x 23 innocence lost read online free

x 23 innocence lost read online free

Please login or register. Probably a 16 and older kind of comic. Nov 12, Khurram rated it it was amazing. Great comic collection.

I will be the first to admit, I hated the idea of X I thought not another Wolverine imitation, but like every other obsessed Marvel fan I grudgingly bought and read the origin story. That was it I was hooked, here was a character capable or actually surpassing the original. Apart from the obvious differences there are subtle differences in there personalities as well. This collection contains the first 6 issues of the origin, 6 issues of sequel mini series Target X, th Great comic collection.

Just on a side note, the X series takes place after after the X-Force collection. X was created to be a weapon. The perfect killer. However they did not count on Laura. This is a great collection of X choosing her own destiny, and her own past.

These are the first steps of her journey. I make no secret that much preferred her as X rather that Wolverine. This is X at her brutal, damaged, but never broken best. This started out so great! I didn't want to put it down as heartbreaking as it was. The first half is Laura's origin story. We know the story: she was cloned from Wolverine to be the perfect weapon. I'd only read about her after she'd been away from the Weapon X program for a while so this was all new to me.

I didn't know that they wanted her to be a male clone but it would've taken about a decade longer to do that. I didn't know about her mother who 4 stars. I didn't know about her mother who tried to distance herself but eventually did the right thing and tried to free her.

I didn't know there was a scientist that resented her and although I thought they'd give him too much background initially, the book balances it very well. Laura has been through so much! She reminds me of Cassandra Cain because they were never treated like children and they carry their guilt with them for the rest of their lives even though they were made to hurt others.

Both of them decided to be heroes in the end and that's so admirable. The last scene Laura has with her mother made me cry. As did the scene where her mother figured out she was self mutilating. I loved seeing her with Megan and her aunt but I knew that would end soon.

One complaint I have is that Laura is meant to be in her early teens and sometimes she's drawn in a way that's a little too mature for her. The Women in Marvel issue had terrible art, as well. Overly sexualized and infantile at times. Honestly, it's a wonder if there are any female x-men that didn't have their sexuality used against them. Laura spent a portion of her life as a prostitute and most of her story centers around her not having agency. Odd because, while Wolverine had the same issue with being used as a weapon, there's no implication as far as I know that he was also used sexually by others.

I'd say it's a testament to how different women are treated compared to men but I don't know how much planning went into it. I wish they'd done more with her relationship with Logan. There's a lot of references to it but not a lot of it in this collection.

Anyway, the first half makes it a recommend but it goes downhill from there. View all 4 comments. Jul 02, ImJaclyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-heroines , favorites , favorite-series , comics , reread. Aug 07, Chad rated it really liked it. You get to see how X was created and used by the Facility.

They were truly some awful people and it's not surprising that Laura would have issues. The art by Billy Tan and Mike Choi are top shelf. The Bad: The series goes a bit downhill after that. Marjorie Liu's stories are kind of boring and hard to follow. And there's a lot of subpar art in some of these one-shots. There are recaps but it would be nice if they referenced the other trades so we can read Laura's complete story. Sep 12, Jesse A rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , library-it-up.

The Craig Kyle stuff at the beginning was great stuff. It got weaker as it went but still decent. A well earned 4 stars for this. Way better than I thought it would be! Jun 23, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , manga-comics. I love Laura Kinney so goddamn much. Now, who is going to buy me X-Force Vol.

Feb 19, Trike rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel , read-in The average of four stars are due primarily to the origin story, which is easily one of the best superhero origins I've ever read.

Fortunately, the first two tales comprise the bulk of this collection. X is a female clone of Wolverine, another attempt at the Weapon X program. Her code name comes from the fact she is the twenty-third attempt. The lab's new hire is a brilliant geneticist, Dr. All Series. Variant Covers of this Issue. X Innocence Lost Trade Paperback.

More Details. X 1. Having escaped the Facility that created her, X struggles to create a real life for herself. Having escaped the Facility that created her, X struggles to create a real life for herself.

X Reading Order: Where to start with the new Wolverine? Last Updated on 10 months ago After watching the trailer for the next Wolverine movie, it seems clear to me that X is gonna be big in a few months and some people will certainly want to know more about this mini-wolvy. Who is X a. Laura Kinney?

By Fabien. On February 11, In Reading Guide. After watching the trailer for the next Wolverine movie, it seems clear to me that X is gonna be big in a few months x 23 innocence lost read online free some people will certainly onine to know more about this mini-wolvy. Why wait for the movie? Even if this is a relatively new character in the X-Men timeline, X already got a bit of history under her belt. The short answer is that X is a sort of clone of Wolverine. The X 23 innocence lost read online free is an organization who attempted to frree Weapon X and failed. The geneticist Sarah Kinney thought that cloning was the way to go, but the genome recovered from Wolverine was too damaged. She was trained to kill Wolverine, but when she got the x 23 innocence lost read online free, she joined the X-Men. Wolverine x 23 innocence lost read online free a father figure to her and, now, she is his legacy. After a second episode, she became so popular, she ended up in the comics, like Harley Quinn in her time. Those three mini-series are really the beginning for X in the comics. After that, Laura joined other series, becoming los player in the X-Men world. Wolverine is Dead! Following the Secret Wars event, X officially became the new Wolverine. This is an ongoing series. In this relaunch of comic book publications by Marvel Comics watch garden of shadows movie online free Marvel Legacy, Laura will also have frre new X ongoing series in july. Did Onlins make a mistake? x 23 innocence lost read online free Read X () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Read X Target X comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. View comic online. monsitedechire.com: X Innocence Lost (X ()) eBook: Kyle, Craig, Yost, Read for Free X-Force/Cable: Messiah War (X-Force Volume Book 4). Various. The full story behind the origin of X - who she is, where she came from and the exact Digital Issue Read online or on your iPhone, iPad or Android Device. Read X Target X Comic Online. Because you demanded it! Superstar Top Cow artist MIKE CHOI joins the team as X returns, picking up the bloody pieces. Read X () _TPB 1 comic online free and high quality. 1: The Killing Dream by Marjorie Be sure to read every chapter of X Innocence Lost in. X book. Read 78 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. young Laura Kinney never knew a life free from the harsh masters at The Facility. First up is X Innocence Lost, where Craig Kyle and Chris Yost take the bare​. Her first appearance in comics was in NYX #3, published in December and written by Joe Quesada. X Innocence Lost – The origin story. Original pages. But the more books I read with her in them, the more I became attached to her and felt for her. Similar ebooks. It functions as a stand alone piece. We'll see how it goes! Her personality isn't very expressive, but understandably so, and it all the more enforces you to watch her grow whilst grappling with her feelings towards her friends and what it means to her to have them. And, it's really the characters and emotions that set this origin story apart: issue by issue, the tension ratchets up, and we can't believe the horribleness can continue But his dad was evil and paid for it, so he is evil? But the mother's character, even though b-t-b has reedeming qualities and if sentiments feel sometimes awkwardly dealt with there's good action and a good overlook of these "formative" years. That said, it's not bad by any means and actually worked to the story's advantage at times. She doesn't understand other people. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Collects Death's Head By-the-book as bad as expected. x 23 innocence lost read online free