watch ufc on fox 29 online free

watch ufc on fox 29 online free

Overeem def. Burns def. Calvillo def. Volkov Hooker Poirier def. UFC - Usman vs. Usman def. Unique perspectives on the daily sports topics that matter most. Poirier doubles, now triples up on a jab that snaps back Gaethje's head, and Gaethje whiffs on the subsequent low kick. Gaethje is standing right in front of Poirier now, just covering up as the Louisiana native tees off with punches, and Poirier is starting to have more success as a result.

A cracking left hook to the side of the head connects for Poirier, who's coming on strong here in the second half of the round. Gaethje continues to land nasty leg kicks, but Poirier is inflicting some heavy damage upstairs in the meantime.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Poirier Chris Nelson scores the round Poirier Josh Stillman scores the round Poirier Round 2 Gaethje continues to press forward at the start of round two, covering up when Poirier fires punches and high kicks in his direction. Gaethje sticks a jab, then has to back up as Poirier throws another big combination. Gaethje is deflecting the strikes, but he's absorbing them nonetheless. In the next exchange, Gaethje's outstretched hand catches Poirier in the right eye.

Referee Dean offers to call the doctor, but Poirier needs only a few seconds to recover, while Gaethje gets a firm warning for leaving his hands open while striking. Poirier starts kicking back, now tags Gaethje with a blistering left hook. Gaethje is swinging for the fences, throwing big overhands and looking for a homerun, but Poirier slides out of the way every time.

A five-piece combination for Poirier gets through, but Gaethje doesn't budge, just stops covering up and walks forward again. Poirier tries a takedown, gets denied by Gaethje, and now the lightweights go back to striking. Down to the final minute of round two, Poirier blasts Gaethje with a big right hook. Gaethje is still throwing low kicks but he's taking some seriously headshots in the interim.

Poirier tries a late single-leg and runs Gaethje agains, where the former WSOF champ makes Poirier pay with a hard elbow. Gaethje flips at Poirier with a "rolling thunder" kick, and it may have partially landed as Poirier stays standing with his hands on his knees after the horn. Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Poirier Chris Nelson scores the round Poirier Josh Stillman scores the round Poirier Round 3 Gaethje lands an inside leg kick, then throws another which Poirier leaps backward to avoid.

Poirier, now sporting a cut on the outside corner of his right eye, changes levels and drives Gaethje to the ground with a quick double-leg in the center. Gaethje stands up immediately, lands an inside leg kick but takes a left hook to the ribs from Poirier in return. Gaethje steps into the pocket, slipping a jab, and comes over the top with a right hand that leaves Poirier staggering backward. Gaethje remains measured, picking at Poirier with some left hands from the outside, now moving inside to clinch and jam "The Diamond" up against the wall.

Gaethje lands a good knee to the body just before Poirier is able to escape the clinch. Ninety seconds remain in the third, and Gaethje is still landing kicks on Poirier's already damaged right leg. Poirier doubles over after taking one kick, then drives forward to push Gaethje against the wall. Gaethje reverses to the outside, circles away, then comes back to throw hands.

Again, Gaethje's outstretched hand catches Poirier in the right eye. This time, referee Dean takes one point from Gaethje for the foul, having already issued a warning in the previous round. Poirier tells the doctor that he's OK, and the lightweights get back to action with a touch of gloves.

The final 15 seconds tick down without incident -- until Poirier catches Gaethje with a finger to the left eye right at the horn. Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Chris Nelson scores the round Josh Stillman scores the round Round 4 Gaethje comes forward throwing leg kicks, and Poirier times one perfectly, rocking "The Highlight" with a beautiful left-handed counter. Gaethje is in all sorts of trouble, wobbling backward and trying to swing punches in return as Poirier tees off with follow-up shots.

Gaethje is out on his feet, his arms not functioning correctly, while Poirier continues to blast away with both hands. Referee Dean is already taking a close look when a right straight-left hook combo sends Gaethje to the canvas.

That's all the ref needs to see, and Dean steps in to wave off the contest. Dustin Poirier becomes only the second man to finish Justin Gaethje, who has now been knocked out in back-to-back bouts after beginning his career on an run. The Official Result Dustin Poirier def. Related Articles. Fight Finder Sponsored by.

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Sherdog Blogs. Low kick from Rainey. Salihov shoots in, denied. Rainey shoots, stuffed as well, tries a head kick on the break. Check hook by the Dagestani. Nice left hook by Rainey. Salikhov tries a wheel kick. Jab from Rainey, body kick comes back. Salikhov catches a kick and tries to open up when Rainey stands. Body kick from Salikhov. They briefly tie up. Rainey ties up on the fence.

