yes bank lifetime free credit card review

yes bank lifetime free credit card review

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Keeping vendors in check: Credit cards help in keeping vendors in check. Customers have the option to cancel payment or even if already paid the ability to revert payment if they feel the product they bought is below par. This way the vendors who provide the products will stay honest and provide better quality goods 6. Insurance: Many credit cards come with insurance like travel insurance which can be availed. It is bet to read the terms and conditions before you get a credit card and also know every feature available.

Universal acceptance: Unlike debit cards credit cards have universal acceptance. If you go to any foreign country, you can spend money by using your credit card and not go searching for a currency exchange center or ATM. Instant Loan: Your credit limit is a source of loan which can be accessed immediately without requiring any approvals. This can be very useful in case of emergencies. There is also the option to convert your credit card bill to an EMI if you cannot pay back the bill immediately.

Credit score improvement: When you pay your credit card bill on a regular basis it will improve your credit score. As different credit or credit mix also forms a part of credit score, a credit card will help improve your score from that aspect as well.

Thus, credit cards provide a card holder a plethora of benefits. How to do Yes Bank credit card bill payment? Why was my Yes Bank credit card application rejected? How can I check my credit card usage? Your comment will be reviewed and posted shortly. Write a review. Post Comment optional.

Choose Credit Card By Bank. Hi Sid My yes bank credit card application was rejected…. Can anyone help me understand how does card on card application works, what are its benefits and what all documents have to be submitted for the same? Do not apply for YES card this is not right time , applied for this card on card of card basis thinking premium card his hsbc card has more than 9L limits but he cot this card with 32K credit limit , now only use of this card is for lounge access nothing else as his minim usage is monthly nearly 2L , there are so much negative going on with yes bank.

They are ready to give LTF first preffered but they want me to open an account which is their requiment. How come did you get such a low limit. Main reason I am here because I want LTF exclusive but might have to try after 6 months of usage as suggested by siddarth. Just got a call from Yes bank that my YFP card has been approved and will be dispatched shortly.

Had applied on card to card basis HDFC regalia with limit 4. Lets see what is the limit they provide me on the card. Not a yes bank acc holder. In fact i had applied for a preferred card 2 months back as well on income basis from my job. However it fell short of merely rs. I was furious and got it cancelled immediately over the call to their customer care. Now i applied it on card to card basis and initially they gave me a call saying i cannot apply before 6 months of previous application.

Basically they told me my application will be rejected this time. I told them its not them who had denied me a card. To my surprise after days of this conversation i got a message that the preferred cc has been approved.

Thanks for that suggestion Praveen. Will definitely try for Exclusive as well by around year end. Finally received the YPF today. Even the name has not been embossed on the card. Its plain in print. They have sent it in an envelope like the ones we get for our credit card physical statements. No priority pass provided as such.

It will be provided on demand as mentioned in a one page welcome letter they sent along with. Frankly speaking even if this card boasts of a few good features when compared to other best cc in the market, the feel good factor is missing when you have this YFP in your hands. Today I got approved for Yes Prosperity Edge credit card after complaining to so many peoples.

Thanks to Siddharth for this card. How much should be my spends every month? Congrats captain…. Thanks a lot Prashant. Do you have tips for me for upgrade to Preferred and than to Exclusive in future? Congrats Captain. Tips: 1. Spend as much as possible 2. Take No cost EMI wherever possible 3. But will not recommend it. Take only if really required 4. Maintain high balance to the extent possible.

Use this card for International spends, if any. Last year in i spent Rs1. So dont know what they want……. Was never targeted for any spend based offers 2. Though minor, no Amazon or Flipkart vouchers as redemption 5. Too aggressive multiple SMSs and emails in asking me to pay monthly statement dues even though payment due was zero.

Paltry limits. Lowest on any card by a huge margin. No LE or upgrade after multiple requests. Have always paid total due 5. Customer care is not up to mark.

Maintaining decent relation with bank, but limits and no YFE feel like a blocker. Placing request for redemption, will soon close, Multiple cards is an headache itself. Surprisingly received a LTF offer today from Yes bank to upgrade my First preferred to First exclusive though its just about 4 months that i have been using the Preferred card.

If yes, could you please share your experience and the limits required. Now that the yes rewardz portal is down, how to redeem the reward points.

Seems these all would go down the drain! The newer card is lifetime free just as the previous one. I wonder what their algorithm is for sending the upgrade request. I am happy and hope Yes bank stabilizes. I think all holder of yes bank cards should check their emails inboxes for upgrade requests. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. About Contact Contribute. Yes First Box. Yes First Preferred Card. Related Posts. Yesbank Credit Cards to see 2nd round of Devaluation from 1st July Yesbank Credit Card Spend based Offers are back. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

About About Contact Contribute. Search Search for:. Thanks for sharing your experience. Agree to all. The best payment option is that of Axis Bank. They accept transfer through IMPS. So, the payment is made within seconds. I once showed the packaging to my colleague and he was like, if the package is so good, the card is got to be awesome. The moment he saw the card, he was like- Yesbank should rather advertise their Packaging than their card. This will draw more crowd!!!

