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wings of fire full book free download

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As a matter of fact, the Diamont and SLV airframes were I had invested great hope and effort in the fourth stage, so that it incompatible. The diameters were quite different and to attain could be flown with a Diamont rocket.

The other three stages of SLV, interchangeability, some radical innovations were required. I wondered involving enormous work in the area of rocket propulsion were at least where I should start. I decided to look around for solutions among my five years away. However, it did not take me long to shelve the own colleagues. After all, I had thoroughly daily routine reflected their desire to constantly experiment.

I also started enjoyed working on this project. In time, RATO filled the vacuum created asking and listening to anyone who showed the slightest promise.

Some in me by the Diamont BC Stage. I When the RATO project was underway, the SLV project slowly started made it an unfailing routine to make notes on individual suggestions and taking shape. Competence for all major systems of a launch vehicle had gave handwritten notes to colleagues in engineering and design, requesting been established in Thumba by now.

Through their outstanding efforts, concrete follow-up action within five or ten days. Curien testified, while for a big leap in rocketry. Sarabhai was an exemplar in the art of team-building. On one counterparts in Europe could barely manage in three years.

Our plus occasion, he had to identify a person who could be given the responsibility point, he noted, was that each of us worked with those below and above for developing a telecommand system for the SLV. Two men were in the hierarchy. I made it a point to have the team meet at least once competent to carry out this task—one was the seasoned and sophisticated every week. Though it took up time and energy, I considered it essential.

UR Rao and the other was a relatively unknown experimenter, G How good is a leader? No better than his people and their commitment Madhavan Nair. The fact that I got them dedication and abilities, I did not rate his chances as very good. During all together to share whatever little development had been achieved— one of Prof. Sarabhai putting all my energy and time into.

It was a very small price to pay for did not take much time to back the young experimenter in preference to that commitment and sense of teamwork, which could in fact be called an established expert. Madhavan Nair not only lived up to the trust. Within my own small group of people I found leaders, and learned expectations of his leader but even went beyond them. He was to later that leaders exist at every level. SLVs and missiles can be called first cousins: they are different in We had modified the existing SLV-IV Stage design to suit the Diamont concept and purpose, but come from the same bloodline of rocketry.

A airframe. It was reconfigured and upgraded from a kg, mm massive missile development project had been taken up by DRDO at diameter stage to a kg, mm diameter stage. Sarabhai spent the next hour in re-defining our tasks, and, in the small hours of the morning, the decision to set up a Rocket In , Prof.

Sarabhai came to Thumba on one of his routine visits. Engineering Section was taken. He was shown the operation of the nose-cone jettisoning mechanism. As always, we were all anxious to share the results of our work with Mistakes can delay or prevent the proper achievement of the Prof. We requested Prof. Sarabhai to formally activate the objectives of individuals and organizations, but a visionary like Prof.

Sarabhai smiled, and pressed Sarabhai can use errors as opportunities to promote innovation and the the button. To our horror, nothing happened. We were dumbstruck. I development of new ideas. He was not especially concerned with the looked at Pramod Kale, who had designed and integrated the timer circuit.

In a flash each of us mentally went through an anlysis of the failure. We Prof. Sarabhai to wait for a few minutes, then we detached they were inevitable but generally manageable.

It was in the handling of the timer device, giving direct connection to the pyros. Sarabhai the crises that arose as a consequence that talent could often be revealed. The pyros were fired and the nose cone was I later realised by experience, that the best way to prevent errors was to jettisoned. Sarabhai congratulated Kale and me; but his expression anticipate them. But this time, by a strange twist of fate, the failure of suggested that his thoughts were elsewhere.

We could not guess what the timer circuit led to the birth of a rocket engineering laboratory. The suspense did not last for long and I got a call from It was my usual practice to brief Prof. Sarabhai after every Missile Prof. After attending one such meeting in Delhi on 30 discussion. December , I was returning to Trivandrum.