Round 2: Leg kick from Salikhov to start, then a quick throw-down. Spinning back kick to the midsection. Leg kick from Rainey a minute in. They tie up and Rainey looks for shot sin the clinch. Salikhov looks for counters, tries a spinning back fist. Overhand right from Salikhov. Leg kick and left hook connect. Lazy leg kick from Rainey draws a counter. Straight left from Rainey in his first real burst of the round.

Another leg kick from Salikhov. Good knee to the body by Rainey. Spinning back kick by Salikhov. Counter overhand right drops Rainey and a couple more piledriver right hands end it. Round 1: Moraga opens with a low kick. They trade rights, then another leg kick. Reis tries to change levels, denied. Left hook by Moraga a minute in. Moraga moving well early. Counter right lands clean.

Low kick and he stuffs a Reis takedown. Left hook this time. Head kick attempt. Reis shoots into a guillotine and a scramble ensues. Reis ultimately takes him down into side control.

Moraga scrambles up with two minutes to go. Browne elbows from Moraga, one to the back of the head. He circles off. Left hook by Moraga. Reis fires a left hand, eats a knee, and takes Moraga down. Moraga uses a seat belt grip to look for the back, then an arm triangle before ultimately landing in half guard.

Reis hits a takedown at the bell. Round 2: Reis counters an uppercut with a right hook. Left hook lands clean for Moraga. Straight rights. Reis with a leg kick. Check hook from Moraga. Reis completes a nice takedown on the fence a minute in. Moraga works his way up and separates. Body kick by Reis, Moraga answers in kind. Brief clinch. Reis lands a good leg kick and shoots on the fence. Back to the center with two minutes to go. Moraga lands a right downstairs, then a clean knee to the head.

Reis shoots in, avoiding a guillotine to settle in half guard. Reis works his way to the back with a minute to go. Moraga spins into guard and goes to work with elbows and punches. Round 3: Moraga opens with a leg kick and right hand. Body shot. Right hand inside from Rais. Moraga tries to counter a takedown with a throw, winds up on his rear against the fence. Moraga rolls to his knees, then his feet. They jockey for position on the cage. Double unders for Reis. Moraga separates and fires a He tries a head kick.

Moraga digs a right downstairs. Reis lands a combo and shoots on the fence. Moraga sprawls, stands, lands an elbow, rolled to his back. Reis looks for the back as Moraga gets to a knee. Both hooks in. Body triangle. They punch each other with a minute to go. Reis still looking for the choke. John Moraga. Krzysztof Jotko. Brad Tavares. Gilbert Burns. Dan Moret. Shana Dobson. Lauren Mueller. Dhiego Lima. Masthead Community Guidelines. Mueller stuffs a Dobson takedown attempt. Nice counter right from Mueller before the round closes.

Fun round. Round 2 - Dobson aggressive with the jab out of the break. Hard right followed by a body kick from Dobosn. Mueller begins pumping her own jab. Mueller clinches up, pushes the fight against the fence. They break with a Mueller body shot. Mueller presses the action briefly before Dobson goes back to the jab. Both landing hard shots. Dobson circling, mixing kicks with the jab. Mueller struggling to find her range. Mueller hurts Dobson with a hard shot, begins pressuring behind her punches.

Round 3 - More jabs from Dobson. Mueller finds a hard right and Dobson is hurt. Mueller continues the punches and Dobson lands a desperation takedown. Mueller back to her feet, but Dobson hangs on and pushes her against the fence.

Mueller reverses position, landing the occasional elbow and knee. Body kick from Dobson after they break. Mueller pressuring, catching a kick from Dobson and dumping her on her back. Mueller follows to the ground and holds Dobson in a cradle from the side. Mueller into half guard. Dobson scrambles back up, throwing desperation hooks.

Dobson hurts Mueller with a body shot. Dobson recognizes it and starts advancing and attacking the body. Mueller catches a kick and dumps Dobson, but Dobson right back up with knees to the gut.

Mueller clinches up and presses Dobson against the fence to end the fight. Great action from these ladies in a very close contest.

Lauren Mueller defeated Shana Dobson via unanimous decision , , Dhiego Lima vs. Yushin Okami. Round 1 - Lima strikes first with outside low kick. Okami scores a quick takedown off a Lima kick. Lima back to his feet quickly, but Okami has his back. Okami looking to wrest him down, but Lima resisting. Okami finally gets him down. Lima positions himself close to the cage to prevent a full body lock.