Awesome article!! Very Nice info gathered in a single blog. Kudos for your efforts. I have Yes Preferred since April. When I applied in first week of april, they told me that had recently stopped on 31st March giving Yes Exclusive on Card on Card basis.. However with Yes Preferred, I have had a good experience till now. Hoping for an upgrade to Yes Exclusive. I received calls from Yes Bank n Standard chartered as usual asking me to apply for their cards.

When i asked why they want Citibank Statement particularly, while my limit is 3 times more in some of my other cards, both of them said that the Rate of approval for a new card for Citibank card holders is the Highest since Citibank is very Strict in Approving Cards for New customers.

This info is completely new to me and felt like sharing it here. So my advice is to try and increase Citibank Credit limit as much as possible and use it for Card on Card applications. Thanks for sharing your experience Vinod. It sure helps to connect the dots. As far as Limit is concerned, its bit strange to hear as some of my friends are having a very good limit with just 1Yr of usage.

Infact they have the highest limits only on Citi cards. Regarding the credit limit of Citibank. Citibank offers two options every 6 months either to Increase the credit limit, or to get a Loan Over and Above your credit limit.

If you have taken the Loan, you cannot get a limit increase for the next six months. Here after i ll be wary to choose the Limit Enhancement option. I can absolutely vouch for this, to be honest, it took me 3 attempts to get approved for Citi bank Credit card back then.

Nevertheless after a lot of bumps, I did get approve for the card. I have much better cards to make my spends now. I recently applied for another credit card. This shows the respect that the banking industry has for Citibank Cards. I just smiled softly. Little did I understand why that time. Same happened to me with Citi. Another feedback: There should be online way to get Add on cards. It seems we have to send physical form for add on cards. Also got to know today that if add-on card holder is residing in a city which Yes Bank does not have in their list.

Sounds weird as it will limit their own card usage. Update: After getting this info, I received the call from YesBank again on next day. You can get the add-on card ever if holder is not residing in a city which YesBank has in their list. However card will be delivered to your address only. Can u explain how 7. Pls help. Now one can use yes bank cc on samsung pay. Just hlfot an email with the offer. Though i have iphone. I have applied for the Yes Bank Credit Card but they have rejected my application.

But I am mentioning some details below:.

It is your key to yes bank lifetime free credit card review world of coveted premium services. For Samsung Payclick here. For Bharat QRclick here. For more details, please click here. Get 40, Reward Points on your first transaction done within first 90 days of card set carr date a. Please click here to know yes bank lifetime free credit card review. Enjoy 4 complimentary rounds of green fees per yes bank lifetime free credit card review year at select Golf courses in India h. To apply for your Priority Pass membership, please download the Application Form from website Form Center and send it to the address mentioned on the form. For the list of lounges, Please visit www. Exclusive Concierge Desk on your Card. Interest Rate of 1. You can use your card to make quick transactions at merchant locations accepting contactless watch big hero 6 online free putlocker. Click here to llifetime your 3D Secure Password. Valid on retail purchases only. Anniversary year is defined as 12 months from card set up date or card renewal date. yes bank lifetime free credit card review YES BANK Credit Card user reviews, rated of 5 by customers. See Reviews by I have taken the card because its a life time free card. The credit limit. YES Bank Credit Card Variant, Annual Fee, Category of top YES Bank credit cards. Here is a quick comparison of the top cards offered by YES Bank. I got a call from my yes bank branch offering me this card for lifetime free offer. Reply ↓. Siddharth Post author September 24, Hi all please stop using yes bank credit card horrible service. their few highlighted benefits such as: Lifetime Free Card-Priority Pass and Lounge Access at. Premium Credit Cards - Apply for YES FIRST preferred credit card and experience a Valid on retail purchases and on card with annual membership fee only. Premium Credit Cards - Apply for YES FIRST exclusive credit card & experience a Valid on retail purchases and on card with annual membership fee only. but the bank may waive and offer the card free to select customers. Even when the bank offers you the credit card because you have an account with them and. Know about YES Bank Credit Cards. Check eligibility Get your Free Credit Score YES Bank Credit Card, Annual Fee (in Rs.) Key Feature. YES Bank Credit Card - Apply for YES Bank Credit Cards Online & Get YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card offers reward points and annual bonus of your card application is not rejected and thus your credit score is not affected. Worked like a charm. I got the yes first preferred lifetime free by card on card with my diners premium 3. Same case they are not upgrading card on card basis. Kindly guide me. My income is not very high but my Regalia limit is Rs. It also depends on various factors, like, other relationship with bank, card usage etc. Copyright Also, looks like YES bank has a long way to go for becoming a top class bank. I file ITR of around 25 lacs. I am starting to appreciate SBI card a lot more now. And everybody got it as LTF. yes bank lifetime free credit card review