Sarabhai was Prof. I spoke to him home whenever he was in Trivandrum. I was slightly perplexed by the on the telephone from the airport lounge about the salient points that had summons. Sarabhai greeted me with his customary warmth. He emerged at the panel meeting.

He instructed me to wait at Trivandrum talked of the rocket launching station, envisaging facilities like launch Airport after disembarking from the Delhi flight, and to meet him there pads, block houses, radar, telemetry and so on—things which are taken before his departure for Bombay the same night.

Then he brought up the When I reached Trivandrum, a pall of gloom hung in the air. The incident that had occurred that morning.

This was exactly what I had aircraft ladder operator Kutty told me in a choked voice that Prof. My apprehension of a reproach from my leader, however, was Sarabhai was no more. He had passed away a few hours ago, following unfounded. Sarabhai did not conclude that the failure of the pyro a cardiac arrest. I was shocked to the core; it had happened within an timer circuit was the outcome of insufficient knowledge and lack of skill hour of our conversation.

It was a great blow to me and a huge loss to on the part of his people or of faulty understanding at the direction stage. Indian science. That night passed in preparations for airlifting Prof. He also asked me to consider if my work was possibly being affected by any problem of which I was hitherto unaware. For five years, between to , about 22 scientists and engineers He finally put his finger on the key issue.

We lacked a single roof to had worked closely with Prof. All of them were later to take carry out system integration of all our rocket stages and rocket systems. Not only was Prof. Sarabhai a Electrical and mechanical integration work was going on with a great scientist, but also a great leader. I still remember him reviewing significant phase difference—both in time and in space. There was little the bi-monthly progress of the design projects of SLV-3 in June The first three Before taking up the responsibility of organizing space research in presentations went through smoothly.

Mine was the last presentation. Sarabhai had introduced five of my team members who had contributed in various established a number of successful industrial enterprises. He was aware ways to the design.

The presentations Prof. Sarabhai founded Sarabhai Chemicals, Sarabhai Glass, Sarabhai were discussed at length and the conclusion was that satisfactory Geigy Limited, Sarabhai Merck Limited, and the Sarabhai Engineering progress had been made.

His Swastik Oil Mills did pioneering work in the extraction of oil from oilseeds, manufacture of synthetic detergents and of cosmetics. Suddenly, a senior scientist who worked closely with Prof. But what did astronomical costs at that time. Now with the indigenization of RATO, you do for the project? Sarabhai his mission had acquired a new dimension—independence in the really annoyed. We just witnessed an excellent example.

It rupees in foreign exchange. I recalled this on the day of the successful was an outstanding demonstration of team work.

I have always seen a trial of the RATO system. Including trial expenses, we spent less than project leader as an integrator of people and that is precisely what Kalam Rs. Sarabhai as the Mahatma Gandhi of Indian science at Rs. MGK Menon at the helm, full swing. All the subsystems had been designed, technologies identified, Prof. The processes established, work centres selected, manpower earmarked and whole complex at Thumba, which included TERLS, the Space Science schedules drawn.

The only hitch was the lack of a management structure and Technology Centre SSTC , the RPP, the Rocket Fabrication Facility to effectively handle this mega-project and coordinate activities which RFF , and the Propellant Fuel Complex PFC were merged together were spread over a large number of work centres with their own ways to form an integrated space centre and christened the Vikram Sarabhai of working and management. The renowned metallurgist, Dr Brahm Prakash, took over as Prof. I wondered why I was selected for this task when Bareilly Air Force station in Uttar Pradesh, when a high performance there were stalwarts like Gowarikar, Muthunayagam, and Kurup around.

Sukhoi jet aircraft became airborne after a short run of m, as With organizers like Easwardas, Aravamudan, and SC Gupta available, against its usual run of 2 km.

We used the 66th RATO motor in the test. I articulated my doubts to Dr Brahm Prakash. This effort was said to have saved approximately Rs 4 crores in foreign exchange. The vision of the industrialist scientist had finally borne fruit. Yet another major task was the augmentation of degraders and cautioned me against outrightly seeking optimal launch facilities at SHAR with systems integration and checkout facilities performance from the participating work centres.

