yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free

yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free

Will appreciate if somebody can point the right link or webpage. Its joining fee is Rs. Renewal is Rs. Renewal waived by spending Rs 25 L in previous year. I applied for Yes First Exclusive about 10 days back, and submitted documents 7 days ago. How long do these guys take? The tracking number on the website was not activated until yesterday. No one has come for verification either. Are they always this slow? How long does it take?

I still am not sure if they are going to approve either. They can be pretty slow. Wait for at least a couple of weeks and then contact customer care with your application number. Did someone visit your home address for verification?

Its now been more than 2 weeks, but no update. Finally got a confirmation that my card will be LTF. I hope they dont devalue this card any time soon as I am looking for a long term relationship here. I am yet to apply for an add-on card which I will be doing soon as it will be a big boon during international holidays. Also, their customer care is very confused although they seem willing to help Yes clearly do not have proper back end systems in place to provide a good customer care.

Also, their portal looks like at least a decade old with very minimal features. But the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Hi Shiladitya. Just got my Yes First card. The packaging is really nice. Hope they do not devalue this as well. I have Kotak Royale as well. Which one should I drop or continue with all the three.

Upgrading to Infinia will be good if you meet their eligibility criteria. Diners Black is also a good alternative and is sometimes given LTF as well though acceptance is a challenge especially outside India.

Does Yes Bank offer credit limit increases? I am hoping to have a higher limit on this YFE card? I got two LEs in the first year. For the first one, I have asked. For the second one, they themselves offered LE. But you have to make good overall spends, get closer to credit limit once or twice, make a few high-value transactions etc. YFE application process is not straight forward, so thought of sharing.

I had applied for YFE almost a year back, and it got rejected saying didnt meet bank parameters. It was card-on-card COC basis. I dont know which parameter didnt meet. Note that there is no option of applying on COC basis online, its only based on salary. So you can put more salary so that it shows you YFE option, otherwise it shows Preferred card option, and when yes bank calls for verification, tell them your true salary and then they give you COC option.

I again applied in Nov but no one came to collect documents. However someone from Mumbai kept calling every week if documents have been collected. Last month a yes bank person came to collect documents. Again slow process. My office phone verification got done, but missed call on mobile.

Yes bank person who collected the forms helped in organizing it again. After few days, I got a physical letter that application is on hold as documents not complete, and I need to send office and home address proof to Chennai address.

I again followed with yes bank person who collected the documents, not with helpline. He followed it up with his team, and got all verification done. So moral of the story is follow up through the yes bank person who took your documents than the bank helpline. Its not an easy process at yes bank. Now its showing application status as approved, but the card is on its way to me. Can you tell what date you applied, and when did it get approved you saw the status online?

I actually applied online for a lower card based on my current income. Next day I recd. I suspect some verification may be pending. Problem is call centre people wont tell u anything. Best is try to find out via the person who collected your documents. I have a savings bank account with 1 lakhs deposit also. Even though it seems very attractive, there are some drawbacks to this card as well.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Single Biggest Benefit Lifetime free. Best for : Airport Lounge Access 1. Read More You would need a monthly salary of Rs. Single Biggest Benefit Unlimited domestic and international airport lounge access. Read More Other benefits 10 reward points for every Rs. Single Biggest Benefit Unlimited national and international lounges access. Best for: Frequent traveler 3.

Citi Prestige Credit Card Citi Prestige is a super-premium credit card by CitiBank, best for the frequent traveler who needs unlimited lounge access across the world due to their regular travel routine. Yes Bank Preferred Exclusive Credit Card Preferred exclusive is the top-rated Yes bank credit card that offers unlimited free domestic and international lounges access across the world.

The biggest benefit is that the add-on cardmembers would get free unlimited lounge visits. Read More Welcome Gift 50, reward points on the first transaction within the first 90 days 40, reward points on each renewal Milestone Bonus 25, bonus reward points on hitting milestone of INR 20 Lacs in one year.

