is not pictured in the yearbook.

To achieve popularity, Chase uses his molecularkinesis in the talent show auditions for his own magic act, but he takes Leo's spot in the show, which upsets Leo. Back at home, Eddy gives Leo a device to interrupt Chase's bionics during the show. At the talent show, Leo disables Chase's molecularkinesis, causing Chase to get booed at, which in turn activates his Commando App and turns him into Spike.

Leo calms him down, but induces Spike again by insulting Chase. Leo tries using the device to shut Spike down, but ends up causing Spike's aggression levels to soar. Principal Perry then takes Spike down, reverting him to Chase. Meanwhile, Adam and Owen create a butter sculpture of Perry for the talent show.

Bree is upset about Owen spending time with Adam, so she has Eddy turn up the heat in the house to melt the sculpture. Owen becomes upset when Eddy reveals that Bree wanted the sculpture to melt. Bree makes it up to Owen by making him a new statue out of popcorn. After seeing Marcus at school, Leo follows him to his house, which contains a lair.

He gets photographic evidence on his cell phone that not only proves that Marcus is evil, but that he also wants Chase, Adam, and Bree. Unfortunately, he is captured by Marcus and he orders his robot to kill him. Leo escapes by out-thinking Marcus with a move Chase used to beat Adam at arm wrestling.

Meanwhile, Chase, Adam, and Bree try out Davenport's new teleporter , but accidentally teleport Tasha somewhere with no knowledge of where she went. They learn that trying to teleport Tasha back could result in her becoming disfigured during the process, so Chase and Davenport try to correct the machine. Because of Adam's low intelligence, they ignore his idea for bringing Tasha home. When Tasha returns home, she tells them she was teleported to Fresno and was contacted by Adam, who told her about the teleportation mishap.

She then followed Adam's idea of returning home on a bus. Leo returns to the lab and tries to bust Marcus, but he accidentally drops his phone into the teleporter, which destroys the phone. Leo then leads the others to Marcus' house, but they do not believe his claims as the house appears normal. Inside, Marcus' father tells Marcus that he has failed him and that he will have to take care of Chase, Adam, Bree, and Davenport himself. When Adam sneezes, it triggers his heat vision which burns a hole into the painting.

Chase and Bree try to fix the problem by using their bionics to paint a replica, but the plan is jeopardized when Davenport decides to sell the painting. After receiving a tip from a prospective buyer, the FBI arrives and accuses Davenport of trying to sell forged art, which prompts the others to tell the truth about the original painting.

While the FBI searches the house for more forged art, Adam, Bree and Chase go to their school, where Adam disposed of the original painting in a dumpster. They learn that Perry has created an indoor golf course using trash and other items, including the painting. Bree plays golf against Perry and wins back the painting. Meanwhile, the FBI nearly discovers the lab and Davenport's secrets until the others return with the original painting, proving Davenport's innocence.

Adam gets his driver's license and Davenport takes him to get a car; however, when Davenport has to leave the car dealership early, he lets Adam finish the purchase on his own. Adam gets a monster truck instead of the intended car. Davenport is about to take back the truck, but he and Adam decide to keep it and take a joyride. Meanwhile, Leo is bragging about how he was invited to a party, but when Tasha runs for PTA president and embarrasses him, he worries he will be uninvited.

He then has Bree use her voice manipulation to make Tasha seem like she is making fun of Principal Perry, which causes Principal Perry to decide to run against Tasha.

Later, Perry wins the vote when Adam and Davenport accidentally crash the monster truck into the school. Leo wants the corner locker at school, only to find out it has been taken by his neighbor, Clayton Harrington. Common Sense Media. Retrieved September 22, The Futon Critic. United States Copyright Office. Showbuzz Daily.

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Skip to Content. Kids see the Elite Force members watch lab rats speed trapped online free with differences of opinions and, in the case of Chase and Kaz, vie for leadership responsibilities, but they always learn that teamwork and an open exchange of ideas are the best paths to success. Wattch characters' superpowers can't substitute for courage or off-the-cuff planning, which are crucial to their ability to thwart the villains' schemes. Girls are well-represented on this elite watch dead by dawn 1998 online free. The teens are one-minded in their determination ratts undermine the world's villains, even if their methods are varied. Watch lab rats speed trapped online free find it easier than others, but all the characters learn to adapt to their new surroundings, watch lab rats speed trapped online free, and team dynamic. Some threatening language from villains who vow to eliminate every watch lab rats speed trapped online free they find, but encounters rarely feature more than the characters getting tossed around and thrown into walls. Dialogue often refers to past events that took place during preceding series Lab Rats and Mighty Medso kids who haven't seen those shows may want to watch them to understand the characters' backgrounds. For a superhero-themed show, there's little xpeed to be concerned with, and what exchanges do exist show little more than the characters using their power to incinerate objects or hurl each other away from the fray. The blending of two sets of characters sets up some power struggles among them, which usually results in lessons about teamwork and appreciating other people's strengths. This fun series is a good pick for families, but if your kids haven't seen the two previous shows, their interest may be piqued by the characters' frequent references to their pasts. Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Watch lab rats speed trapped online free Media Plus. Join now. Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 17 kid reviews. watch lab rats speed trapped online free Lab Rats is available to stream on Netflix and Disney+. You can or buy it. See where to watch Lab Rats on Not available to watch free online. Watch Lab Rats: Bionic Island: Speed Trapped from Season 2 at The following is a list of Lab Rats episodes that aired on Disney XD starting The Super Humans all have unique abilities – Adam has strength, Bree has speed and Chase has smarts. 21, 1, Speed Trapped, February 25, , Davenport tries to raise money for a new lab by attempting a death-defying stunt,​. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wikipedia list article. Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American comedy (millions). 20, 1, "Speed Trapped", Victor Gonzalez, Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore, February 25, ()​, , Lab Rats: Elite Force is an American comedy television series created by and Paris Berelc from Mighty Med were announced as returning for the new spinoff series. Skylar, Perry and Chase become trapped when part of the tunnel collapses. had little free time since Naomi was born and asks the team if they will watch. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service. Season 02, Episode 01 Speed Trapped. seen episode. Posted: Feb 25, Season 2. Speed Trapped. S2, Ep1. 25 Feb. Speed Trapped. Lab Rats: Bionic Island: Season 2 (). SEASON: There are no critic reviews yet for Season 2. Keep checking What and when to watch · Video Game. And what will Davenport do when the Lab Rats go on strike?! Speed Trapped. February 25, The Lab Rats take Davenport's self-driving car for a spin. Country: USA. Leo designs defense drones that act as his personal bodyguards, but they don't work as well as expected. Login access is disabled. Metacritic Reviews. Written by statmanjeff. Choose background:. Watch with Watch on Netflix Watch Now. External Sites. Not a member yet? The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. External Reviews. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Title: Speed Trapped 25 Feb Season 2 Episode 1. watch lab rats speed trapped online free