The SLV mission will be set in March Dr Brahm you who did not eat or walk about the market squares. We test you by Prakash formed four Project Advisory Committees to advise me on means of one another. Will you not have patience? My job was going to be to showing you an account of those who have gone before you and an avoid those who were interested neither in the work nor in the workers.

Allah guides to His light promote conditions where work and workers went together. I visualized whom He will. He has knowledge of all things. The first Group was made and operation of a standard SLV system, SLV-3, capable of reliably and responsible for looking after the overall executive aspects of SLV expeditiously fulfilling the specified mission of launching a 40 kg satellite project management, including administration, planning and evaluation, into a km circular orbit around the earth.

The Integration and Flight Testing Group was assigned the tasks major tasks. One such task was the development of a rocket motor of generation of facilities required for integration and flight testing of system for the four stages of the vehicle. The critical problems in the SLV They were also asked to carry out the analysis of the vehicle, completion of this task were: making an 8.

The high mass ratio apogee rocket motor system which would use high- Subsystems Development Group was given the job of interacting with energy propellants. Another task was vehicle control and guidance. Three various divisions of VSSC and was made responsible for ensuring that types of control systems were involved in this task—aerodynamic surface all technological problems in the development of various subsystems control, thrust vector control and reaction control for the first, second were overcome by creating a synergy amongst the available talent in and third stages and the spin-up mechanism for the fourth stage.

Inertial these divisions. If it had not been for synergistic efforts, the whole project would have remained a non-starter. These men were in the habit of celebrating their successes together—in a sort of mutual appreciation club.

This boosted morale, and helped them a great deal to accept setbacks and to revitalize themselves after periods of intense work. Each member of the SLV-3 project team was a specialist in his own field. It was natural therefore that each one of them valued his independence. To manage the performance of such specialists the team Thrusters H leader has to adopt a delicate balance between the hands-on and the aving taken up the leadership of executing the SLV-3 project, hands-off approach.

The hands-off approach committee work, material procurement, correspondence, trusts team members and recognizes their need for autonomy to carry reviews, briefings, and for the need to be informed on a wide range of out their roles, as they see fit.

It hinges on their self-motivation. When subjects. If he goes too far hands-off, he is seen as was living in. I used to prepare a general schedule during my morning abdicating his responsibility or not being interested. Each one of these minutes, I would scan all the papers and quickly divide them into different men rose to his present position through consistent hard work and rock- categories: those that required immediate action, low priority ones, ones like will power.

It was indeed an exceptionally talented team. Then I would put the high priority papers in front of me and everything else out of sight. The list of materials went up to over 1 million components. From his side, Prof. From our side, we stainless steel, electroforming techniques, and ultra-precision process evolved a matrix type of management to achieve productive interfacing tooling.

We also decided to make some important machines in-house, with more than industries. The target was that our interaction with like the litre vertical mixer and the groove machining facility for our them must lead to their technology empowerment. Three things I stressed third and fourth stages. Many of our subsystems were so massive and before my colleagues—importance of design capability, goal setting and complex that they implied sizeable financial outlays.

Without any realisation, and the strength to withstand setbacks. Now, before I dwell hesitation, we approached industries in the private sector and developed on the finer aspects of the management of the SLV-3 project, let me talk contract management plans which later became blueprints for many about the SLV-3 itself. It is interesting to describe a launch vehicle anthropomorphically. Coming to the life part of the SLV, there is the complex electrical The main mechanical structure may be visualized as the body of a human circuitry, which sets the mechanical structure in motion.

This vast being, the control and guidance systems with their associated electronics spectrum of activities, encompassing simple electrical power supplies to constitute the brain. The musculature comes from propellants. How are sophisticated instrumentation as well as guidance and control systems is they made?

What are the materials and techniques involved? Development efforts in avionic systems had already been initiated at A large variety of materials go into the making of a launch vehicle— VSSC in the field of digital electronics, microwave radars and radar both metallic and non-metallic, which include composites and ceramics.