Other benefits 10 reward points on every INR spent Foreign currency markup of 1. Single Biggest Benefit Unlimited Domestic and international lounges access.

Best for : Use on Airport for Lounge Access 5. Read More Milestone Benefits reward points every year 10, reward points on annual spends of Rs. Single Biggest Benefit 4 reward points on Rs. Yes Bank Preferred Credit Card You can enjoy 3 complimentary domestic airport lounge access every quarter and 4 international lounge visits in a calendar year with Yes Preferred credit card For international lounges, you would need to use priority membership pass. Read More You can also earn up to bonus points in the very first year.

Welcome Gift points in the first year points on each renewal Other benefits 8 RP on the travel agency, tour operator, domestic airlines and dining 4 RP on all other spends Foreign currency markup of 1.

Best for : Airport Purpose 7. You can visit a maximum of 2 domestic lounges per quarter. Best for : Airport Lounge Access 8. Other Benefits 2 points per Rs on domestic and 4 points on international spends with Mastercard 3 points per on domestic and 6 points on international spends with Axex variant 1 payback points on Rs.

Single Biggest Benefit Get 1 payback points on Rs. Best for : Normal Travellers 9. You can visit a maximum of 2 domestic and 2 international lounges every quarter.

Free 2 movie tickets worth Rs. Single Biggest Benefit 10 points per Rs. Best for : Airport Lounge Access You can enjoy free 8 domestic lounge access every year with Royale signature credit card. Read More Milstone Benefit 10, bonus reward points on spend Rs. Read More Milestone Benefit 5, reward points on spending Rs. Best for : Travellers 1. Single Biggest Benefit 1 reward point per Rs.

Best for : Travellers 2. Best for : Normal Travellers 3. Single Biggest Benefit 20 reward points on utility bill payment. Best for : frequent travellers 4. You can earn up to 36, bonus points in the very first year. Cardmember to apply through 24 hour Customer Service Number. Applicable for Credit card with annual membership fee realization only.

Terms and conditions apply. Please visit www. So what I concluded is to spend more and pay regularly and the upgrade will happen automatically. I approached them for upgrade after 6 months twice, tried escalation but they said No for upgrade.

Then I let the card go in to cold storage for 2 months and as bolt out of the sky, the bank approached me with the upgrade offer YFE LTF , took it without 2nd thoughts. Did you have any investments with Yes Bank?

Just an update. The same trick using the card extensively for few months and then not using it for another few months worked with Axis and Amex. As always!! Great Insights from you Sid. Thanks there. Edge card for last 4 months. Have a Savings Account on AutoPay to card. High balances not been maintained in Savings account though. Still wonder why whats wrong with my upgrade request from Prosperity Edge to First Preffered.

Is the unlimited lounge access only domestic? Will I be charged? Hi Sid, Thanks for sharing your experience. I also got upgraded to Exclusive this week but my limit is still the same. How much time it took for your limit to change? Or did you send another mail to remind them to enhance your limit? Can I use my PP for access for my partner, and my mastercard for my access on such cards? Hi Mrinal. Can you tell us credit card enthusiasts how much limit you have in YFE?

I have savings account with HDFC bank for 5 years now , had business regalia with 3 lakhs limit for 1 year , then upgraded to infinia with limit of 8 lakhs. Yes bank , only YFE card with 2. For credit limit enhancement they asked me to wait 6 months from card setup date which falls next month , lets see what i can get. Thank you so much Sid!! My another concern now is the bonus points and also the annual spend bonus as I have crossed 7. They credit the 20k Bonus points only at the end of one year of the card setup date.

I am waiting for the same and my anniversary date is in Feb. I can confirm towards the end of the month. Hey Sid, Did you get the 20K Bonus reward points credited? I crossed the 7. But I am concerned whether they credit the bonus reward points at the end or do we have to meet the 20L criteria for the YFE card.