Regardless, Okami still in great position with a hook in. Okami transitions to the top looking for punches and Lima secures the guard and keeps Okami from posturing up.

Okami out of the guard, but still struggling to posture for effective punches. Easy round to score. Round 2 - Lima pressuring now, throwing out his jab to the head and body. Okami looking for another shoot takedown, but Lima prepared this time. Okami right back to another takedown attempt, pushing Lima against the fence. Okami relentless and wears Lima down by getting his back and dragging him down. Okami continues to advance position until he has Lima flat on his back.

A few elbows from Okami before Lima sweeps and is back to his feet Lima taken down again. Round 3 - Lima comes out swinging. Okami misses on a single leg, but scores on a trip. Okami still hanging on as Lima scrambles to his feet. They stay in that position for a while before — surprise — Okami drags him down again. Crowd is booing. Okami landing some elbows from half-guard. Punches and elbows from Okami. Okami ends the round in the mount with some punches.

Yushin Okami defeated Dhiego Lima via unanimous decision , , Arjan Bhullar vs. Adam Wieczorek. Round 1 - Wieczorek throwing out punches and kicks immediately as Bhullar pressures. Bhullar trying to posture up as Wieczorek looking to wall walk, neither finding much success. Wieczorek searching for a triangle.

Bhullar staying busy, but not accomplishing much. The ref has seen enough — with some urging from the crowd — and the stand up with 40 seconds left. Kattar vs.

We use cookies and watch ufc on fox 29 online free tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where watch ufc on fox 29 online free audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Opening up the main card are top ranked strawweights Michelle Waterson and Cortney Casey. The full lineup and watch ufc on fox 29 online free follows. Justin Gaethje vs. Dustin Watch ufc on fox 29 online free. Round 1 - Gaethje comes out aggressive, mixing punches and kicks. Poirier turns away briefly with a hard counter, but only briefly. Poirier focusing on his boxing while Gaethje mixing in a lot of low kicks. Gaethje pressuring. Gaethje landing some to the body now. So is Poirier. Poirier sticking a jab out there. Gaethje pressuring some more. Poirier throwing combos as Gaethje brings up the forearm guard. Poirier swinging for the fences. Poirier back to the jab. Now back to combos. Gaethje been frer for a while. Gaethje starting to respond with combos. Heavy shots from Poirier land clean. Gaethje still there despite the onslaught. Short combination lands for Gaethje to trapcode particular free download cs6 with crack the ifc. Great round. watch ufc on fox 29 online free UFC on Fox 29 viewing information. Date: Saturday, April Time: 8 p.m. ET Stream: fuboTV (Try for free) Channel: Fox (check local listings). Watch UFC on Fox Poirier vs Gaethje. Enjoy & Watch UFC on Fox Poirier vs Gaethje Full Show Replay Online Free in HD & HDTV. UFC on FOX 29 results, live stream play-by-play updates for Dustin Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 29) before you split and chat. Find out when and where to watch UFC on FOX 29 free stream online: Live streaming options, start time and more for "Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje" tonight. Watch Dustin Poirier in the Octagon after her victory over Justin Gaethje at Fight The fights are free on FOX and is part of a stacked lineup. Live, blow-by-blow updates for today's UFC on FOX 29 event in Arizona free and lands a few punches before Casey goes for another armbar. Watch Muslim Salikhov vs Ricky Rainey fight on UFC on FOX 29 inside Gila River Arena in Glendale, Watch UFC Fight Night Online Free - Hunt vs. Sherdog's UFC on Fox 29 coverage kicks off Saturday at p.m. ET. The southpaw Sanders presses forward for the better part of a minute before Suddenly, with 25 seconds on the clock, Williams delivers a slugging right Bhullar works the arm free, but as soon as he does, Wieczorek slides out to. Total insurance coverage for individuals, Robinson Dental Group Consultations are free! In my near two decades. FOX29 Morning Show · See all​. How to watch UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Hooker online in the U.S. you'll be able to watch the Main Card for free beginning at 1am BST a starter pack for $25 as well as the Sports pack $29 bringing your total cost to $54 per month. including ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and Fox depending on where you live. Marvin Vettori loss. Antonio Carlos Jr. Gaethje NEWS. Zhalgas Gilbert Burns win. Raulian Davey Winner Split Dec. Dan Moret loss. Vanessa Elizeu John Moraga win. Krzysztof Jotko loss. watch ufc on fox 29 online free