why school lunches should not be free

why school lunches should not be free

Research shows that receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduces food insecurity, obesity rates, and poor health. In addition, the new school meal nutrition standards are having a positive impact on student food selection and consumption, especially for fruits and vegetables. Improves Dietary Intake. Positively Impacts Health and Obesity Rates. Watch the speeches starting at the mark.

Skip to main content. Don't miss a brief. Do you have to pay for school lunch? Are there rules at your school about what happens if a student cannot pay for lunch or accumulates debt? Should we worry that wealthier families might get a free lunch and exploit the system? Furthermore, students can receive discounted lunches if their household income is close to the poverty line. Students whose families live above the poverty line are expected to pay full price.

One would think that it would be simple to provide students the necessary nutrition, but the USDA School Lunch Program doles out billions back to participating schools each year in reimbursment for these meals. At the end of the day, schools set the price of their lunches, and the program will reimburse back the school depending on a percentage.

Essentially the government will reimburse schools for the cost of lunch up to 2. However, the topic is tricky seeing as most schools are already incredibly underfunded and understaffed. We all have to do our part, Including parents. And throwing a sandwich and an apple or snickers bar in a paper sack isn't asking too much, Is it? If it is. We have a whole different problem. We expect kids to pay attention all day but that is extremely difficult to do on an empty stomach.

Adults can go to prison and get their meals paid for. The system appears a bit backwards when it comes to school lunches. With the ridiculous amount of school tax we all pay, Why is the lunch for every student not part of their budget. Yet our schools are constantly spending large amounts of money on new electronics, Many even supplying the entire student body with their own laptops. It seems to me that the cost of lunches needs to be included as part of the school budget, And if that means the budget has a choice of new laptops this year, Or every student being provided a free lunch.

The choice seems so blatantly obvious, Yet it seems that we have chosen the wrong answer, Year after year. From district officials to cafeteria workers, everyone wants school children to be full and focused during their time in school.

But the economic reality means that alternative, cheaper meals must be provided to students who cannot afford a full school lunch. Patricia Montague, the CEO of the School Nutrition Association, explains that school meals are financially independent of a school district's education budget.

She states:. Considering hungry children cannot focus to learn, providing a meal is as critical to education as math class. Unfortunately, the Ankeny school board is considering guidelines that move in the wrong direction. But without a strong federal policy in place, the challenges of school meal debt and the associated stigma will continue to be stumbling blocks to children, families, and schools across the country. Opinion, Analysis, Essays.

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Find all our Student Opinion questions here. Is eating lunch at school a right that all students should be guaranteed, regardless of financial circumstance? Or should school lunch be made available only to those who can afford it? Do you think students should be punished if they cannot pay for lunch once? What if they cannot afford to pay why school lunches should not be free school lunches over multiple weeks? However, in September the the joy of creation free roam download policy expanded:. Holding children publicly accountable for unpaid lunch whould is hardly unusual. A report from the United States Department of Agriculture schoool that nearly why school lunches should not be free of all school districts used some form of shaming why school lunches should not be free compel parents to pay bills. Some schools have decided to focus on parents and caregivers, rather than the children, when lunch bills mount:. In July, a regional school district about 30 miles southwest of Scranton, Pa. Meloche said in a statement. Lang said. Students, read the entire articlethen tell us:. Do you think students should be punished for not being able to afford school lunch? What do you think it feels like to be punished for not having lunch money? why school lunches should not be free “While the percentage of students receiving free or reduced price lunch can provide some information about relative poverty, it should not be. School cafeterias often offer a cold alternative to students who can't afford lunch, but some say it's not enough. Students take part in a Save School Lunch event on Nov. schools, advocates argued that all children should receive free lunches and which may or may not have anything to do with the need of the individual child. I'm sorry but not everything in life is free. School, like my teachers told me, is supposed to be a practice environment for working life, thats why we have to get there. Should students have to pay for school lunch or should it be free? What do you think about school districts, like those in New York and Illinois. Research shows that receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduces food insecurity, Reimbursable meals must meet federal nutrition standards. School lunch debt and lunch shaming in America is a problem that needs a Students who just miss the cut off for free school meals in the National or states must include in their policies, and did not provide any baseline. 35 year-old Della Curry told ABC News' Clayton Sandell, "I was let go for not charging for all of the food I gave to the students. I would have kids start crying when I. And kids should not go without food because their parents didn't pay the lunch lady. Unfortunately, the Ankeny school board is considering. Think about we are working so hard to support the kids and paying all the taxes each year, AND paying the kids school lunch while the low income family don't pay taxes and their kids getting free lunch, I feel like we work so hard for paying double. Comments 0. They believe CEP unfairly subsidizes the meals of kids who could afford to pay full price, at enormous cost to taxpayers, and have advocated for a percent threshold to determine a school or district's eligibility. The government is already struggling with money, so giving it away to children whose parents can afford to pay for them but don't want to, is a bad idea in my opinion. In , three-quarters of the 5 billion lunches served in school cafeterias were provided to students free or at a reduced price. Sign In Sign Up. For some legislators and parents, a cold sandwich is simply not acceptable. Join the conversation. Jobs are not easy to come by here but now we qualify for government help. According to Montague, the perfect solution has yet to be found, but everyone has the students' best interest in mind. It quickly becomes a mess. Also think of how many children have allergies And honestly, I think the Fed Gov should provide free lunch for all students at school. When they cannot afford it We'll see if you wont get frustrated for paying wile others are eating for free. why school lunches should not be free