Congrats Jay. Want to understand your relation with Yes Bank. The upgrade process can be done over the phone by calling the customer care. I tried it for 2 cards in my family and my opinion is that it is based more on the NRV one maintains with the bank. Card with less spends relatively out of the two last year around 8L but much higher NRV with the bank got an instant upgrade. Spending probably they consider more at least for me.

My yes exclusive request has been denied by Yes bank. I mailed them for the upgrade from yes preferred to exclusive variant. I was holding preferred card over 8 months and the total spend during this period was over 14 lacs. I also maintain a Yes First account with balance of around 2.

The response I got is do not meet their criteria for upgrade. Should I deposit 10 lacs in my YF saving account,and again ask them to consider for upgrade request. They didnt told me about this criteria in their response mail. I wont be keeping the money for long though and will remove later. Tried to escalate, however that also didnt work. Diners Black with 3. So that way, diners as of now seems to me as my Primary choice. YFP can be a good 2nd pref where Diners doesnt work.

What is the starting series of Exclusive card , is it the same as of Yes First Preferred or different one? I stumbled on this site while browsing and liked it a lot. Not sure, if this is the right forum, but have a question and any advise is appreciated. I plan to travel with my family. My wife and I have lounge access with our coral credit card domestic access and I have priority pass regalia. How can I get access for my children, should I pay for them or can they be allowed on our cards if we still have the allowed quota.

Is there any chance without paying for them in lounge. Finally, very good work in sharing valuable information with everyone. Thanks again. My kid is 6 years and I have never used card for her lounge access. If its International then you need to pay. My daughter was allowed for free in ITC green lounge delhi. But in lounges outside india i was asked to swipe a card for her separately. This waiver is restricted to 1, per statement cycle. GST levied on the fuel surcharge is not eligible for exemption.

Access Yes Privileges to avail fantastic offers on travel, shopping, wellness clinics, and dining in selected cities in India. This Credit Card comes with exciting benefits that befit the lifestyle of such a clientele. Pay your Credit Card bills in full every month and keep on enjoying the interest-free concession. Ensure to pay your Credit Card bill in full before the due date.

Waiting to pay until the last day can cause problems if there are transmission delays. You might end up with a late fee penalty in your next billing cycle. Yes First Exclusive is a super premium credit card offering from Yes Bank. You have to pay interest charges if you carry a sum balance. Here Purchase and cash advance interest are damn too high.

So you will end up paying thousands more than yo Comments 2. Most of the people in around the globe is considered visa card as their preferred banking card. I am also using visa card and it is my first priority. And I encourage everyone to use their card as visa card. Visa has operated across all continent worldwide. Visa is the world's second largest car Comments 1. It is grat to have a visa credit card.

So get your Yes Bank credit card now and get a chance to use all of these advantages. While Yes Bank Credit Cards begin to gain popularity as a cashless payment tool, particularly with the rising of digital India, many consumers are constantly worried about the amount of interest they will have to pay to make use of the same services.

Below are a few things to bear in mind about interest rates on Yes Bank Credit Cards. Yes Bank Credit Card Interest Rates vary: Although many customers switch to cash payments or debit cards due to worries over high-interest rates, it should be remembered that interest rates vary from customer to customer and from card to card. To do the same, customers are recommended to pay their Yes Bank Credit Card bills on time and to maintain a regular cycle of bill payments.

This not only lets you hold your credit score up, but it also allows you to maintain a strong long-term connection with the bank. Interest Rates and Perks: This must be remembered that low interest on credit cards often turns into poorer benefits, and customers should generally review card details before agreeing to a payment simply because of the low-interest rate charged on the same. A secured credit card is a type of a credit card that can be issued against a fixed deposit FD with a bank or cardholder.

Yes Bank bank states the minimum balance of a fixed deposit to qualify for a secured credit card. The balance on your FD account is directly related to the overall credit cap on your credit card. It implies the higher your FD amount, the higher your credit card cap will be. Yes Bank Bank typically offers 75 percent to 85 percent of the FD amount as a credit card cap.