It is very important In metals, different types of stainless steel, alloys of aluminium, to know the state of the SLV when it is in flight. SLV brought a new magnesium, titanium, copper, beryllium, tungsten and molybdenum are surge of activity in the development of a variety of transducers for used. Composite materials are composed of a mixture or combination of measurement of physical parameters like pressure, thrust, vibration, two or more constituents which differ in form and material composition acceleration, etc.

The transducers convert the physical parameters of and which are essentially insoluble in one another. The materials which the vehicle into electrical signals.

An on-board telemetry system processes combine may be metallic, organic or inorganic. While other material these signals suitably and transmits them in the form of radio signals to combinations possible are virtually unlimited, the most typical composites the ground stations, where they are received and deciphered back to the in launch vehicles are made of structural constituents, embedded in a original information collected by the transducers.

If the systems work matrix. We used a large variety of glass fibre reinforced plastic according to design there is little cause for concern; but in case something composites and opened avenues for the entry of Kevlar, polyamides and goes wrong, the vehicle must be destroyed to stop it from making any carbon-carbon composites. Ceramics are special types of baked clay unexpected moves. To ensure safety, a special tele-command system used for microwave transparent enclosures. We considered using was made to destroy the rocket in case it malfunctions, and an ceramics, but had to reject the idea then due to technological limitations.

The SLV project also into hardware. In fact, of all the engineering disciplines which feed directly initiated the indigenous production of sequencers which time the various into the development of rocketry, mechanical engineering is perhaps the events, such as ignition, stage separation, vehicle altitude programmers most intrinsic one.

Be it a sophisticated system like a liquid engine or a which store the information for the rocket manoeuvres, and auto-pilot piece of hardware as simple as a fastener, its ultimate fabrication calls electronics which take appropriate decisions to steer the rocket along its for expert mechanical engineers and precision machine tools.

We decided predetermined path. A propellant is usually a combustible substance that required in the organization. It was thought that once one-to-one produces heat and supplies ejection particles in a rocket engine. It is indigenization was established, further advances in the sophisticated field both a source of energy and a working substance for expanding energy. The project was sanctioned Because the distinction is more decisive in rocket engines, the term in February with the code name Devil and funding of about Rs.

Almost half of it was propulsive purposes. It is customary to classify propellants as either solids or liquids. We By now promoted to Air Commodore, Narayanan took over as concentrated on solid propellants. He mobilized this young laboratory located in the south- of three components: the oxidizer, the fuel and the additives.

Solid eastern suburbs of Hyderabad to take up this enormous task. The propellants are further classified into two types: composite and double landscape dotted with tombs and old buildings started reverberating with base. The former consists of an oxidizer or inorganic material like new life.

Narayanan was a man of tremendous energy—a man always ammonium perchlorate in a matrix of organic fuel like synthetic rubber. He gathered around him a strong group of enthusiastic Double base propellants were distant dreams those days but nevertheless people, drawing many service officers into this predominantly civilian we dared to dream about them. Totally preoccupied with the SLV affairs, my participation in the Missile Panel meetings gradually dwindled, and then stopped All this self sufficiency and indigenous manufacture came gradually, altogether.

However, stories about Narayanan and his Devil were and not always without pain. We were a team of almost self-trained beginning to reach Trivandrum. A transformation of an unprecedented engineers. In retrospect I feel the unique blend of our untutored talent, scale was taking place there. Problems surfaced regularly and almost consistently.

I recall writing after winding up a late night discovered that he was a hard taskmaster—one who went all out for shift: control, mastery and domination. I used to wonder if managers like him, who aim at getting results no matter what the price, would face a rebellion Beautiful hands are those that do of silence and non-cooperation in the long run. The RATO project committee under the chairmanship of Dr Brahm Prakash to evaluate was abandoned because the aircraft for which it was designed became the work carried out in the Devil Project.

I was taken into the team as a obsolete. The new aircraft did not need RATO. On the propulsion the missile. IG Sarma upgrading. In contrast to the DRDL session after about six weeks.

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