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wln kd c1 programming software free download

wln kd c1 programming software free download

Open more than one file at a time. Memory channel information can be copied from one file to another within the Programmer making it really easy to set up a new file. Use this screen to customize many set menu features of the radio. Check boxes toggle features on or off, use drop down menus list all selections and blank boxes for personalized entry add to the ease of setting up your radio exactly like you want it.

Once settings are customized, you are prompted to save before exiting. The saved settings will be there every time you create a new frequency file. RT Systems Programmers interface with four sources of data to make it easy for you to find repeater information.

Some of these sources even include information for repeaters outside the US. Your existing subscription to a service where required works in the programmer.

An internet connection and subscription to the service are required for this search. Enter the user e-mail and Password that you established when you purchased your subscription from RadioReference Then select the State — Select the state from the list and County — Select the state from the list to get repeaters for that area.

Click OK. An Internet connection is required for this search. Radius — Enter how many miles up to 90 maximum around this location. Select Bands — This is not terribly important since it can be done on the next screen; however, you might want to limit the selection to reduce the number of repeaters in the results. NF- TH Series walkie-talkie to download. TC 1. TH-2R V1. Com Port Cable Parts Number. PX 6IN1. PX- K. Com Port Cable. Com Port C able.

Antenna Parts. Accessory for Walkie-talkie. Why Choose shop. As far as the radio itself is concerned, I'd almost buy a pair myself if a it had slightly higher rated output than 2 watts and b it supported repeater use.

Of course, the lower output rating should translate into better battery life, which is certainly a plus for many users. I wrote the shop for the software and they just listed it this morning in their downloads section. I unzipped it, then installed from there. The one problem I have is that the com port selection is defaulted to 1, and you can't select another port because it is grayed out. It looks like I may have to reconfigure my ports unless there is a workaround for it.

I have the programming cable with the "good" chip, and a selection of adapter pieces. I had a radio a while back that took a very similar program and was programmed through either the speaker or mic. I forgot to mention that I do have the radio here, I ordered it 12 days ago from China and it showed up Saturday morning. I charged it up, turned it on, and it has been on standby ever since. I would figure it has been 48 hours with no indication that the battery is low as of now.

So, anybody know of a workaround for the com port situation? Or should I just go ahead and change my ports through my configuration menu? As you can see, you can easily reassign any Com Port to any other available number. N4GIX said:. Thank you N4GIX for posting that above, it saved me a lot of typing I changed the port and now I have to figure out which connector to use.

I'm guessing it is the Mic. So far it looks good but I just don't get the time to sit down and figure it out because of all the interruptions lately. Maybe in a day or 2 I might have it done. A schematic would help. I am guessing that swapping a few capacitors would change the frequency range of the filters and you could pick what bands to support. Combination of power-cycling the radio and downloading the configuration again does not help.

It is not unusual for there to be an inconsistency between the specifications and manuals of these Chinese two-way radio products. The driver was set to because that is what the factory programming software supports. I just installed the daily , both Zastone and WLN radios give me the error 'Radio refused to enter programming mode' when reading.

The one thing that I did change from the earlier tests was to remove the 5 tries that CHIRP makes to get cloning to start. It was so reliable here that I reduced it to a single try like most other drivers.

Powering off the radio and trying again was not sufficient. Tried with two WLN's. I included the log file. I think Linux is sending too fast for the radio. Whoops, thats the old file. Here is another log file from the latest module. There are no hex-dumps? I went into my Linux computer and gave it a try. It worked fine except I have to download twice to get it to start.

As far as the debug. That last debug. I wouldn't have thought the change I made would have affected that.

This will display BFB2xxx. FDC 6. TC- TH- UV3R. TH- UVF9. TH- UVD. USB Driver. A W UV- 8 DR. Search keyword does not accept symbols. USB C able. Hot News - Radio gree Download. C heck IC Chip Version. YX- X2. Com Port Cable win XP only. Com Port Cab. BF -V BF wln kd c1 programming software free download wln kd c1 programming software free download It is a WLN KD-C1 and the manufacturer appears to be Quanzhou Kelly there's no mention of a download link for the programming software. › pacificgadget › posts › programming-softwar. Programming software for WLN KD-C1. (Please click the link)​m/ You can also purchase the programming. Hot News - Radio software Download Programming Cable USB cable Driver download (Com Port No Use) wln-kd-c1. KD-C1. Software, USB Cable. However this radio requires "PROGRGS" to go into programming mode, not The attached driver module should work for a WLN KD-C1, Zastone ZT-X6 and I had to more closely simulate how the "factory" software downloads and uploads. The RT Systems programmer, RPS-KDC1, allows you to program memory channels and menu settings of the WLN KD-C1 radio. This is an RT Systems. Radio Programming Software for the WLN KD-C1 It is free to use from within the programmer. RFinder Web Search – RFinder is now ARRL's repeater. SOFTWARE & MANUAL DOWNLOADS. Anytone Apollo II (H) Anytone Apollo Debug WLN KD-C1 Plus GME GX · JT · USB Driver USB CHSER. YZTERA WLN KD-C1 Plus UHF MHz Mini-Handheld WLN KD C1 Walkie Talkie Price: $ FREE Shipping on your first order. Software download address: Once you get the error, power the radio off, then back on and try again to see if it goes. Tried with two WLN's. Then copy the new config. Wag mang hit and run. It is a lot better than losing or breaking my Pro! I also added a small delay between the start of each block. Maraming salamat po! You are not logged in. Pilipinas Kong Mahal. I unzipped it, then installed from there. Files can even be shared between users via email or the Internet. What makes you think that there is programming software? wln kd c1 programming software free download