When you open a Fixed Deposit account in Yes Bank and apply for a credit card against it, in this case, you don't need to submit any income proof to get the credit card. The FD is used as a security deposit against a credit card. In the case of default on payment by credit card, the bank or credit card provider reserves the right to break the deposit made by you.

Before taking such an action, however, the bank will inform you across all available channels of communication. Check out all the coverage for everything that is happening due to the CoVid in the world of aviation and travel. Highest limit for other cards is 5lakhs.

Kindly update your credit card strategy accordingly. Here are some of the other best www new hollywood movie free download com cards yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free India for to choose from. It looks yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free every benefit of the card is designed in such a way that its positioned as a direct competitor to HDFC Infinia Credit cardinfact its better in many aspects. So you get equivalent amount of Points for the joining fee you pay. Best value if redeemed for flights. This is one of the major feature if you fly a lot in international sectors. On top of cxrd, Add-on Card members also get unlimited access, which is quite rare. Apart yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free Priority Pass Programme, which is sufficient for accessing yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free of the lounges in the world, you also get unlimited access to Indian airport lounges which are under Mastercard Lounge network. Did you notice Credit Shield cover benefit? As you can yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free, except the ongoing reward earn rate of 2. In-fact 2. Card on Card Offer: You can get this card Lifetime free if you have any other card with 8 Lakhs limit, 1 Yr usage and no late payment charges. Update: I got this card. Share your views in comments exflusive. Siddharth I have diners black, but yes bank is asking to me share card number of diners black in order to get this card with zero annual fees. It should be fine and safe. Now they exc,usive increased the limit requirements on other card to 8 lacks effective 01St April I was thinking to apply last month based on my hdfc regalia limit of 6 lakh. But then I thought first to apply to upgrade hdfc to hdfc dinner black and increase limit before applying yes exclusive. But now I lost the opportunity. I think you can still apply for Preferred and upgrade to Exclusive after 6 months usage. yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free Card on Card Offer: You can get this card Lifetime free if you have any other card with 8 Lakhs limit, 1 Yr usage and no late payment charges. And YFE is life time free card. But every one has their own choice of cards and uses. best guys. Rockstar. Reply ↓. I have taken the card because its a life time free card. The credit limit was not sufficient but it was manageable, I used this card for domestic ticket booking, bill. eligibility criteria, benefits in out how to apply for Yes First Exclusive credit card. Get your Free Credit Score. Check Now. Yes First Exclusive is a super premium credit card offering from Yes Bank. for 1 year with no late charges, you can get this card life time free. This Card features among the top 5 credit cards in India. Annual fees - Rs,, but at times they offer it for "Life time free".Great benefits in the form of. The Yes First Exclusive Credit Card currently offers 10 Reward Given that most Yes Bank credit card holders have gotten these cards for free. YES FIRST Exclusive Credit Card is a product suited for persons having a high Use your YES FIRST Exclusive Credit Card for 20 Lakhs or more in an Similar to other Credit Cards, YES FIRST Exclusive Credit Card comes with an interest-​free 5 Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India · How to Deal with a Written off or. A credit card is a form of unsecured loan which is generally the first thing a Some benefits will include lounge access at airports or exclusive membership for a Do note that there are some credit cards which are offered lifetime free and are. I got the Yes First Exclusive and the packing was awesome. Eligibility for YES FIRST Exclusive Credit Card. 1: Age Criteria: Minimum 21 years to maximum Applied for this card after going through this blog. Yet to explore the Golf program across multiple credit cards. Thank you Sid and all of you guys for having brought this excellent card to my notice! I am starting to appreciate SBI card a lot more now. How did you contact HDFC regarding this? Last month a yes bank person came to collect documents. I have not yet applied the Addon card yet. Have lost trust in them. You can apply for YFE on card to card basis if the credit limit on the other card is more than Rs. I confirmed with Customer Service this morning, and they stated that all standing instructions have been halted as well. Welcome Reward Points on spends of Rs. The packaging is exquisite. Yes, they will for sure upgrade it, provided the usage is decent. yes first exclusive credit card lifetime free